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  • Hello, friends. A brief message to apologise to everybody waiting for posts from me. Work has been busy, but I should be back on schedule tomorrow after work!

    Please look forward to it!
    Well I don't hold it against you. I mean I couldn't, if one keeps in mind just how busy my life is right now....

    But yeah, there is this little plan in the back of my mind that I'm some day going to, successfully, juggle my job, gf, this place and maybe the occasional training session. :D

    Step 1 is sleep less. ;D
    You have one month, since we all know how quick character sheets get written. ;D
    Hahahaha that's my boy! =D

    Yeah, I haven't read the manga because I really enjoy the anime soo I'm hyped for it! :3

    How you doing otherwise? :D
    It's a really good show, so you won't regret catching up on it. And NOOOOO. No more characters for uncle Gaja, not with my current schedule.

    Also for whatever reason Yuri is the only character I enjoy RPing as atm.
    Haha indeed, miss them too. You really wrote well with her, might be a good idea to bring that kind of character back. Or maybe a Mikasa type from Attack on Titan? xD
    Well in that case why not nerf her and throw her in. See what happens when she meets this cast of SW. Just maybe not be a Jedi, Sith or Rebel and come hang out with mua! =D

    Also good job with that brah! Actually I have been meaning to ask about a song you linked me to ages ago, but just now I looked back at our older vm's and found out it's 'Since October - The Way you move.'

    Knew it had the word October in it. xD
    Thanks brah!
    Work, home, gf, sleep, work, home, gf, sleep....

    Something along those lines. Trying to fit in more and more swerp in there, and it's going. I'm getting Yuri back in to the swing of things.

    What about that character concept? Anything so far that's appealing to you?
    I've heard it being said that payback is supposed to be a bitch. Not that me leaving was intented to be anything of the sort.

    Hence, why I've returned to exchange hugs with you, and/or gifs.
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