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Nov 29, 2010
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Caliban Drast

Caliban Drast was a human male litigator and former soldier who served as the Senate Representative for Coruscant in the Free World Alliance.
Born into a family with a long history of civil service, Caliban followed in his mother's footsteps by joining the planetary defense force when he turned eighteen, serving for two rotations before leaving the military life to obtain an education in law. He served as a litigator for years before he was poached by the offices of the Senator. He ultimately found himself appointed as a junior Senator, serving as the de-facto second to the Senator. But the untimely death of the Senator, and political maneuvering turning the position into a poisoned chalice that no one wanted to touch, resulted in Caliban having to step up to fill the position for the remainder of his late superior's tenure. Finding himself in a position he was not ready for, Caliban was left facing a choice, to give up and fade into obscurity, or take control of the situation and make something of the opportunity that had presented itself to him.
Personality and traits
Caliban is a simple man, with simple goals and simpler tastes. He has set certain rules for himself that he follows in every facet of his life. Be it hard or simple, every decision is made on the basis of right or wrong, guided by his unwavering belief in his own moral compass.
Powers and abilities
Once a trained and accomplished soldier, he has left that life behind, accepting words as his only weapon now. His way with words and the knowledge of the judicial systems of Coruscant and various other other worlds in the Galaxy have given him the opportunity to affect true change and improve the life of people around him, much more than he ever could have as a soldier. A true case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

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