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Aug 16, 2018
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Name: Uul-Rha-Shan
Species: Tiss'Shar (Subspecies Unknown)
Gender: Male
Age: 23 Years Old
Home Planet: Tiss'sharl
Faction: Independent
Rank: N/A
Level: Level 1

Voice Claim: Michael Clarke Duncan

Combat Gear:
A280C Blaster Rifle

To be added later

None Combat:
R5 Series Astromech Droid

H7D Series Protocol Droid

Starrunner Class Transport

Appearance: Besides his typical appearance of a Tiss'sharr other beings will notice there are striking differences between him and others of his species. For one it is his size. He is a massive 6'6" feet tall and 1500 pounds (The sickle claws on his feet are 9.5" each.) As well as that he is 18 feet long when in his hunting stance. Capable of taking on a Wookie and other big beings out there if Shan chooses to do so. The other characteristic that others will notice is his black scales and red eyes, to date it is not clear if he is from an unknown subspecies or has a strange genetic mutation responsible for his appearance.

Due to his time as a slave and battling creatures from all over the galaxy, his body is riddled with scars.

Personality: Cunning as well as intelligent Shan is capable of learning very quickly, whether it is how to take out an enemy or how to proceed with a mission assigned to him. He is also capable of repairing weapons as well as ships and other machinery to an extent (mainly models of ships or droids that were common finds on his home planet.).

As far has his behavior. Shan has a hard time controlling his emotions, often allowing his aggressiveness drive his actions. He is able to remain calm. But if he hears, smells or sees something that reminds him of his time as a slave the people in the immediate area better be ready for an angry raptor. If he comes across someone who is actively a part of the slave trade they better make a run for it while they can. While they may not be there to take him back to whoever he escaped from, it should not be surprising that Shan thinks he or she is there to take him back. So it should not be surprising that Shan will act aggressively when around someone working in the slave trade.

While he may be aggressive and untrusting towards adults. Shan has a weakspot for children and will never show aggression towards a child, nor attack one. So children do not have a reason to fear the Raptor, besides his appearance.

Surprisingly Shan is able to almost speak perfect basic and is able to understand Wookies. That is if one is in his presence. As far as other skills he is a good, average pilot. His combat abilities are also something to be taken into consideration. That is if anyone is willing to hire him for a combat type job. Also due to his keen sense of smell Shan is able to track targets down as long as the target doesn't step in water or something that will cut off the scent trail.


Besides being born on Tiss’sharr and the only one out of his parents' three offspring to survive to adulthood. There is not much known about Shan's childhood or his past through to the present. Though if someone is around him long enough and gains his trust in the process he or she may get some tidbits about his past.

Shan had a bit of a difficult childhood. Minus his coloration. At the time he hatched Shan was the average size of a newly hatched Tiss'shar. But as time went on he started to become larger than the typical Tiss'shar. Which often caused problems when Shan tried to join in play sessions or activities with other young Raptors. So it was not uncommon for the young reptile to be alone. At some point his two siblings passed away, leaving only him as his parents' surviving offspring.

At a young age Shan developed an interest in robotics and a curiosity in how machines, droids, and what not worked. He started by taking simple machines apart and putting them back together to learn how they worked. This will eventually lead him to exploring ships and learning how they worked whenever he got the chance. Which are mainly civilian, common ships. Not military.

At the age of twelve while Shan was deep in the woods exploring the young raptor found himself being stunned. Unable to do anything to defend himself or put up a struggle as a group of beings carried him off to their ship. It is far easier to stun and carry off a young Tiss than an adult. Hence why he was targeted. Once in the ship the Tiss was tormented by his captors, forcing him to angrily retaliate. Eventually he was taken to who knows where in the galaxy, later learning he was taken to Nal Hutta, to be a slave. Because of what he is and due to his appearance Shan was used as entertainment, forced to face off against other creatures from some location in the galaxy. Of course Shan learned quickly that if he was to survive each fight and find away to make his escape the Raptor must fight back aggressively to see the next day. So the Raptor often found himself submitting to his predatory side, allowing those instincts to come forward.

After eleven years of enslavement Shan found the opportunity to make his escape to freedom. It all happened when a new person was assigned to escort him from the arena to his cell. The new person was either not aware of what he was escorting or simply was being overconfident, cocky. But after years of being forced to submit to his aggressive predatory instincts to survive in the ring it should not be a surprise that such instincts were present outside the arena as well. What would have been a surprise is the one guard not taking his job seriously or that more guards were not assigned to escort the Raptor. Either way it ended with the one guard being ruthlessly killed along with two others that responded to the guard’s screams.

The place was not that big so it was not difficult for Shan to get from the hallway he attacked and killed the guards to the landing pad. There the Raptor stole a ship, killing the two member crew in the process. After making his escape Shan went to Nar Shaddaa selling the ship after gathering together all the useful gear he could find on it. Consisting of two neglected droids and a rifle. With the money he gained from selling the ship he bought a new one to throw off anyone who maybe pursuing him.

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