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Vayla Mirana


► 25​
► Pantoran​
► 5'8"​
►130 lbs​
► Electric blue​
► Majorelle blue​
► Carolina blue​
► Pantora​
► Female​
► Jedi Order​
► Knight​
► Yes​

Character Theme

Vayla was born on Pantora, a moon of the planet Orto Plutonia, within the Pantora system and Sujimis sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Her parents were farmers over their own farmland, the Mirana homestead, located miles away from the capital city. Life on the farm demanded constant work, and Vayla contributed to it along with her brother and sister. Her sister, older and determined to find her own way, eventually left home for the capital to pursue a career in government. Vayla's sister helped her come to understand Pantoran politics and the galaxy at large, and nurtured a deal of sympathy in the girl. She realized that being stuck on the moon would do nothing to quench her thirst to know more about the stars and the worlds all around her own, and to use that knowledge to help heal a hurting galaxy, not just one moon.

It was through her sister that Vayla was introduced to a visitor on Pantora, a Jedi diplomat, who took the girl under his apprenticeship. The two left Pantora to venture beyond, Vayla's master prioritizing the training of sciences, arts and diplomacy alongside combat, as far as the latter was needed to survive. A close bond was formed between master and padawan, one that would face a brutal blow when her master was captured by slavers. After time in captivity, he was a different person upon his escape, and he could only part ways with his padawan. Vayla never saw him again.

The experience was very troubling for her, leaving a hole that has never quite been filled, but she did not become disillusioned with the galaxy or the Jedi Order. Instead, Vayla fought even harder to fulfill her commitments and was ultimately granted her knighthood. To this day, she follows a life routine: uphold the Jedi creed, traveling around to satisfy her curiosities and assisting where she can. All the while, she strives to defeat her greatest enemy: fear. Her master had taught her about the emotion intimately. Thus, outside of a peaceful spirit that seeks serenity, Vayla never forsakes her lightsaber and her drive to not only defend others but herself, ever aware that darkness was waiting right outside the light.
Vayla can come off as reserved in nature, valuing her own privacy and respecting the privacy of others, if not assuming it outright. However, this is mostly on the surface; she doesn't generally go out of her way to make unnecessary conversation but, once she becomes familiar with an individual, socializing becomes natural. This disposition stems from her upbringing and her constant thinking, where she at times finds herself in a daydream only to be brought out of it by the person speaking to her.
While in one scenario she would rather be in a room of silence, left to read or mediate, she conversely will not hesitate to participate in adventure. The opportunity to explore and to learn go hand in hand with her ability to enjoy what others already have, and this is how she sees the galaxy at large. There are those who isolate themselves to their own detriment, or spend their days constantly on the move without ever taking a moment to pause, and Vayla seeks a balance in between as much as she seeks a balance in the Force.

The Jedi Order provides Vayla with an opportunity to better herself, expand her knowledge and safeguard the lives of others; typical motives, perhaps, but ones that entered her heart as a child. A curious individual, her desire to find and to know can sometimes get the better of her, a truth that her master took pains to warn her about and help her understand. In the end, Vayla's personal strengths may also be her very weaknesses.

Vayla generally travels in her custom Jedi robes; white with streaks of celeste blue running from the center of the hood down to the back and from shoulders to hemlin. She sports an athletic build, and her most striking feature is probably her eyes. While Pantorans are known for having golden eyes, Vayla's are electric blue, courtesy of being prosthetic eyes.

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