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Dec 1, 2015
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Character Name and Reputation Level: @Kai Unknown
Character Rank: Legionnaire
Name (and link) of Plot: The Pursuit of Exchange
Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Ilana Morata
Intended Outcome of Plot: On a fair number of steps Malakai Beck and Doctor Morata travel to Bal'demnic to gain access to a Sith Holcron containing information on Sith Alchemy. Originally Kai had just intended on having Ilana there to aid him while also indulging his curiosity about her force sensitivity. But she also delves into the dark side of the force with Kai's assistance and together they plan to learn Sith Alchemy.
Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? N/A
Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable):
Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): Sith Alchemy
Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Intel-napper - Malakai goes more towards the surface and meets with Dr Morata to see if she would be willing to help him with a job involving kidnapping someone. He wanted to make sure she is down with whatever questionable deeds were ahead. She agrees and the two of them go to steel an airspeeder together for the kidnapping to come.
  • Big Trouble in Little Cala - The two of them go to "Little Cala", an acquatic based section of Nar Shadda, where they struggle their way into an underground gambling den. Kai's target is there and they manage to lure him outside and back to the stolen airspeeder. Knocking him out and kidnapping their target they take him to a secluded spot and interrogate (mostly torture) him to give them information for their intended heist. In the end they kill him, dump the body and destroy the evidence.
  • I've Got the Key - With the information about access codes should they need it the two infiltrate the office building of a Nar Shaddaa businessman. Kai is nearly shot by security droids but Ilana manages to destroy them with the force. Together they manage to escape with the force encoded book.
  • Study-Cation - Taking a vacation and some time to heal from sustained wounds, Kai treats the Doctor to some time on the beautiful planet of Doruma. There he ends up opening her eyes to the Force and the fact she has an affinity for it. Using the encoded Tome they learn that what they seek is in the Sith Temple on Bal'demnic. Kai recognizes it but knows that it takes two force sensitives using the dark side to enter.
  • Cold Comfort - In the wake of his defeat against Ender at Fortress Infernum, Ilana hears the call for help from an injured Kai. She manages to come to his aid, saving him and treat his wounds with the medical facility she used onboard his ship. After some times and explanation he leads them to the Sith Temple. Together they manage to get past the entrance and immerse themselves in the dark side of the temple for the first time where they attempt to find the Sith Holocron containing the teachings of Sith Alchemy.