Welcome to the new timeline!

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"A thousand generations live in you now."
—Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master

Welcome to the new timeline!

This is a new kind of timeline for SWRP. Past timelines have always been conceived with specific, overarching stories that, while vague to allow for organic storytelling, pegged the timeline into being something specific. For example, we had The First Sith that was specifically about the war that led to the rise of the first SIth Empire, and our most recent timeline, Fires of Rebellion, was intended as a continuation of that with a rebellion against the Drast dynasty.

With a wide open canvas in our post-The Rise of Skywalker era, and all of the Star Wars canon and established site canon set firmly in the past, we have an opportunity to build this timeline in a new way. Rather than trying to create a specific overarching storyline, our primary goal was to create a setting upon which we can apply any stories, story arcs, plots, events, and more that we want. Theoretically, if members find this era intriguing and we are diligent about ensuring there are always active plots from members and staff alike, this timeline could last for years to come.

Before we get into the specifics of the timeline, I want to take a moment to thank the staff for all their hard work in developing this new timeline. In particular I'd also like to thank Dread, Shawn, Sreeya, and Aberforth for their work on updating and overhauling the site's host, security settings, and software. It was a huge lift and their work is greatly appreciated.

The Setting

The Skywalker saga has come to an end, but the story of Star Wars is far from over.

The new Star Wars Legacies begins a century after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in the year 135 ABY. The canon characters we know are (presumably) gone or very old, so they are no longer part of major galactic storylines. There are three main factions: the Jedi Order, the Sith Eternal, and the Five Syndicates. You can read the Story So Far, which begins after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, in this thread.

The Jedi Order was reborn under the leadership of Rey Skywalker and her first students. Welcoming any student who wishes to walk the Jedi Path, regardless of their age or past, the new Jedi Order is built on a foundation of atonement and compassion. Whether they serve as healers in clinics beyond the fringes of civilized space, as peacekeepers chasing away dark forces and protecting the innocent, or as members of the Restoration Initiative working to salvage and rejuvenate worlds damaged by the Empire and the First Order, the Jedi Order continues in its self-appointed mission to protect the galaxy and serve the Will of the Force.

The Sith Eternal is made up of the Guardians of the Eternal (formerly the cult known as the Sith Eternal of Exegol) and the Eternal Legions (a sect of Force sensitives once known as the Legions of Lettow) and follows the mysterious entity calling itself “The Eternal” after the Sith Lord of ancient days. Believing that the dark side is the natural state of the Force and that life can only flourish when in a natural cycle alongside death and decay, the Sith Eternal seek to be the predators of sentient society, purging stagnant civilizations by way of violent acts. The Lords of the Sith are dead and gone, and although there are those within the Sith Eternal who hope for a return to the Sith Code, the majority of the Sith Eternal believe that both the Sith of old and the Jedi are misguided and have lost the true purpose that the Force intended for them.

The “Five Syndicates” is the term used by the major galactic governments to refer to the five major criminal organizations active in the galaxy. Made up of the remnants of Crimson Dawn, Black Sun, the Crymorah syndicate, the Hutt Clan, and the Pyke Syndicate, the five syndicates enjoy a fragile alliance with one another and, although conflicts among the factions are not uncommon, they loathe to risk open confrontations. Some time after its inception, the union was joined by several other smaller groups such as the Son-tuul Pride and Droid Gotra.

There are also a number of NPC organizations, including the Free Worlds Alliance—an interplanetary trade and defense alliance that includes the New Republic and several free, independent worlds. They are protected by the Sector Rangers, a group of law enforcement officers that maintain the peace in the Free Worlds and often combat the growing influence of the Five Syndicates.

Each faction has started out small, without the capability for all-out war and plenty of room for growth. We have intentionally reduced the site’s emphasis on PvP and Main Faction Battles, and indeed no faction is in a position to be part of a large-scale Main Faction Battle anytime soon. Each faction is starting out with goals to help guide the stories you tell within those factions, so each group has a clearly-defined purpose.

The Force Eternal: The First Story Arc

As part of this new kind of timeline, Star Wars Legacies will have a number of major site-wide story arcs in addition to member plots and story events. These plots will be named and part of the site’s identity. As you can see from the logo, the first plot arc is called The Force Eternal. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but the story arc deals with the Mask of the Eternal—a dark and ancient artifact that contains the living memory of the ancient Sith… and terrors that pre-date the first Lords of the Sith. We have a write up for that here, written by Orbit.

We’ll have more exciting updates about the first arc soon, including plots and events that go along with it. Stay tuned for more. For now, enjoy the opportunities of the new timeline!

Updated Rules

Before you dive in, be sure to check out our updated rules:


First of all, going with reducing emphasis on PVPs we are announcing that ALL threads are death disabled by default.PVP Rules have also been updated. The PVP tag is also removed from the role-play sections. If you wish to have a death enabled thread you can do so but it has to have a note in the OP that it is death enabled, although they will not go to reports if there are disputes. It's up to the thread participants to collaborate and compromise with each other.

Main Faction Battles will still be around although they will be much less frequent and will be reserved for major happenings in the story.

One big change about PVP is the level system we had for the previous two timelines is gone (see the next section for more information). All characters, similar to timeline 6 are now on equal footing in combat, although not as weak as that timeline. Force users carrying "bounty hunter" type weapons (rifles, pistols, grenades, etc.) or wearing medium/heavy armors will have significantly decreased Force abilities.

For Force Powers, there are lots of stock force powers in the Lore Boards which explain well how they work on this site.

The Reputation System

Replacing the Level System is the new Reputation System. Two main changes about the new system are that word count has NO effect on reputation and has NO bearing on a characters strength and power. All it does is govern how well-known a character is in the galaxy. Similar to the previous timelines characters start out as unknowns and can work their way all the way up to being a galactic-known name. See here for details.

The Bounty System

The Bounty Rules have been overhauled from last timeline, with plenty of notable changes. First, characters with a bounty on their head are not required to be in OPEN pvp threads and risk their ASK threads getting invaded anymore. Secondly bounties calling for death are not allowed without the target member's permission. There are only capture bounties, and captured bounties cannot be executed after being captured.

The Bounty Hunter's Guild has authority on all bounties posted. Players looking to be with the Bounty Hunters Guild need to be initiated with a short plot to prove they have what it takes to be a bounty hunter with a non-official target. Proper bounties, when completed, offer tech tokens and BHG hunters gain more weighted boosts for reputation on successful hunte. Also being a BHG affiliate reduces the threads needed to hunt an NPC target.

Which brings us to the following: For all the bounty hunters out there, there are new NPC bounties out there for hunt. The NPC bounties are tiered by difficulty, with System bounties being the easiest and Galactic bounties being among the most difficult that would put any seasoned bounty hunter's mantle to the test.

The Plot System

The plot system has changed significantly, with its rules updated. No level system means plots no longer award credits, but plots are still the primary means of acquiring advanced tech, gaining assets, etc. Completed plots can aid towards increasing reputation.

One change that you will notice are that all plots (save for espionage plots) are visible to everyone. If someone has a cool plot you could ask the writer if you can join. Or if there is a plot you have valid cause to interfere in, like for example a Sith Eternal member trying to seize a long lost Jedi artifact, then a Jedi could fill out the Opposition Submission form stickied in the plot section. That said, members are still expected to collaborate and communicate and not be getting into pedantic arguments when there is opposition.

In this timeline, NPCs and events will play a bigger role in the story. You can find some site-canon NPCs here, with some prominent main faction figures posted there.

Tech Rules

Everyone is most likely itching to get their hands on canon tech like the X-Wing at long last. The Tech Rules have been updated and there is now a staggering amount of stock tech for everyone to use! Just to be clear on one thing: Canon tech or not, tech still has to be submitted and approved on the tech boards before it can be used.

One other change is that certain armor functions can be used by Force sensitive characters. The Approved Armor functions will let you know which armor functions Force-sensitive characters can use.

Secondly, a note before you start submitting tech, be aware that Tech Mods are now looking at intent more strictly. A submission has to sufficiently explain why the site needs it and why it should be approved. For example If you are just submitting a freighter that has one more turret than the perfectly good stock freighter, then it's not worth submitting. Shoot for just posting a re-skin of the stock freighter instead.



PC Organizations have not changed too much. Clarity on NPC Organizations rules and taking them can be found here.

Planetary Influence

None of the main factions are interested in conqueroring worlds nor do they have large fleets or forces to do so. The near-endless grind to conquer the galaxy is now over. While it's possible to establish a base or an outpost on a planet, none of the factions are currently interested in owning planets. Now there is Planetary Influence, where gaining the favor or control of a planet will be done in stages. See the rules for details.

Reporting Bugs

As we have gone through a massive upgrade that involved switching hosts, moving databases, additional security functions and upgrading many other things, bugs are expected. Please use this area to report bugs you see. Do NOT spam discord with it. Things get lost on discord, and posting it on the site helps us keep track of it.

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Finn Dameron? Finn Dameron?!

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Loving the new look of the site, as well as the change in mechanics!

Thanks to the whole staff team for all their hard work on the overhaul.. Clearly wasn't an easy feat! Great job all

Looking forward to seeing how the saga continues