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    House Dalaigh

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    House Dalaigh, a minor house of among Kuati politics, was a failing, but quietly wealthy house that existed during the days of the Great Galactic War



    House Dalaigh had carved out a particular niche for themselves in the great game of Kuati business and politics, and that was as the bankers to the Great Houses. Handling a great deal of incoming and inter-family trading and finance, the Kallig families seat amongst the others was typically kept safe through a mix of favours and aggressive debt pursuit, claims for which have clogged the Kuati court systems for over three decades (though one case, between them and House Andrim, is purported to have been ongoing for over a century in pursuit of land title in Kuat's ever busy central business district).

    House Dalaigh has found a way to exist in the margins of every other House conflict. This is because, on a world like Kuat, business is everything, and few could do business between eachother without them. Unofficial ties to House Kuhlvult, and their notorious spy network, saw the trading of business secrets and financial records between the pair, making eachother lives much easier (though any such dealings are kept under the rug by both families).

    Equally, the quiet channeling and laundering of funds for local houses and businesses kept House Dalaigh rather well stocked in hush money and bribes to keep everything running safely. Though such actions are more or less an open secret amongst many on Kuat, their reliance upon them for it means it is unlikely that House Dalaigh will face reprimanding for their crimes. And indeed, their position on the margin of Kuati nobility ensured that they never came under real scrutiny.

    It is in large part because of this specialty that House Kallig's has amassed quite the personal fortune, investing in markets and stocks further aborad than their own planet, and whispers say that, should they turn their funds to other ventures, they could buy their way up the social hierarchy if its leaders had any real skill.

    However, their own political and social prudence has kept them from doing so, and outside of their personal estate and related business ventures, the Kallig's hold very little in the way of physical assets.

    The current state of House Dalaigh is one of decline. Though their businesses and activities continue much as they had before, with a stubborn leader and their bitter partner, the remaining leadership fails to act. And the upcoming generation do not look to show any more hope, with a daughter who denies even the family name (thouh not, unsurprisingly, their money), with growing ties beyond them, and a son whose interests lay so far outside the field of business that his education slips by the day, prospects for the success of House Dalaigh are not strong.

    Notable Persons

    Lord Aidan Dalaigh: Lord Aidan Dalaigh has served as the leader of House Dalaigh for over forty years. Third son of his own family, Aidan was never groomed for the leadership position as his forebears were. But an accident with a newly developed type of starship left both eldest children killed. Aidan then, set on taking control of one of the smaller offshoot businesses, was thrust up the hierarchy in an instant. Unhappy to have been so unprepared, Aidan took on the role of maintaining the families current standing, much as his father, and grandfather had done, with little thought to expansion. Instead, he placed all his efforts into the raising of his children, in order to avoid that position ever again. However, as he has aged into the role, he has lost any desire to pass it on, and lounges in the position, too stubborn to let it go.

    Lady Niamh Dalaigh: Lady Niamh Dalaigh, born initially into House Merhrest, aggressively refused to ingratiate herself with the rest of the family and its aristocratic equivalents. Niamh went instead offworld, seeing as much of the galaxy as her status would allow, which was a great deal. Spending years abroad in the Core Worlds, Niamh used a great deal of her youth attempting to find a way out of the rat race of Kuati family politics. This was not to be however, and upon her return years later she found herself arranged to be married off to Aidan Dalaigh, neutralising some growing hostilities between the two. It was this that left her bitter and cold, at times even attempting to undermine the Dalaigh business and name. She has not yet succeeded.


    To provide a write-up for the family for my character Saorise Kallig, as well as providing another member of the Kuati aristocracy to further detail and complicate it. Equally, their specialty among the houses seems to fulfill a role not otherwise present, but needed.
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