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Feb 13, 2012
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Thodiran Bicker (known as ‘Thodi’) was a male Amphibian alien from Cantonica, living in and around the exotic resort city of Canto Bight during the Force Eternal period of galactic history. A diminutive and unsuspecting creature, Thodi spent much of his time gambling in the casinos and cantinas of the Galaxy, who worked as an accountant, and people were often shocked to discover that he was in fact, a talented and utterly ruthless contract killer.


Born on the world of Cantonica, a wealthy world in the Corporate Sector, Thodi was not destined for a particularly interesting or indeed, particularly remarkable life. Heading through schooling, he always yearned for more, finding what joy he could in the life of a gambler, enjoying the races and the tables in equal measure once he started to earn credits for himself. Such undertakings took the young man to Canto Bight, a gamblers paradise, wherein he fell into contact with operatives from the Five Syndicates, a ‘professional’ crime group. Liking the life that their money bought for them, Thodi decided that he wanted a slice of that pie for himself.

Looking around for some way of breaking into Crime himself, he realised that he had no actual skills bar, well - being boring and unnoticable.

But perhaps that was a skill, in a roundabout sort of way? He thought to himself one day, many years ago. Deciding that it probably was a skill in some way, he undertook some discrete training, and learned how to handle a weapon, before trying to sell his services as a gun for hire, a Bounty Hunter. He failed miserably, nobody wanted to hire a small nobody from nowhere, and so he returned to his boring life as an accountant.

Having always been fascinated with exotic animals at a young age, he found opportunity in the strangest of places, with a new client, the Hyperion Luxury Imports Group coming into his books, and suddenly, he had an idea. Nobody wanted to use a one-foot nothing as a hitman, nobody was scared of him, nobody suspected him! So, he cooked the books of the company, stole away some toxins from the Hypa Lizard, and undertook some assassinations using a codename, entirely through the holonet.

It was a great success, and nobody was any the wiser, that a one-foot nothing alien from nowhere, was behind the spate of killings across the City over the next couple of years. Gamblers with high debts, collapsed at high-end cocktail parties, rival Fathier syndicate owners saw themselves one short of a head in the owners box - assassinations of the Cantonic kind, climbed.

Using his newfound credits to purchase his way into betting syndicates and come into contact with some of the Cantonic Criminal Elite, he secured better weapons, better toxins and resources, to make himself into a self-sufficient assassin in his own right, and, after several years in the game, Thodi found himself with ample work, ample cover, and room to build her reputation beyond Canto Bight, and into the wider Galaxy.

Falling in with the group known as the Cyrmorah, they provided him with the training he needed to excel in his role as an assassin and sabauter for hire, nobody ever expecting the diminutive little Thodi to be the source of their demise.

Basic Information

Name Thodiran Bicker
Species Unknown
Age 31
Height 67 cms
Force Sensitive No

Personality & Traits

Standing at around one foot in height, lacking in hair and appearing rather porcine in nature, Thodi almost always had a smile on his face, and a jovial personality when dealing with people. Smartly dressed, he could almost always be seen in the very latest of evening wear, a crisp white shirt, lapel pin and a dark black jacket and long coat. Shiny black shoes and often a cane accompanied him wherever he went, and to all intents and purposes, he appeared as a society gentleman. Thodi acted the part as well, with a refined high-society accent, exceptional manners and an unnerving knowledge of the Cantonic night scene, he was a delight to entertain, and to be entertained by.

All of this external bluster was however, a finely honed polish and act, that concealed a dangerous personality, centered around a passion for the more violent aspects of life. Murder. An assassin by trade, Thodi thought nothing of the people he was contracted to eliminate, seeing it as little more than a business transaction. Enjoying his work, Thodi had a niche of using remote and discrete methods to eliminate his targets, snipers, poisons and explosions, anything that enabled him to be as far from the physical side of combat as possible. Adaptable and resourceful, Thodi was used to dealing with all manner of people to get the job done, either himself, via the holonet or through a web of intermediaries - he never took risks he could not afford. He was able to formulate complex plans and carry them out to execution, as well as to live life on the edge, with little to no resources.

Trained by the Cymorah to perfect the role of an executor since a young age, he was proficient in melee and unarmed combat, preferring to use dual knives if the occasion called for it. Most of his combat style relied on fast movements and agility to triumph over larger foes, or simply to never have to engage in combat at all. As such, he was skilled with blasters and sniper rifles, being physically fit to make use of larger weapons, and to stay on the move in any situation. He had an excellent knowledge of poisons, and preferred to use them whenever he could.

Technically adept, Thodi was skilled as a slicer and in the basic repairs of vehicles, computers and droids, which often served him well when on the job. He was able to pilot his own ship, without the assistance of a droid.



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I'm gonna approve this, I just wanted to reiterate that your reputation, even in the 5S, is going to be unknown even with all the previous successful contracts. Now is when you start truly building yourself up. With that said, this has my...