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 Suggestion mando rank names

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting, Requests and Suggestions' started by Darasaurus, Jan 28, 2019.

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    I've noticed for the mandalorian faction the name of the ranks are a bit redundant in my opinion. It says in the faction tag "Mandalorians" but the rank names all have "Mandalorian" in them. It seems a bit redundant. It's a very minor thing but it just irks me a bit because I don't see "Imperial Republica Imperial Agent" or "Old Empire Sith Acolyte" in the rank section, just "Imperial agent" or "Sith acolyte". Not every rebel has "Galactic Alliance Rebel" in their rank section, just simply, "rebel".

    I'd like to just see it streamlined to just say Mandalorians in the faction tag and then "Marauder", "Rally Master", and "Field Marshall" respectively.
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