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    August 31st, 2018

    Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News · Special News Report

    Greetings again for the eighth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes a few rule updates, large advances in the story and so much more!
    Site Changes & Updates

    As a reminder, we want to encourage members to DM more for plots. Don't rely strictly on the plot mods unless you absolutely have to (for canon NPCs, for instance). Feel free to step up and DM for other people, that way the plot mods are not overstretched with the amount of work they need to do. To make up for this, though, we will more aggressively review plots to catch any cheating that may be going on.

    We have two new mods the Staff would like to introduce.

    First, @Cazar joined the Lore team as a Lore Mod! He will be assisting Malon with looking over lore articles, as well as handling the planet and species article submissions!

    Secondly, @Dread took on a new job as a Community Mod! Her job is overseeing the production of our monthly newsletter, as well as continuing to help out in her capacity as a New Member's Mod.

    In addition, SWRP Staff have decided to bring back a rule we had introduced last timeline but that got lost in translation during the move:

    You may only have one character in a Main Faction council or above position. This means if you have a Sith Lord on the Dark Council, you may not have a Jedi on the Jedi Council, Hutt or Republic at the same capacity. You may also not attempt to become Faction Leader of multiple factions.

    For indie factions, you may have a character that operates as a second in command or assistant Faction Leader, but you may not be the Faction Leader of an indie faction while also on the council of a main faction.

    This rule is posted in Subsection K of Character Creation.

    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update

    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    In Memorium

    1. Jace Tokani was shot to death by Zanna Kressh then pointlessly stabbed afterwards by Nayeli Aeron.
    2. Eivor Vivas died after Darth Karvos thought it was a good idea to give her a facial with fire.
    3. Venatus Phoenix was electrocuted and burned to death at the same time by Nayeli, Zanna and Camila.
    4. Evandav Bervarn's brains decorated the walls when Tage Mak shot him in the head twice.
    5. "King" Cabba Orosii attempted to unload his blaster all over Wyck, but the Grand Master easily deflected the bolts back at him. The legless Sith died screaming Wyck's name.
    6. With the aid of Master Fennex Zeerda, Grug cut Decimus Raines in half.
    7. Kelly was shot to death by Darren Reed.
    8. Serena Valtome had her head chopped off by Nora Alemanii.
    9. My-Rah Jade decided it was a good idea to 1v2 Darth Kravos and Kalladrrl—two of the strongest Sith in the Galaxy—and ended up getting fried to death.
    10. Nayeli Aeron challenged Darth Malos for the title of High Inquisitor, but they ended up killing each other instead.
    11. Darth Karvos tortured and killed Percival Arhena Espaa.
    12. Darth Karvos tortured and killed Thrash.
    13. Darth Evandrus twisted and snapped Master Jon Atreides neck.
    14. Theo Graves shot and killed Tiny.

    These characters are now level 2 and widely known throughout their faction:

    1. Gunner Stahl
    2. Zamid Sarlo
    3. Talion Knylenn/Anhur
    4. Anthony Price
    5. Numenius Pax

    These characters are now level 3 and are known within the other factions:

    1. Fennex Zeerda
    2. Kalladrrl
    3. Darren Reed
    4. Davik Lorso
    5. Spencer Ward
    6. Nayeli

    These characters are now Level 4 and are known throughout the galaxy:

    1. Wyck
    2. Jon Atreides

    These characters have have ranked up:

    1. Wyck has ranked up to Grand Master!
    2. Jon Atreides has ranked up to Jedi Councilor!
    3. Zamid Sarlo has ranked up to Junior Moff!
    4. Talion Knylenn/Anhur has ranked up to Sith Master!
    5. Cyzyn-Itza-Rus Xho'thal ranked up to Sith Master!
    6. Kalladrrl has ranked up to War Master!
    7. Zanna Kressh has ranked up to Sith Master!
    8. Anthony Price has ranked up to Senior Senator!
    9. Numenius Pax has ranked up to Senior Senator!

    SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:

    1. N/A

    Plot and Events Updates

    • There are currently 129 plots underway
    • One Hundred Fourteen (114) plots have been completed
    • The Grand Imperial Gauntlet is underway!


    Completed Player Plots

    A Knight's Tale (Retroactive)

    Jon undergoes challenges mirroring the Jedi Trials on his way to the rank of Jedi Master.


    A Sanctuary was built and opened.

    Primula 1st

    Primula to have pilots, soldiers, armor, and weapons for her defenses

    Eliminating the Insecurities

    OZ gains a new Elensalite body, Seyfer (now Christopher) gets a ship.

    Jedi Fangirls Are Crazy

    Numenius was rescued by Kelly after being kidnapped and, in lieu of pressing charges, Numenius secured Cassia Vargas as his bodyguard

    Lucky Red Ruby

    Sith Empire successfully acquired the Queen's crown and her surrender of the planet, without contestation from the tribal council Ruby mines secured as a source of income for Xornoth Sk'ar.

    Recipe For Speed

    Dedric and Allard were able to get through the underbelly of Coruscant without being recognized by the Core authorities but not without still getting shot at. They were then able to fight their way through some trigger happy pirates in high orbit over Ryloth before returning the spice cook to the Hutt presence there for their reward.

    Waking Nightmares

    Mie and co. fled from the giant monsters and destroyed the cave/lab in which they were hiding.

    Cuts From The Void

    The Black Hand assassinated competition for a Sith friendly Manaan leader.

    Asteroid Hopping

    Sith Empire took control of Roche and its shipyard. Nayeli's success gave her control over a small portion of manufacturing for her own income.

    Adumari Upgrades

    Forged a Blastsword and suit of generitech armor as planned, but ended up facing eight of those duelists in a dice-rolled throwdown.


    The missions were successfully completed and the outpost was built with the local Governor pleased to be working with the Republic.

    Mandalorian plot

    A Mandalorain Village was raided.

    A Broken Morale Compass

    The bond between the two evolved from master and apprentice to adoptive father and daughter. Venatus taught Aliyah the difference between the light and dark, and how to cope with her own inhibitions along the way. Our characters were ambushed by Alekto, the High Priestess of Vahl, who died to allow Callix and his Nightblades to escape them on Nar Shaddaa. Venatus was introduced to the Order, constructed a lightsaber, and was convinced to formally join their ranks as a Knight.

    Joining the Jedi Order

    Taught about the Force, and the Jedi Order, Constructed his lightsaber, and admitted into the Order attaining rank of Knight.

    The Alderaan Investigation

    Queen Lucille was found to be the culprit behind the death of her mother and the last Queen, in addition to testimony that indicated her relationship with the Cartel.

    In the Jungle

    The Sith took over Felucia.

    Trials of a Jedi

    A new Jedi temple was cleared out and added to the Jedi Order, in addition to the one previously won by Imani Sage.

    Abominable Justice

    Same as intended, though he also defeated the Dark Side inside of him and learned how to more effectively fight abominations, though this information is locked in his mind and unable to be accessed immediately.

    An Unwelcome Awakening

    Herrith unlocks her force sensitivity and struggles with the revelation.

    The Trial of Vaax Korvusandii

    Vaax was tried and sentenced.

    Technicolour Beat

    The shipyard is reactivated and starts producing ships for the Republic.


    Jon's growing reputation in the Republic Senate earns him a promotion to the Jedi High Council.

    Rubble Rebels

    Successfully recruited workers and got shipyard started after scaring away pirates.

    A Test of Fire

    The shipyards were activated for the Jedi Order, forging the alliance with Burnin Konn; the Jedi Order gained access to three Ashla-class corvettes; and the Konn-class cruiser was put into development

    Unbridled Upgrade completion

    Cyzyn and Cho go to corellia and more or less kidnap an engineer. Cyzyn and Kylian Rainbow have some choice words with an arms dealer, purchase all his stock and learn about a gang's whereabouts where Cyzyn and Jenova proceed to kill and loot all the gangsters. In the end they earn the coaxium infuser and the means to add it to Cyzyn's scout ship, Pale Harvest.

    Series Father's plot

    Character development for Serie.

    Shock and Awe

    Developed the bomber, set up the starfighter production facilities on Lothal, produced a squadron of bombers for Lothal defence, Elix Drast responsible for the near total destruction of one of the bombers by toddler-related accidents.

    Important IC News

    State of the Jedi Order

    Even under the looming threat of the Sith Empire, the Jedi have marched on valiantly. They've rebuilt the temple on Tython and after it's construction voted Wyck to Grand Master of the order.

    The Jedi have flourished under Wyck's leadership. He set out and successfully forged an alliance with Burnin Konn. Striking a deal to have their shipyards reactivated for the Jedi Order. On top of that, the Jedi Order gained access to three Ashla-class corvettes and the Konn-class cruiser was put into development

    While they kept busy there was a small and sudden attack on the Iktotch temple. One that was snuffed out quickly when Wyck, Jon and many others arrived on the scene. The Jedi took no losses, obtaining a total victory.

    However, their temple on Jedha was destroyed in a devastating bombardment from the Will of the Empress. An attack prompted by a wayward meeting between the Empress and Master Jon. Unfortunately, not too long after, Master Jon met his death during an attack on Spintir leaving another seat vacant on the Jedi High Council.

    State of the Sith Empire

    The Empresses young Empire expands rapidly. Many planets have fallen under it's control, committing men and resources to continue it's expansion and influence. From the shadows the Black Hand assassinated competition for a Sith friendly Manaan leader and aided Spectre in the assassination of the count of House Harlow.

    In the midst of the feverish expansion, the Republic gained a new Supreme Chancellor. Andraste made time to speak with the man. At the end of the conversation she left the Republic with a warning about aiding the Jedi.

    In order to reward and keep her people busy, Andraste started a Grand Imperial Gauntlet which gained much buzz and excitement. Though the event was successful the hunger among her Sith continued to grow. The Empire saw two challenges for seats on the council. One that resulted in Kalladrrl taking the War Masters seat. The other resulted in the deaths of both Darth Malos and Master Nayeli Aeron.

    The unrest seemed to spread as a fight broke out between Sith in the Korriban Temple. A fight blessed by members of the council itself, though one that did not result in any deaths. Andraste summoned those involved that held higher ranks to put her foot down on infighting.

    State of the Hutt Cartel

    War has begun.

    The Hutts officially attacked the Republic on Chandrilla. Though it resulted in a loss for them, it sent a decisive message to the Republic: the Hutts are coming.

    Spectre, with the help of the Black Hand, assassinated the count of House Harlow, Albrecht Harlow. A retaliation for what happened to Queen Lucille.

    Unfortunately the assassination resulted in Spectre's capture and interrogation.

    State of the Republic

    In light of Mori Valorum stepping down, the Republic voted a new Supreme Chancellor: Admiral Vincent Deryck. His passion for protecting the people of the Republic and his willingness to work with Senators, coupled with the overwhelming support from the military, propelled him to the spot. His discussions with the Empress after his election were rocky, but resulted in no hostile actions taking place.

    With the ascension of the Admiral also came the defection and ascension of Senator Sarlo; taking his place as junior moff of Saleucami by order of the Sith Empress. An event that sent an uneasy message to the Republic peoples.

    More unease spread when Queen Lucille was found to be the culprit behind the death of her mother and the last Queen of Alderaan, in addition to a testimony that indicated her relationship with the Cartel. The Republic acted on the news swiftly, launching an attack on the wayward Queen.

    In addition to these shocking events, the Hutts officially attacked the Republic. This prompted a senate meeting resulting in a vote to go to war with the Hutt Cartel.

    With strife on their own worlds and war on the horizon, the Republic has continued to bolster their army.

    Special News Report



    Boop boop boop boop whoooshhhh (this is the music for when the news broadcast comes on) bewwweeebeee

    "Hello and welcome to SWNN, the most trust worthy and unbiased news network on the holonet. I'm your new archor Master Wrath- er Billy May."

    *sounds of lightning and screaming is heard in the background*

    Billy May: "In our first story tonight the Republic declared war on the Hutt Cartel. During the vote for war the junior senator of Bestine, Darwin Mortenson Antilles, was dragged out of the senate for talking too much. A senator talking too much. Hohohoho, what do you think about that Debbie?"

    *News archor Billy May stares at his lightsaber "partner" and nods. A long silent pause passes before he speaks again*

    Billy May: "I couldn't agree more Debbie! Hohoho! Next story is about the aftermath of a fight that broke out in the Korriban Temple. 'Darth' Ramsay was said to be seen chasing Sith out of his kitchen with a knife ever since. We have him on the line with us now."

    *Screen switches to a dangered looking sweaty human cook.*


    *Suddenly the screen switches back to Billy May*

    Billy May: "Oh yes, very interesting. Thank you for coming on for us 'Darth' Ramsay. Well, that's it for tonight folks. We'll see you next time on SWNN!"

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