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Full Cybernetic Body Replacement

Open Market

Synthetic Horizons

Cybernetic Body
Power Supply:
Internal Power Core


1.6 to 2.0 meters


Manufactured by Synthetic Horizons, a once-promising company in the cybernetics field that was purchased by Blackwell Tech and is now a subsidiary under them -- the Body Replacement designed by them was inspired by cybernetic bodies that General Grevious and Captain Karbin had, with Synthetic Horizons making this open to the public. These cybernetics were designed primarily to save someone from death when by whatever means their body is broken and unsalvageable but are still alive. To undergo a receiving a body replacement involves many procedures, and there is the risk something that goes wrong.

The body replacement replaces almost all parts of the body from the neck down with mechanical parts. The head is normally well preserved, although not always. The mechanical body has a humanoid form with the usual two arms and two legs. The recipient will still retain some important vital organic organs such as their heart. Although still most of their body is now truly more machine than organic.

Despite primarily being used as a desperate and expensive way to save a person, the replacement body is better in respect to the average sentient. The shell of the body replacement has protective qualities on par with armor and is slightly stronger. Due to the mechanical nature of the body, additional cybernetic modifications can be applied (needs separate write-ups) on the body, some (non-restricted) modifications for droids can be accepted as well.

There are many things to consider when one undertakes this body. As they are mechanical now and not far removed from being a droid, they are highly susceptible to the same things, such electro-magnetic pulses, ion weaponry, lightning, or electricity attacks. Force Users who get this body, due to being truly more machine and man having lost almost all their body by taking this, will lose their ability to use the force. Not to mention, Not only is the body replacement costly, it is also permanent and irreversible.

Although cyborgs are not too uncommon in the galaxy, cyborgs to this degree are an extremely rare sight. It is not completely uncommon for people who have lived most of their lives with fully organic bodies having a hard time coping with cybernetics, even harder time coping with having almost their whole body replaced with machinery. Sometimes these individuals experience depression or outright madness, but that's not always the case. Sometimes the cyborgs are thrilled to have a 'better' body. Although not truly tested, it is theorized that people who undertake this body will have an improved lifespan to their species average.

Normally legal, cybernetics are mostly legal, although the nature of these partially cybernetics may be a gray iffy area, if not get odd suspicious looks and drawing attention to ones self.

For others to use, for the benefit of Cyborg characters. And I also plan on doing some stuff to build up Synthetic Horizons and will probably submit some more cyborg modifications.

There a few restrictions.

1) Armor protection from this body does not stack with other armors or be layered upon. Armors can be used for their appearance and functions however.
2) Armor functions can not be used together with Droid/Cybernetic modifications, can only have Armor Functions or Cybernetic/Droid modifications, but not both.
3) Characters with these cybernetic bodies are incapable of feeling or using the Force.
4) This body replacement is compatible with characters with humanoid body shape.

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