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NAME: Brienna (Bri) Lanaamer
FACTION: Jedi Order
RANK: Knight

AGE: 26 (at start of timeline)
GENDER: Female
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, trained since a young teen

HEIGHT: 5’10

WEIGHT: 145 lbs


Bri is of above average height compared to her human peers, standing at around 5’10”. One of the most notable traits she possesses is her deep dark blue eyes, reflecting her calm, composed and stoic nature. She has honey-brown colored hair, which when striking the light often appears slightly more golden. Bri usually keeps her hair in a small bun or ponytail, with two loose braids falling on either side of her face. Not counting a few various scars and markings, she has no distinct or very noticeable blemishes.


Being trained as a Jedi since her teenage years, Bri has mastered the basic fundamentals of what it means to be a Jedi and how to control the Force. While being comfortable with using a lightsaber, it is not a particular area in which she excels, instead focusing mainly on using the Force, and committing herself to the pursuit of knowledge, preferring the library to the battlefield. Unlike a few Jedi she knows at the temple who rather flippantly enjoy using their powers and knowledge of the force frequently, Bri instead focuses on using only when necessary, training herself more mentally than physically. Her weaknesses largely relate to her somewhat below average at close combat, whether with a lightsaber or not. Importantly though, she realizes it’s not an area where she excels and is focused on working on it to balance her abilities.

Strength: Average strength, though not considered her best asset

Constitution: Always healthy and trains regularly to keep up a good endurance.

Dexterity: Not the quickest in combat, but she knows how to look after herself.

Intelligence: Being naturally intelligent is something Bri, sometimes to a fault, prides herself in being. She’s quick witted, and finds strength in her intellect.

Wisdom: Similar to her intelligence, Bri enjoys her studies and frequently looks a problems in multiple ways and different angles. This can be a detriment however, as she sometimes over complicates things for herself.

Charisma: Not the most outgoing person, Bri isn’t quick to make friends, often seeming a little standoffish, though not intentionally so.


While she often appears bored or unexcited, this is usually not the case. Bri genuinely enjoys most things that she does; it’s just that she portrays the image of someone who is bored or disinterested with what they are doing, preferring to read other’s emotions before offering any of her own. As a cause of this, many people have difficulty detecting what kind of mood she is in, if she seems pleased or not, etc. Most find however that, as they get to know her, she turns out to be a nice person who is genuinely friendly. Bri enjoys the challenge of trying to talk her way out of difficult scenarios, only resorting to using her abilities if necessary.


Bri hails originally from Hanna City on Chandrila, having spent the formative years of her childhood and youth on the planet. Being born into an upper-class family considered to be among the planet’s elite, Bri had nary a want growing up in such a luxurious setting. While she was frequently waited upon by her family’s household staff, the young girl often only wanted to spend time with her parents. Yet, she was continuously disappointed when given excuses of work or other important business getting in the way. Bri often felt that she was being neglected or ignored, and, as such, found herself having a difficult time making connections and friends with her peers in school. Fitting in never seemed to come easy for her. She excelled in her studies, nevertheless, and regularly placed in the top of her classes.

Displaying such academic prowess, along with a few other minor quirks and unexplainable actions, Bri sought out the consultation of a Jedi to determine if she might be sensitive to the Force. In her mind, she always felt like there was another part of her, that had always been present, but remained nebulous in what it was or why it was there. The Jedi confirmed her suspicions and recommended that, if she wanted to, could visit a temple to start to learn and train.

This decision caused Bri great grief in trying to determine. She never really felt like fitting in, in the high society circles that her parents travelled in, but if she just left to try and become a Jedi, would her parents ultimately think that their daughter was just abandoning them, running away in a fit of teenage angst? Bri spoke at length with her family. She wanted them to understand why she wanted to leave; to become who she was meant to be. To figure out what her purpose was.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bri’s parents rather unequivocally declined her request. Their daughter had just finished her preliminary studies and now wanted to go off galavanting across the galaxy with some space wizards? Not a chance. Their refusal, however, only grew Bri to become more insistent that she go. After lengthy discussions, and an agreement to make frequent contact back home, her parents acquiesced to her wish.

Eager to begin and start this next chapter of her life, the new padawan applied herself as best as she could to her Jedi training. Like her schooling, Bri found herself excelling in the more mental side of the training, falling slightly behind on the more physical side. For this reason, she was chosen to train under a Jedi Master of renowned lightsaber skills in an attempt to balance her general skills. This succeeded for the most part and while admitting herself that she still has much to learn, Bri remains committed to becoming a first-rate Jedi.

  • Acrobatics-Adept
  • Martial Arts-Adept
  • Flying in starfighters and speeders- Apprentice
  • Lightsaber Combat
    • Form III-Soresu- Adept
    • Form IV-Ataru- Adept
    • Form V-Shien- Apprentice
  • Force Abilities
    • Force Heal- Adept
    • Force Sense- Adept
    • Force Push/Pull- Expert
    • Force Grip/Telekinesis- Adept
    • Force Mind Trick- Adept
    • Force Stealth- Apprentice

Her standard wear is simple loose-fitting Jedi Robes, alternating between the lighter brown, and darker brown variety. Her lightsaber is a standard hilt form, with a blue crystal.

She also possesses:
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Profile looks fine but just one thing

"While Force sensitive children would still be taken in from orphanages, no prospective initiate would be taken from their families and forced to leave their lives behind them. Children would not be snatched from their cribs to be brought to cloister, and there was no age restriction for when a student could begin their training."

From the Jedi Order write-up . Just to be clear, the Jedi would not accept your character's parents sending her to the Jedi against her will, which is how the character is reading.

Maybe your character might felt (self maybe?) pressured to go along with the Jedi and agreed without prodding from the parents. That might be the easiest way to change. Or something else along that nature. But yeah. When changes are made please tag me @ModernMarvel