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'I’m often stricken by a forceful reaction over those who live a peaceful life filled with heartfelt emotions, truly entranced with those going day by day without a care in the world. It makes my mouth water, my hands sweat and my heart palpitate. I may not ever be able to have that feeling, but oh how sweet it is to take it all away.'

Born into an aristocratic family on the idyllic planet of Naboo, Trinity emerged a stone-faced babe. At first the surrounding medical personnel had thought her stil-born as she neither screamed not wept however she was in fact alive. Her mother on the other hand, was not so fortunate. After shedding one last joyful tear at the birth of her daughter, the life trickled away from her eyes and the room fell silent. Nestled in her arms, an amber eyed girl fell asleep.

Trinity’s father was distraught at the passing of his wife and mother of his child. For many years he showered her with gifts and affection, blindly giving what was left of his heart to his little girl however every act of love was met without reciprocation even as a baby she neither laughed nor cried, smiled or frowned. It ate away at him day by day, knowing that his kind and loving partner had given her everything so that this… Shell could live. As the years passed and she grew, his resentment of her did as well.

It started off with little things, aggressive outbursts of language, rough handling, anything to get any sort of reaction out of Trinity. When that inevitably failed he would begin to take... More drastic measures. As she reached her teenage years her mind began to ponder at what ‘it’ was exactly that she was without. Emotions, feelings, happiness, sadness, hopefulness, hopelessness, these words meant as much to her as a single nerf meant to the rest of the galaxy. Although she neither felt them nor could she hope to comprehend them, due to the very core of human nature concerning things one does not own, she craved them… Obsessively.

Trinity at age 15

The seeds of this obsessive behaviour began when she encountered a group of her classmates playing in the street. They raced in between buildings, laughing and jesting aloud. Intrigued by this phenomenon she began to emulate the sounds. It started as a maniacal screeching that drew many concerned gazes from local pedestrians however over time she refined it until it was identical to those of her peers, in fact she could mimic each of their laughs individually with perfect pitch and timbre.

While this mimicry of happiness fuelled her intrigue, it paled in comparison to the rush she received from the more ‘negative emotions'. All her life, she had never understood the purpose and what it hoped to achieve however she was determined to uncover its mystery. Forcing herself to cry was difficult at first but with enough pain, the body naturally brings tears to the eyes. Once she got it down she would spontaneously break into tears at random times throughout the day, garnering pity and urgent ushering from those around her. To her this was clearly an effective method of manipulation yet still she remained unfulfilled.

On and on she went, tackling each emotion, mastering its portrayal and moving to the next one. Each one providing more or less the same empty feeling as the next. Eventually she grew impatient and almost concluded that she was forever to be an empty shell. That was until one fateful night.

Trinity’s father came home late into the night. Stumbling. Drunk. He had just arrived from one of his binge drinking sessions that had become an almost daily affair. He dragged his feet through the house to the door of Trinity’s room. Without knocking, he entered. Trinity lay in bed awake, the glint of a cortosis blade catching her eye. In one brutal movement he crossed the room and grabbed Trinity by the neck and pressed the vibrating blade to it. A small trickle of blood seeped from the shallow wound yet she did not react. “I don’t know what kind of sick monster you are but you certainly aren’t my daughter.” He spat in disgust.

Once again he neared the blade to her face, intending to cut deeper than he had before. This time however, out of pure survival instinct she sent out a wave of force, sending him crashing into the wall and freeing her from his grasp. Her father’s eyes widened in fear. Her heart began to beat faster. Trinity raised her hand, somehow gripping his from across the room. He struggled to wrench his hand free from the blade but it was to no avail. She twisted her hand and so too twisted the knife. He began to plead, tears welling in his eyes. There it is. Her heart raced. She walked slowly towards him. The knife descended. Tears were streaming down her father’s face and his voice was trembling. Fear, adrenaline, surprise, hatred, regret. It was all there, mangled and meshed together. The knife began to pierce through his chest. Horror, pain, panic. Her face stopped but centimeters from his, her amber eyes locked on his, soaking it all in. Finally his breathing grew slow and faded, the life ebbing away. In his eyes she caught the last of them. Calm, relief, tranquility. Her hands were shaking and she could barely breathe herself as she calmed from the euphoria.

News of her father’s ‘suicide’ spread quickly amongst the local community and Trinity was taken in by law enforcement until a suitable relative could be found to take her in. Unbeknownst to them, a different faction had already set their eyes on her and in the dead of night, a swift group of darkly clad figures swept through and kidnapped her. When she awoke, she found herself behind bars in a dank cell. She was perplexed yet her mind was calm. One of the figures entered and explained to her the trials she was to face and that should she survive, she would join their order and all secrets shall be unveiled.

Again and again she was pitted against others like her, young girls and boys kidnapped from families across the galaxy, forced to fight for scraps and eventually for pleasure. As a young initiate she quickly dispatched her competitors in the many trials that they were forced to take. While the rest of them were ready to consume themselves in the dark, none were quite capable of killing without hesitation as Trinity was.

Many of the more powerful members of the Sith cult detested her joining, claiming that she was an affront to the core teachings of their order and that her lack of raw emotion would leave her flawed and weak. Others however quickly took advantage of her abilities and it was then that she had passed her trial and was inducted as an assassin of the Sith Eternal. Stripped of her previous name and all ties to her origin, she arose with an alias anew. Trinity.


Although Trinity is incapable of harbouring emotions herself, she has mastered the ability of falsifying them. She is manipulative down to her very core and is unable of empathising to any degree. Despite the fact that deep down she is cold, unforgiving and generally without care, she is almost always putting on some sort of emotional ‘guise’. Each front is custom made for every interaction and may range anywhere from a giddy air-headed girl to a diabolical evil-doer.

Trinity has set her sights on gaining the ability to harness her emotions, intent on properly understanding the teachings of the Sith. She believes herself stripped bare by the force and only through it can she hope to regain what taken from her. Although she is committed to this, she often finds herself frustrated when little to no progress is made. This impatience can lead to rash actions being taken both in and out of combat.

While resentment and hate are concepts Trinity struggles to grasp, she too is unlikely to show mercy. Her stone-faced demeanour, blind obedience and general lack of conscience have all served to bolster her abilities as an assassin and allowed her to garner favour amongst the more powerful members of the Sith.


Having been inducted into the Order of the Sith Eternal later in life than most, one would assume that her ability would have suffered. However, to the surprise of many she flourished. Her versatility in both melee and hand-to-hand combat was unmatched amongst her fellow initiates and her attacks were often unpredicatable and untelegraphed.

Having a naturally unassuming appearance, Trinity prefers to hide in plain sight, often making use of a variety of personalities and force illusions to pass by unnoticed and fulfill her duties. When engaged in combat, however, her feline-like agility mixed with the enhancements provided by the force allow her to strike at lightning speed and with great power.

While Trinity does holster a single lightsaber blade on her waist, she much prefers to make use of a small vibroblade. In her mind, a large brightly glowing blade does not suit the dealings of an assassin all too well. If compromised however, she will not refrain from using her saber to deflect blaster fire and engage other saber wielding opponents. As she prefers clean, silent kills, her stamina in a drawn out saber fight is lacking and may result in her making more reckless decisions than she usually would.



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