Reviewed Will of The Jedi Part 2


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Jul 13, 2014
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Character Name and Reputation Level: @Oren Zapan - Regional: Deep Core
Character Rank: Jedi Master
Name (and link) of Plot: Will of the Jedi - Will of The Jedi (Part 1 Review)
Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts):
Participants in Part 2:
Participants in Part 1 (Those who can still get credit)
Intended Outcome of Plot:
To discover what was waiting at the end of the star-map puzzle map that was found on Ifrane.
Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? No
Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable):
Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): Wyck's Holocron
Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Blind Sided - Oren Zapan and Nashyr Ris had planned on unlocking the secrets of the Puzzle Found on Ifrane, but were called away to a Prison on Coruscant. The story skips ahead and takes place during the Funeral for Nashyr, Saul and the Fallen Rangers. Comforted by his apprentice, Oren confides in the plans he and Nash had and together the two of them go to unlock the map, though things almost become a near disaster after Nara fails a portion of the puzzle. Sacrificing his own Crystal, Oren is able to unlock the map which reveals the Location of Lotho Minor, and one word: Resilience.
  • Salvaged Memories - Oren asks Talak to join him on this next portion of the adventure. They arrive on the Junk planet in hopes of discovering the cryptic meaning, but quickly abandon that plan after finding that the town as has been overrun by the Frenzy. They would distract a horde of the dead, allowing a group of survivors to escape off planet, and in the process of wiping out the horde, uncover a cavern system in the garbage that draws them. Together they face the trials of a Jedi and the temptation of the Darkside, and Oren comes to term with the guilt he faces for Nashyr's death, and Talak comes to term with his own past. In the heart of the trash caves they find an ancient ship called the Resilience, and a mysterious object hidden under a set of cloth.

Extra: These two threads are per the staff's request in the prior submission, due to improper dice rolling by one half of the group.
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Mar 24, 2014
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Approved, but I have a few things to note:

These were dice threads, but the dice rolls are, admittedly, fairly sparse. However, there were no egregious violations of any rules that I can see, and generally I place higher emphasis on good storytelling than rolling for every action since this isn't a TTRPG, so it's all fine with me. That, and the participants suffer... quite a bit, actually, so I don't see the need for any further pain. I like these threads more than the ones that were voided.

Oren indeed finds the fabled holocron at quite a bit of cost to himself, but a Jedi's life is sacrifice, isn't it? Talak learns more about himself and his place in the galaxy, and Nara learned a valuable lesson about the darkness within herself that she has to recognize and overcome. Serenity, yadda yadda.

I look forward to seeing what he does when he opens it and learns what master Wyck has to offer.