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 The Exchange

Discussion in 'Factions and Organizations Archives' started by Dread, Mar 22, 2019.

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    The Exchange


    Founded by Cait Aislinn, The Exchange is a criminal syndicate specializing in spice, smuggling and information brokering.

    Originally starting in (formerly) Hutt space, it ended up in independent, mandalorian and Sith space once it managed to get a hold of a spice mine and make a name for itself.

    It has contacts throughout Sith space, but The Exchange considers itself neutral, it's own entity, focused on expanding and the accumulation of credits and members.



    The Exchange is a criminal syndicate specializing in spice, smuggling and information brokering. It's most dedicated members get a small black tattoo of the organizations logo somewhere on their body, but it is not necessary in order to be part of it.

    The organization runs out of various businesses, bases and mines throughout the galaxy and doesn't have one main base of operations, planet or space that it operates in. It is meant to be galaxy spanning, and operating from numerous unspecified bases and businesses makes it hard to target, and difficult for it's enemies to hurt in any significant way in a single attack.

    As an ever growing organization, many members are unaware of the extent of The Exchanges contacts and criminal assets. Seeing an exchange logo over the door on some far flung world is often the first indication many have as to its affiliation. The exchange keeps no central record of its assets, due to the danger of that falling into the wrong hands, and is reliant on its sub bosses and council members to chase tributes from the assets to The Exchange itself.

    They have their own uniform, though it is only used formerly every once in awhile, mostly to intimate competition. The uniform is black and red armor, with a black circle on the helmet to symbolize the organizations logo. This uniform doesn't always look the same, as it can be any red and black armor thrown together with a painted circle on the helmet, though there is an official armor that one can get their hands on.

    Roster & Structure

    The CEO is the crime boss and 'owns' all Exchange assets, though not all assets are put under her name.

    Sub Bosses are assigned to and watch over certain assets, and report directly to the CEO. They work closely with her though they can approve missions and operations without informing her, within reason. Exchange Council members are Sub Bosses with more authority than the regular ones, and they are able to command those that are not on the council.

    Regular Exchange members have a little more freedom, as their actions aren't always supported by or represent the syndicate. They're only supported if a job or operation is signed off by a Sub Boss or above.

    The Exchange also has several regular employees that are aware that they indirectly support a syndicate but stick to simple jobs such as dancing, cleaning, research, etc.

    Exchange CEO
    @Cait Aislinn

    Exchange Council
    @Gillian Rel

    Exchange Sub Bosses
    @Norbaal Fanth

    Exchange Members
    @Kholvar Varaxes
    @Louis Daele
    @Cardinal Paroaria
    @Drask the Hutt

    Regular Employees



    Sign Up Application
    Character Profile:
    Character Level:
    Rank Seeking:

    Old Empire - Friendly, Not Aligned
    Imperial Republica - N/A
    Mandalorians - N/A
    Galatic Alliance - N/A

    OOC Information

    We have an Exchange Discord that is open to members and anyone interested in working with the organization.


    To create a player run criminal syndicate to grow and add flavor to the story.

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    Character Profile: Cardinal Paroria (And his droid, "Brick" )
    Character Level: 1
    Rank Seeking: Exchange Member
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    He's on the list already.
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    Can I confirm, before I attempt edits to this, that we still have five members interested?

    @Brick @KinkyPrawn @Nommie @Meckabro

    You'll all need to confirm if you have characters in the Exchange, as will others interested please :-)
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    As soon as @Hask Jen is indie I'll send my request to join it.
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    Unapproving this org since the current leadership team seems to have deserted it. I'll give current members 10 days to reorganize (either as a PC org or as a NPC org). If a cohesive write-up is not posted by April 24th, this will be archived.
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    Here is the official write-up for the re-organized Exchange.