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Sep 1, 2015
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Thweezo Vrazal


► 32
► Kubaz
► 1.7 m
► 59 kg
► Unknown
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► Kubindi
► Male
► Five Syndicates
► Scoundrel
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Thweezo Vrazal doesn't exist. He was never born, he has no presence in the galactic system. Not because he is some holonet ghost, but because he's the alias of a disgruntled ex-cubicle jockey turned slicer. 'Thweezo' was born Zuc Cobi on the Kubaz homeworld of Kubindi, his father a low-level government bureaucrat and his mother a stay-at-home parent. His childhood was fairly typical, weekend holo-toons, homecooked meal worms, etc. He was an introverted child more interested in computer systems than most other children, but this rarely earned him more than teasing. As is often the case, interest turned into higher education which turned into a job crossing dotting Isks and crossing Trills for the Intelligence Arm of the Kubindi government.

A job which royally sucked. Zuc had gone into government work to get into gunfights on speeders and flirt with gorgeous alien women, not stare at a computer for hours everyday compiling data and writing reports. He tried repeatedly, and failed repeatedly to enter proper field work and for all his effort found himself seemingly stuck in his cubicle forever. But while his glass-eyed associates were more than willing to accept their lot in life, Zuc was far from content and decided to do something about. So after tendering an official resignation and waiting two weeks, Zuc (calling himself Thweezo) hopped the first ship off world with his life savings in his suitcase and a lifetime of programming skills under his belt. The galaxy would finally be his oyster.
Thweezo is confident, swaggering, and sharp-witted. So long as he's sitting behind a keyboard. In all matters relating to technology and the use/exploitation thereof, Thweezo shines. His knowledge and experience makes him bolder, snappier, and even a bit more reckless with his behavior. After all, everything on the holonet is anonymous, right?
But once he has to deal with situations and people without a screen in the way, his confidence crumbles. Before taking off on his whirlwind tour of the galaxy, Thweezo was a white-collar office drone with some introverted tendencies and geeky habits. He isn't used to dealing with people directly and doesn't want to be. If he is ever coaxed out of his shell he has a tendency to ramble about his niche interests if he isn't physically stopped.

Thweezo can slice as if he was born with a datapad in his hands, having spent most of his life tinkering with both the software and hardware of many different computer systems. These skills can also translate over to other technical systems such as droids and weapons, but not as well as his computer skills. Though he was not a field agent, the Kubindi government taught Thwezo some counterintelligence skills such as how to protect his technology from rival slicers and how to spot enemy spies. These skills have served him well as an information broker, letting him stay one step ahead of any dissatisfied customers. Beyond this he can pilot, drive, and fire a pistol well enough, but is by no means an athlete, fighter, or smooth talker. Thweezo can physically only speak Kubindi, but also understands Basic, Huttese, and Droidspeak.

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