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Mar 12, 2015
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Character Name and Reputation Level: Talak Rand (Unknown, but planning to apply for rep increase very soon)

Character Rank: Legionnaire

Name (and link) of Plot: The Arcane (retroactive)

Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Talak Rand @Alais @Ryfybert Wylt @Duke Winters @Roland @Ender Halcyn

Intended Outcome of Plot: I'm hoping to have Talak be the first person on the site to learn how to use Sith Alchemy for future plot use.

Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? Not sure if it really counts as "PvP" but opposition appeared in "Trouble in the Streets" and "The Pit" (the pit was originally open, but was closed after a couple of people's worth of opposition entered).

Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable): N/A

Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): I am hoping that using the memory crystal and holocron, Talak can learn to use Sith Alchemy

Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Trouble in the Streets - Talak breaks into a Crimson Dawn office in order to find the location of an old Sith holocron. While in the office, he runs across a slicer, a bounty hunter, and a sector ranger. Making quick peace with the slicer, the two must evade the hunter and ranger in order to escape.
  • Criminal Ties - Having obtained the data on the holocron's location, Talak convinces the slicer to work with him to break into the location that it is being held. In exchange, he agrees to begin teaching her about the Force and potentially induct her into the Sith Eternal.
  • The Pit - Together, Alais and Talak travel to the slave fighting pits where the holocron is also being held. While there, they start a small slave rebellion (oops, but not really), recruit a sector ranger (who was there to hunt them) to help them free the slaves, and accidentally trigger a booby trap that kills Gurrba the Hutt (heh, oops again).
  • What Do They Eat When They Can't Get Hobbit? - Talak and Ender break into a palace on Nal Hutta after inciting a small stampede of swamp predators. They kill the Hutt in charge (this is becoming a theme, isn't it?) and steal the memory crystal stored in the vault

Honorable mention:
  • The Great Disease - Although this thread isn't technically part of the plot, the actions in these threads has had a fairly substantial impact on the direction of the site. Repercussions played out here.

Although only 4 threads, the threads are on the longer side, and I think this told a pretty cool, totally organic story that has clearly had wider impact on the site. Hopefully seems reasonable for the reward I'm after :)


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Mar 24, 2014
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Long live Talak Huttsbane, Slayer of the Fat Worm, Breaker of Chains, Scourge of the Swamp!

For exemplary performance in culling the numbers of the Hutt population by an alarming amount, as well as causing a bounty on anyone with a glowstick, I grant you one redeemable Holocron token for use at your nearest alchemical vendor.

Congrats, this seems a reasonable amount of work put in to learn Sith Alchemy. Use it to go kill Durr, or something.

Reviewed and Approved