You've Been Evicted


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Aug 16, 2018
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You've Been Evicted

A planet that once contained a thriving jedi temple long abandoned and in decay has lately been used by a small fleet of pirates as their base of operations. General Draykon has decided that it is time to bring the planet and temple into the folds of the Galactic Alliance and will personally be leading the mission. The mission is a simple one take control of the land and the sky/space to claim the planet. Let's give these pirates their eviction notice and make sure they get the message loud and clear, their presence is no longer tolerated.

Thread One: Eviction Notice (DICE) : A team of rebels led by Tycho will head down to the surface to clear out the temple of pirates. Make sure they get the message the Alliance has come to claim the Temple and they are no longer allowed here.

1. @Tycho Draykon
2. @Zex Vric

Thread Two: Boot Out (DICE) : While the team heads down to the surface make sure no pirates get to the surface to give their allies any form of support. Make sure to give them the message that the Alliance is here to stay. This is a space mission. Completed.

1. @Vash Tembra
2. @Eisa Swan
3. @Jaruut Arr'lya

To sign up for a mission thread please fill this out. Remember your characters must be approved to take part in a mission thread. Slots are first come first served.

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Apr 3, 2018
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Star Squadron reporting in, mission complete...