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    The Confessor

    Biographical Information
    Sith Empire
    Sith Crusader

    Physical Description
    Hair Color
    Eye Color
    Eriana Fox
    Grey and Yellow


    The Beginning

    Born in darkness, Eriana was blind from birth. Her parents were traumatized at first until they felt the tremendous Force potential emanating from her. Being born in a system where one's Force sensitivity literally opened doors that could not be accessed for others. Despite her disability, the newborn would be set for life. Her parents, both loyal to the Imperial Republica, already had plans set up for their child and knew she would one day serve just as they had. Her father served in the great army and now was a respected fleet commander. Her mother, like Eriana, was also born with a strong connection to the Force and spent her life committed to the Sith cause. Following in her mother's footsteps, Eriana was trained early on to develop her spiritual abilities until such a time she could be trained with an actual master.

    Not letting her blindness be a disability, Eriana influenced the living Force as a tool for her sight. She already had a strong sense of what the Force was to someone like her by the time she was enlisted in the Academy. While she was trained in all aspects of the Dark side, Eriana excelled at the mental side of things. On the other hand, she was sorely lacking when it came to combat at that was cause for drama among the other students who valued strength more than anything. Yet, while her peers focused on their emotions, letting their anger give them power, Eriana studied in Zeal. The Dark side of the Force had given her so much already, she truly believed in its power. This led her to a appreciate the things given to her in an almost religious way of thinking. True spiritual belief and faith was her greatest tool. So long as she believed in the Dark, it would never let her down....

    The Confessor

    Once Eriana had completed her training in the academy and graduated to Sith Acolyte, she was let out into the verse to do as she pleased. She had missions, sure enough, from the Empire, but Eriana kept close to home. Being located in the center most part of the galaxy, all Eriana ever saw was how amazing the Empire was and how perfect things were in the core worlds. She was not tainted by the thoughts of war or despair. Venturing out into the uncivilized rims was like choosing to disgrace herself and her image. Eriana was too stuck up for that.

    Rather than prove herself in the front lines of duty and honor, Eriana found herself an apprenticeship in the system's prisons. To be fair, she didn't have a true mentor. Only the truly gifted Sith were taken under the wing of a Sith Lord. Her position there was more or less an internship, for lack of better words. Eriana would study the interrogators within the jails and begin learning all the different ways she could break a man's will. The act of torturing her captives brought no joy to her eyes, for she saw them as a means to an end. Getting the information she needed from them was no more of a difference to her than unlocking a difficult puzzle that begged to be solved.

    After proving her worth time and time again, Eriana was quickly promoted to Sith Crusader and given more freedom to work in her trade. She was given a platoon of soldiers which she dubbed The Fox Battalion as per her last name. She worked hard for the Imperial Republic and her efforts allowed her to requisition a dungeon ship in her name. There, she could work in quiet freedom and not have to worry about any wardens breathing down her neck. She was in charge and that's the way she liked it. In The Gallows, she made special rooms specifically designed to break any willful mind far better than any physical torment could bring. There, she had no problems staying true to her name: The Confessor.

    The Empire

    Her dreams were finally coming true. Everything had been going so smoothly up to this point. She'd gotten a promotion. She'd gotten a new ship. She even had her temple scoped out and planned for construction. Eriana wished to make a place where the Sith could come together, and so she had the idea to make a church for the Sith. That's where they found her. Three Sith from the Old Empire ambushed her and forced her hand. She surrendered herself to them and taken to the birthplace of the Exhiled Sith: Moraband. There, she promised a vow of fealty over the tomb to the great Empress Andraste.

    Once sworn into servitude to the Emperor, Eriana returned home with plans to sell out her old faction as a double agent. Her codes and old contacts allowed her to pass through without so much as a second glance. It felt awful. It felt wrong. But this was her life now. The Sith had been fighting this stupid civil war for too long. They needed to focus on the real threat: the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorians. And all the Jedi that were popping up like weeds. But first, her home had to fall.

    The Sacellum

    Eriana would find purpose within her temple. The Sacellum, she'd called it, was a glorious testament to the first Sith who found their calling in the Dark side. Eriana welcomed Sith from both sides of the schism but before the construction was even finished it was declared the two sides of the Empire had finally been united officially. One of Eriana's goals for the church was deemed unnecessary now, but she still had plenty of other duties to the Force and to her people. She continued to expand the sanctuary as best as she could while also exploring the lost caves of Ilum that had been tainted by the war from five centuries ago. Deep in those caverns, mysteries were waiting to be unlocked....


    Eriana is about as "Central" as one can be. She believes in the Empire and all that it stands for because she was raised with no other notion. Living in the core worlds she only understands things as they are and outsiders who do not respect the system need to be converted. Eriana is a devote follower to the living Force so long as it is to the Dark nature which has ruled this verse for five centuries. Her faith in this system is what gives Eriana her power, unlike her brethren who abuse their gifts for their own selfish gains. At least that is how she views them. This mentality also causes her to be rather unliked by her peers and only aides to her seclusion. Since she has so few allies she can trust, or friends to call her own, Eriana can usually be found praying in one of the many Sith temples. When she is not conversing with the living Force, she returns to Coruscant's main prison and focuses her skills in torture and mental anguish.



    " I was born in darkness. The Darkness chose me "


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