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Uma'la Y'varis


► 29
► Umbaran/Dathomiri
► 5'10"/1.8 m
► 150 Ibs/68 kgs
► Steely Grey
► White
► Umbara
► Female
► Independent
► N/A
► Yes


The Wheel Turns (0-13)

Born on the Shadow World, Umbara, Uma'la Y'varis would know only darkness; like so many others. Early years of schooling were strict and rigid; emphasizing discipline and Umbaran hierarchical dogma. This was true for almost all native aspects of the Umbaran society she grew to know, but would be accelerated tenfold for Uma'la and her ilk. Left an orphan at the young age of six she would see her only light, her single mother, ripped from her on a 'routine' scouting mission when pirate had ambushed her detachment; leaving no survivors.

Like that the wheel turned, several of her classmates saw their basic education elevated to a more through teaching within the prestigious cadet school. It may have been an oppurtunity for most, but anyone could feel the crushing reality. They were all pawns being force up from reserve, where one soldier had fallen another takes it's place. Call it an inherited debt to one's homeworld, call it patriotism, call it what one would they may not be entirely wrong nor right. However, the was one thing for certain it was a way up in the world.

Umbaran 'culture', if you will, sees many go to extreme lengths to achieve whatever goals they strive for; whether they be short or long-term is no matter. While this clearly required dedication and hardwork both were merely assumed to be given by any of those interesting in bettering themselves and therefore their people. No, it was not just being a 'model civilian' that went into the making of an Umbaran and that was no exception for Uma'la. From a young age blackmail, bribery and scheming in general was not only common it was almost encouraged as long as it went unnoticed; in which case the punishments were severe and handed out equally regardless of social status.

Destined For Greatness (14-19)

Through countless stolen notes, cheating through exams and of course her own knowledge Uma'la would graduate top of her class, even seeing actual combat before her day of graduation (a considerable feat for someone of her age). By her fifteenth birthday she had not only blooded herself on the battle field, but her skills as a pilot would see her leave the planet as a fighter pilot. Not even a year after completing her tenure at the cadet academy she would already have six crafts to her name; earning her a bit of a following as Umbaran's 'Up and Coming War Heroes'.

It was from this media attention that her true career would take-off, sure being a fighter pilot was lucrative, but it was considered a task akin to cannon fodder; albeit still drawing much admiration and self-pride within its ranks. The dangers of such a forgotten title would soon be recognized by the young pilot. While out on a patrol, not unlike her mother, she was ambushed by the one thing she had grown to disdain greatly, pirates. Shotdown as she tried to regain order from the chaos she would see her wing gunned down left and right. Under her ragtag command less than ten survivor (including herself) remained in a wing of thirty-two. Still young she was given the reigns and blamed herself, even as she was prided from her icy cockpit and her stressed bodysuit threatened to collapse around her. Her final teenage year was spend under intensive care as she underwent several surgeries and extensive therapy.

Shadowed Fame (21-24)

Returning to the public eye at the age of twenty-one, her hospitalization and botched mission reports had caused a brief uproar on impact, but little else. Truthfully Uma'la could have believed she was thrown to the side, forgotten as quickly as any other forgotten serviceman. However, her return proved the contrary as she was reintroduced to the public in a vast media display. She did not understand it, even while her weak form was still supplemented by a wheelchair she would be thrown in front of a camera for all to see. Umbara's child ace pilot had grown up in an instance, some even speculating the girl had died and been replaced as a ploy to distract from the crippling smuggling and underground activity that racked the planet. Nonetheless, she had been who they pictured her as all along, although perhaps that little girl did die somewhere; lost the the cruel reality of the galaxy. Denied the very childhood her superior's cashed in on she would be thrown into an all different lifestyle

Umbaran Icon (25-27)

Throwing the grit and grease she had grown to love away Uma'la was put up in a fancy needle-esque tower complex. Given her own penthouse and accessories that fit a fashion model rather than the battle-hardened soldier she had become. Her orders that had been handed down the disorganized chain-of-command within the Umbaran Militia slowly transitioned to the hands of politicians and other government figures. She had become a pawn to influence the masses, she would go and do as the Umbaran Council pleased; rarely leaving the planet without permission and then only on publicized outings.

Her time spent had not been all wasted. As she kowtowed to her betters Uma'la would learn valuable skills, honing the arts that Umbarans were known for. Social status within Umbara and the Academy were one thing but melding Umbaran customs with galactic subterfuge and backdoor-politics was a design deadly as any blaster. It was these self-teaching she would use to catapult herself into Umbaran politics as her own figure, no longer on the planetary credit crip.

An Awakening (Present)

Seeking power and change Uma'la did it the one way she knew how. While her cunning could get her far she knew she could do better and demanded authority. A soldier, turned pilot and finally fashion model would revert to her past learning and join the militia once more. Not having her own control of such matter saw her enlist, but thankfully past accomplishments would put her right where she wanted, handed the mantle of 'Chief Enforcer'. A title not wholly political, but also claiming responsibility of Umbara City local police forces; as well as seeing to all planetary smuggling, government mining operations and political policing matters.

It is with this position she seeks to not only gather more power and ascend the governmental ladder, but also seek her own justice and progress on Umbara. She champions various reform causes to the betterment of 'The Umbaran People' has been considered staunchly patriotic by her peers while coming off as radical at times.

Instilled with pride for her homeplanet, Umbara, and it's people Uma'la is very much a Patriotic Nationalist at heart. While a staunch believer in her own conclusions and beliefs she has drawn since a young upbringing a maturing age only served to deepen this somewhat stubborn attitude. While not adversarial her actions can sometimes be misconstrued as such, often becoming headstrong when pursuing her own goals and seeing her path as righteous over all else. That said, this can still be attributed to her loyalist streak, as her interests have always seemed to not always lie within her own wishes and needs, but those of her peers. Often supporting her actions for the betterment of not only herself, but her people as a whole.

Although, she is not shy to enforce her stances by any means and certainly plays to the trope of a 'Grand Admiral', preferring stern diplomacy when possible, but never shying away from the use of an iron fist in any form of armament she can bring to bear. To such an end, she strives to get ahead on a global scale, seeing her position within the Umbaran Militia as a necessary catalyst often dipping into the realm of narcissistic or vain when to the point of pushing superiority above all else and seeing herself as a prime demonstration of what other's should strive for. That said she can sometimes cloud her own visions with these episodes of grandeur and self-worth.


Ace Pilot: Coming up within the Umbaran Militia, first as a competent speeder pilot, then as an official fighter pilot; Uma'la was quite fond of her old days. Now favoring larger ships for their assorted armament and safer defenses she still has tremendous piloting skills whenever she finds herself in the cockpit of any craft.

Battlefield Tactician: The title may not be completely accurate, but Uma'la is a budding mind among her Umbaran peers. Considered to be a proficient guerrilla fighter and successful leader. She commands loyalty from any of her subordinates and exudes an aura of authority. Her wartime experience while encapsulating a great deal of ground and fighter combat has also reached into large-scale space skirmishes with pirate and smuggler bands.

Gunnery: Serving on several ships she has not only honed her dog-fighting skills in a fighter, but has found a knack for calibrations of heavy weapons and operating said weapons. While not often she much prefers a seat behind the controls of a quad-cannon as opposed to being confined to a cockpit.

Master of Subterfuge: With use of her silver-tongue, charismatic nature and popularity alongside her innate force powers Uma'la is well versed in the art of Subterfuge. Swaying others with her words be them true or false, weaving a network of webs within several communities rather easily. As such she is also hard to read, be it with or without force powers (although not impossible to do so).

Novice Marksman: Perhaps not as skilled when it comes to ground combat, Uma'la still somewhat retains her skills with a firearm when it comes to blasters. When possible she prefers to stack her odds with a tried and true 'Heavy Firepower' Doctrine, outgunning her opponents when possible as opposed to out-shooting them.

Novice Force Influence: Not only do Umbaran's have a silver-tongue when it comes to negotiation and persuasion, but Uma'la even more so. As her force powers have not been trained or even fully identified she has only replicated this act. Able to bend the will of weaker individuals when needed, utilizing the power of the force to her advantage.

Studious Mechanic/Tinkerer: Another skill acquired while operating/servicing dozens of fighters, freighter and cruisers; Uma'la is surprisingly skilled with a toolkit. She may not know more foreign ship designs by heart, however she can surely keep just about any system running given enough time and the right equipment. Going off general engineering concept she can repair, replace and modify various parts of starships. Her specialty lies in starship design and heavy armaments while transferring nicely to land vehicles and various weapon fabrication. She also dabbles in robotics and droids, able to provide maintenance in a pinch.

Unskilled Force Sense: While not utilized on command certain circumstances can trigger Uma'la to use the force for foresight. While imminent danger to herself or large catastrophes are certain to be detected with vivid display most visions she foresees are depicted as uneasy feelings or a foreboding atmospheric change. The signs are subtle, yet without training seems to be a potent power.


+ Zenuas 33 Umbaran Starfighter

+ 2x Umbaran Blaster Pistol

+ Masking Transponder

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Er, I'm pretty sure you can't start with a reputation already my guy.

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I'd argue the reputation from a bio standpoint has no influence as tied to the 'reputation system'. That said, I wouldn't argue as to changing anything considered to transfer IC power. Besides that the two points I'd see is being an accomplished pilot and furthering into a peacekeeping job. Assuming the Umbaran lore is considerably unchanged said positions would be within a militia and not an actual organization she could call on or provide resources with. Beyond knowing already agreed upon PC or NPC per basis where plausible I'd say her reach doesn't extend far within Umbara as opposed to the Galaxy.

I also intend for much of her early plotting to be done in actually validating Umbara as a standing contender within space and establishing herself beyond just a popular icon.

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Hello there.

Tech will need to be linked to tech write-ups on the tech boards. Even if they are canon ranged-weapons/ships/etc etc they will need a write-up in the tech boards

As for reputations goes, all characters start out as unknowns, they would only know by their immediate social circles (as stated in the Creation Guide and Reputation System rules). They would not have a following or any kind of renown on a planetary level. This would need adjusting on in much of the biography.

I will also have to say no to graduating at the age of 15. Umbaran society, cheating or not, she isn't graduating at a military academy at that age. I'd have that happen at a more realistic age. mid-late twenties at minimum.

May I ask who the Umbarans were battling that your character was involved in? Because no-one is really fighting each other at that point in time.

When these points have been adjusted on, tag me and I'll look at this profile as soon as I can.


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There are still quite a few references to the characters notoriety among Umbaran society and the changes Faster stated necessary for her graduating thr military academy had not been made. Characters start out as virtual unknowns to anyone beyond their immediate family until theyve earned reputation through the roleplay.

Any references to notoriety or fame or titles needs to be nixed entirely.