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Yoddle (/ˈjəʊ.dəl/) was a Force-sensitive male member of the same species as Jedi Masters Yoda and Yaddle and one of the few living relics of the Old Jedi Order. During his tenure as a Jedi, Yoddle took the Barash vow and went into seclusion in the Shadowlands on Kashyyyk. He later returned to service as a full Jedi after Rey re-established the Jedi Order on Ajan Kloss.


The exact planet that the alien Yoddle was born on is unknown. However, having been born roughly three centuries Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY), at the height of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order's power, it is safe to assume he was taken by a Jedi Seeker in as an infant to be trained on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple. Because his species matured at a much slower rate than most, Yoddle spent decades in the Temple as a Youngling in the Thranta Clan. By the time he was old enough to be taken as a Padawan, he was approximately a century old.

Yoddle was taken as the Padawan learner of the Thisspiasian Jedi Master, Bodo Goomba, who was notable as one of the Order's foremost diplomats. Training under Master Goomba, Yoddle traveled far and wide, undergoing missions to Kashyyyk, Jelucan, Nevarro, and Malastare, among other worlds, where he was exposed to a diverse number of species and cultures and developed a deep appreciation for all lifeforms in the galaxy. However, Master Goomba grew old and passed away before Yoddle's training could be completed and the young Jedi was taken in by the Hutt Jedi Master, Yarella, to complete his training. Thus, at roughly two hundred years of age, Yoddle finally underwent the Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight himself.

As a young Jedi Knight, Yoddle followed in the footsteps of his second Master, as well as rising stars like Eno Cordova, in becoming a Jedi scholar. He was particularly interested in studying the cultures of the relatively mysterious Unknown Regions, and so spent most of his time on the fringes of the galaxy. Using the ancient Jedi outpost on Elphrona as a base of operations, Yoddle made frequent trips to the Unknown Regions and fostered relationships with the Chiss Ascendancy, whom he believed would help him to understand the various cultures that made their home in unknown space. However, his journeys beyond the Outer Rim made him aware of a great darkness he felt building somewhere in his region of study. Despite protests from the Jedi Council, who were insistent that the dark side and the Sith had been defeated centuries prior, Yoddle made it his personal mission to investigate the power he sensed to be out in the Unknown Regions. However, his investigations never turned up any concrete evidence.

Decades later, when the Sith Order was rediscovered on Tatooine by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoddle implored the Council to order an expedition to the Unknown Regions, where he believed more darkness awaited them. But, as always, the Council dismissed his concerns and Yoddle returned to the Outer Rim empty-handed. Ten years following this incident, the Clone Wars broke out on Geonosis and all available Jedi were recalled to Coruscant to join Master Mace Windu in rescuing two Jedi and a Senator stranded on the planet. Yoddle did not make it back to the Core in time to join the mission, but deeply opposed the war when he returned, believing it to be connected to the darkness he had been sensing for years.

Seeing that the Council was set on war, Yoddle found his faith in the Jedi Order shaken. However, rather than leave the Order entirely as some had chosen to do in the past, the now-ancient Jedi elected to take the Barash vow and go into seclusion in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk. There, he built himself a hut and focused on strengthening his connection to the Force until the execution of Order 66 three years later shattered his meditations and filled him with loneliness, as well as a deep shame. Lamenting the guilt he felt for turning his back on the Order just prior to its extinction, Yoddle packed away his lightsaber and renounced his Jedi titles as penance for his perceived failures. But that did not prevent him from assisting his Wookiee friends during the subsequent early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

During said early rebellion, Yoddle assisted Tarfull's insurgency against Imperial slaving operations on Kashyyyk. His actions drew the attention of an Inquisitor—the Twelfth Brother—forcing Yoddle to again take up his lightsaber and the mantle of a Jedi. He successfully defeated the Inquisitor in an intense duel on the limbs of the Origin Tree, but was forced to go back into hiding afterwards to prevent drawing the attention of more Inquisitors or, worse, the dreaded Sith Lord Darth Vader. And so, Yoddle remained hidden on Kashyyyk for nearly two decades until the planet was liberated by the New Republic following the larger victory at the Battle of Endor.

Despite his heroism during the rebellion on Kashyyyk, Yoddle's guilt over taking the Barash vow haunted him for years following Endor. He did not immediately rush to join Luke Skywalker's endeavor to restore the Jedi Order, believing he would be unwelcome for what he saw as his part in the death of the Jedi Order. However, at the same time, the ancient former Jedi Knight once again sensed darkness growing out in the Unknown Regions. When it was revealed that Sith cultists, led by the returned Emperor Palpatine, were controlling the First Order from the Unknown Regions, Yoddle could no longer ignore the call of Jedi duty. Taking up his lightsaber one last time, he returned to Ajan Kloss and pledged his sword to the cause of Rey Skywalker, in the hopes of remaining vigilant against future threats of the dark side from the Unknown Regions.

Personality and traits

Yoddle is typical of other known members of his species, such as the ancient Jedi Master Wyck, Yoda, Yaddle, and the Child. He is a diminutive male alien, standing only about as tall as an average human male's kneecaps, has wrinkled green skin, emerald green eyes, and wispy white hair. He wears nothing in the vain of armor, choosing only to wear Jedi robes in earth tones. He can also occasionally be seen using a walking stick to help him move about, though he is still on the younger side of his species, and does not require a cane to walk.

Like other Forceful members of his species, Yoddle has accumulated a great deal of wisdom over his nearly five centuries of life. However, decades of living in seclusion down in Kashyyyk's Shadowlands has made him more eccentric and childlike than the calm and patient Jedi Master Yoda. Yoddle is fond of spinning riddles, playing pranks, and in general making light of serious situations. However, underneath his jovial tone is an intelligent and wise Jedi Knight with centuries of experience as both a Jedi Knight and a witness of many great historical upheavals throughout the galaxy. He also still harbors a great deal of guilt for what he feels was his failure of his former comrades and is frequently haunted by his decision to take the Barash vow, leaving his comrades to die when Darth Sidious initiated Order 66.

Like Jedi Master Yoda, whom taught Yoddle as a Youngling (along with all of the other Younglings at the Temple), Yoddle has a very powerful and unshakable faith in the light side of the Force. He is a staunch believer that all things are possible with the Force as one's ally and does not believe he is in anyway held back by his size. Though he experiences guilt for past transgressions, Yoddle believes that all previous Jedi live on through the Force and empower those still alive, which gives him comfort in his moments of doubt. However, because he was raised in the old Jedi tradition, he can be seen as somewhat of a dated member of the Order, still clinging to the traditions of the fallen Order and revering its deceased members despite their flaws in life.

Powers and abilities

Yoddle, like all other known members of his species, was born with a powerful connection to the Force, which manifested when he was still an infant and only grew stronger as he aged and obtained training in the ways of the Jedi. He also benefited from centuries of Jedi training under the Old Jedi Order, before resuming his role as a Jedi Knight under the new Jedi Order. His strongest skill was with the most basic Jedi skill of telekinesis, with which he was able to move objects many times his diminutive size. He was also a trained Healer and could use Force healing with a reasonable degree of proficiency.

The diminutive Jedi Knight was also trained to use his size to his advantage. Because he was so small, most opponents would not be expecting a skilled lightsaber duelist, so he focused his training on getting a handle on the more acrobatic lightsaber style of Form IV. This required Yoddle to build up a reasonable Force reserve, allowing him to make the necessary Force-assisted acrobatics, to handle the style. He also mastered abilities like Force weapon to complement his fighting style and give him an edge over aggressive dark side practitioners.

Having been raised for centuries in the Old Jedi Order, Yoddle received an elite education and had a reasonable grasp on major galactic religions, cultural bodies, and politics, as well as a general understanding of galactic history that goes beyond what most average galactic citizens were taught. He also received education and training in piloting while among the Jedi, making him decent if not a little rusty. Yoddle can speak Galactic Basic (albeit the same, broken Basic used by his predecessors Yoda and Wyck) and can both understand and speak Shyriiwook due to decades spent living among the Wookiees on Kashyyyk.


Yoddle's lightsaber
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— Datapad

T-70 X-wing starfighter Green One
BG-series astromech droid (BG-9, depicted right)



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