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NAME: Fiach Dubh
FACTION: Jedi Order
RANK: Knight
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.7m
WEIGHT: 54kg

Fiach is taller than the average human female and has a wiry frame. She could best be described as physically very fit without appearing muscly – her strength is her endurance. She has mousy shoulder length hair that is naturally wavy and often ties it back for convenience. Her eyes are an unusual shade of lilac and she is considered pretty in a plain sort of way – given she makes no effort to enhance her natural looks.

Her key strengths are her above average intelligence, her athleticism (or perhaps more accurately her stamina) and her keen mind that grasps new ideas quickly. She has the bearing and demeanour of a benevolent should — even though she has nothing to give (which is possibly one of the reasons she has lived a life only just above the bread-line.
On the debit side, she lacks strength — her frame is built for grace, not heavy lifting — and has a limited skill-set. Raised on a predominantly desert world in relatively impoverished circumstances, her opportunities to learn a diverse range of skills has been limited to say the least. She still has a stubborn streak and will follow her heart even when her mind says she is doing the wrong thing, which can lead to many, many challenging situations.

As a young child she was seen as stubborn and often reckless and impulsive. Her parents did not discourage this aspect of her personality and wondered how much was due to her less than typical early years. Over time she has muted these aspects, albeit not eradicated them and has shown she is also loyal, brave, generous and kind-hearted. The latter point means she has a tendency to follow her heart, which negatively impacts her – as she can be taken advantage of – and can ignore conventional wisdom to her own detriment. Fiach is confident and overall moralistic person, and a staunch defender of the innocent, weak and ostracised – even though this carries with it a stigma and casts her as an outsider too.
This (as well as a desire for her own company) have made her something of a loner – preferring to work over socialising for example.

Klatooine is an arid planet, home to the Klatooinians – a bipedal race, with a bald pate, deep-set eyes, and heavy jowls around a mouthful of sharp teeth. The hands and feet looked humanoid, but there was something about how the face was arranged that made it clear they evolved from canines.
Not that Fiach in any way resembled a dog. Yes, she was apparently feral when found and taken in by a kindly couple who treated her as one of their own. Rolanda and Padnel were not a typical couple and had no children of their own – primarily because they were both male. As atypical of their race, they were not outcasts but were often seen as outsiders, as different. So, effectively adopting a human was almost a normal act for the couple – and something they welcomed and were ostensibly proud of.
Her name was not given to her by her adopted parents but perhaps by her real ones. Sewn into the lining of the rags she wore when found was a small data-chip that contained only five words:

My name is Fiach Dubh

Many orphans accept their way of life as normal – as if everyone was raised in the way they were. Others resent their differences. Fiach was neither exactly. She understood why she was where she was – up to a point – and appreciated and loved her parents without resenting not knowing where she came from or why she ended up on this planet. She had no hankering to seek her blood parents – assuming she had them and was entirely relaxed about her current and historic situation.
A chance encounter during a sandstorm on Klatooine, brought Fiach face to face with three members of the Jedi Order – and not only opened up her eyes to a world hitherto reserved for fairy-tales, but uncovered her own sensitivity to the Force.
One of the Jedi – Mila Tesera – volunteered to be her Master and her training began. But soon afterwards, the Twi’lek disappeared and Jedi Master Oren Zapan kindly volunteered to take her as his Padawan.
Since then, she has developed significantly - and recently undertook her Jedi trials. She has also begun to understand why she has struggled to feel any emotions - and is investigating the concept that at a young age, she subconsciously learned to block out others' emotions due to innate Force use, and as a result managed to subjugate her own feelings.
She has recently undertaken the nine Jedi trials and has been appointed a Knight of the Jedi Order. Almost immediately, she has begun to consider taking an apprentice of her own.

Fiach’s strengths do not amount to a great deal – and an outsider might suggest her greatest gift was a disproportionate amount of luck. In truth this could be accredited to her unknowing use of the Force – given she often narrowly avoided accidents through either exceptionally quick reactions or a sense that something was about to happen. Not that she attributed this to anything other than being fortunate.
She is a talented speeder pilot and has a considerable knowledge of mechanics which she learned from her parents – who ran a small vehicle repair shop – but in reality they took many electronic and mechanical things in for mending.
Of course, her development as a Jedi had meant she has a good grasp of basic Force skills and is adept at the third Form of saber combat. She has also developed general martial arts capabilities.

Fiach has no material possessions – save the data chip that bears her name.
She has stanadard Jedi Padawan issue clothing and equipment - including her saber.


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Rolanda and Padnel Gon – adopted parents
Oren Zapan – Master
Mila Tesara - former Master

Weinig Raaf - TIE Hunter

None (at present)

None (at present)

None (at present)

None (at present)

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