The Defilers (Cartel Intelligence service)


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Sep 30, 2011
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This is a WIP writeup of the Defilers, the Cartel's intelligence organization, that I'll be heading up if everything works out. I already sent it to Nor'baal, but I'm putting it up here as well. Let me know what you guys think.

Hutt Cartel Defilers;

The Defilers is the top secret intelligence organization and spy network of the Hutt Cartel. As an intelligence organization, their role is strictly advisory. They do not conduct special operations, false flag-, or assassination operations, with very few exceptions. They merely collect intelligence, through all means, including HUMINT. The intelligence is then extremely selectively released to the rest of the Cartel, mainly and almost exclusively upward to the Grandee Lorda himself.

The Defilers, though their hierarchy is relatively simple, are divided into two divisions;

Security Division, or SD; Consists of the most skilled of all Defiler agents, handpicked from the Intelligence Division for the most important role that the organization fills. SD guards the Grandee Lorda and other important leaders of the Cartel, as well as provides security and counterintelligence around their operations. They also provide bodyguards for the Grandee Lorda and key members of the Cartel.

SD also carries out counterintelligence operations around the Hutt Cartel's leadership and upper echelon operations. However, it is not responsible for counterintelligence operations for the rest of the Cartel's organization, a role that, somewhat haphazardly falls to the Intelligence Division, though when necessary and if it serves their interests and investigations, SD sometimes steps in and participates in or takes over an investigation or counterintelligence operation.

Intelligence Division, or ID; The larger of the two divisions, and considerably larger than the Security Division. ID is responsible for intelligence gathering through legal as well as illicit means. Their methods are incredibly vast, and includes but are not limited to SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), ELINT (Electronic Signal Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence).

Each field agent has his own preferred methods of intelligence gathering. Some prefer to rely on assets, or spies, recruited by coercion or temptation. Some prefer to rely on technology gathered intelligence, such as signals or imagery intelligence. And some prefer a healthy mix between the two (or three!). Each Defiler agent knows what works best for him or her to acquire solid intelligence, and they have all perfected their methods through many years in the trade.

ID employs assets in almost every echelon of every government and private organization in the galaxy, ranging from civilians to high ranking members of armed forces. Each spy or asset, no matter how small their contribution of intelligence is, helps lay a puzzle that creates a larger picture, which analysts then alayze and convert into intelligence reports, which are given to the Grandee Lorda to act on as he sees fit.

ID is also responsible for counterintelligence within the own organization and by extension, the Cartel itself. On occasion, though the organization usually follows a strict rule of observation only, never operation, ID is forced to step out of its comfort zone and act with more extreme methods than common; this usually ever only happens when ID/IS (Intelligence Division/Internal Security) suspects that one of their own have been recruited by a foreign intelligence organization and is preparing to immediately release sensitive data or intelligence into their hands. In such cases, and only such cases, assassination is permitted.

The reason for the rule of non-intervention is to maintain the secrecy of the organization. To quote a former head of the organization;
"We watch, but we never touch. We listen, but we never speak. We advise, but we never offer solutions. We are the eyes and the ears of the Cartel. We are not its fists."

The Defilers recruit their agents from the rest of the Cartel, but with extreme care. The Defilers do not want the Cartel's strongest warriors or gladiators, nor its most ruthless thugs. Instead, when the Defilers are recruiting, they are looking for the Cartel's most cutting-edge technicians, its most talented conmen, and the sharpest of its businessmen. The Defilers does not want somebody who can defeat a hundred men with their fists. They want somebody who can defeat an army with their brain.

The Defilers have access to more technology than any other part of the Hutt Cartel. Some of the equipment they use is so cutting edge that it has never been seen before in the rest of the Cartel. Surveillance equipment, signal intelligence systems, stealth ship technology, and even experimental weaponry all have their place in the Defilers' storage units. However, a majority of their equipment is of a surveillance nature.

While a large focus is placed on HUMINT, the Defilers also see the need for cutting edge wire tapping technology, and as such has a multitude of high-tech, and low-tech choices for any situation and operational need that could possibly arise.