Mission Pack The Forgers of Varl


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May 29, 2015
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A brand-new commodity has found its way to the Outer Rim Territories. Crowns, a standardized currency used thorough the Independent Systems Consortium, have officially been instated providing a new opportunity for the criminals of the Five Syndicates to further enrich themselves at the expanse of the denizens of the ISC. Intergalactic scoundrel and artist extraordinaire, Ty'kh, has launched a new ploy aimed at counterfeiting the new currency to provide an additional source of income for his organization while also destabilizing the bourgeoning new government.

#1 [ASK] [Naboo] Chromium Rush
Having determined that crowns are being minted from an alloy composed primarily of chromium, a rare and valuable metal found almost exclusively on Naboo, Ty'kh dispatches a team to recover enough of the raw material to supply their clandestine production. Whether they chose to hijack a royal starship or raid one of the well-guarded mines is to their discretion.
Participants: @Rynn Itera + @Pellios

#2 [OPEN] [Christophsis] Mint Royale
The casting of crowns requires a pressing plate minutely sculpted from molecularly distinct Christophsian crystals, a process which cannot be faked, nor artificially replicated. An elite squad will have to covertly recover one of the precious crystalline matrixes and conceal its disappearance by inducing a believable minor equipment malfunction in the Chaleydonia Mint.
Participants: @Taldorak Trenessar + ???

#3 [OPEN] [Christophsis] Key Infiltration
As a counterfeiting countermeasure, crowns are marked with a unique sequence of characters to identify their provenance. Therefore, a virtual key from which authenticable serial numbers will be able to be generated needs to be recovered. This slicing operation will have to be conducted in utmost secrecy as detection could lead to the instigation of additional security measures. The guided tour of the Mint could provide an interesting infiltration opportunity.
Participants: @Oron Sonax + @Taldorak Trenessar

#4 [ASK] [Varl] Industrial Requisition
The devastated ancestral homeworld of the Hutts, Varl, has been chosen as the location of the new counterfeit crowns production facility. An antiquated manufacturing center in one of the planet's abandoned airdomes has been identified as a prime candidate to host the new complex, but the perimeter must be secured before restoration may commence.
Participants: @Ty'kh + @Rynn Itera


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Feb 13, 2012
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I'll hop in with my new slicer, Oron, on number three


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Jul 13, 2014
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I'm going to sign up my Mando, Rynn, for #1 and #4, but I'm willing to give up one if there is a lot of traction.