Sector Ranger Thalia Windraider


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Jun 17, 2008
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Thalia Windraider
Rookie Cop

NAME: Thalia Windraider
AGE: 22

FACTION: Sector Ranger
RANK: Ranger

HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs


Thalia has always believed herself to be ambitious, yet impulsive, when she knows what she wants, she will seek all opportunities until she reaches her goal. In her determination, she is adaptable, moving with the flow of the worlds and people that surround her. Thalia is able to read and emphatically relate to those she comes across, giving her a charisma that many enjoy, but she also knows it is how she is able to get what she needs and even her wants through sheer will, luck, or even manipulation. Otherwise she remains quiet, a strategy that has kept her out of the sights of those who could do her harm. She has never seen it as malicious though, but as a form of survival that a majority in her position would have to endure and demonstrate if they wanted to survive. Her age and inexperience showed when she first earned her freedom as she was exposed to a greater galaxy.

Thinking life would be different once she left the Collective, her confidence was riddled with self-doubt as she continued to fight for her survival. Struggling to make ends meet on an idealistic dream while concealing the denial she felt of her true self, Thalia found a sense of belonging among the Sector Rangers


Thalia was born and raised in unusual circumstances that were meant to keep beings forever tied to repaying their debts. Her parents had struggled to pay back credits they owned and were forced to move to the space station, The Collective, where they would work for the rest of their lives in the mines. In this time, Thalia was born, but unable to care for their child, her parents did like most who lived at The Collective and sent their children to live with caregivers who were too old to work in the mines. From a young age, Thalia had captured the attention of a few with her imaginative tales of adventure, love and tragedy and became the favorite among many, including other younglings who lived in this community. This favoritism gave Thalia more permissions and leeway in what she could do around the station, taking advantage of the enormous structure which offered many opportunities for the girl to explore areas not seen by many.

As Thalia grew older, her dread to work in the mines increased, but her charm among some landed her an apprenticeship in repairing droids and mining equipment. This skill allowed her to pick up side jobs for passing pirates and smugglers, as well as others who lived in the station from fixing droids and finding unusual gifts. The odd jobs here and there gave her minimal credits, but she remained ambitious and determined to save enough to get herself a ship and her freedom. It seemed like an impossible task as more than one occasion she found herself robbed of credits, but her stories kept her hopeful. Many years passed and after selling all that she held valuable, Thalia managed to buy her freedom and leave The Collective. Within days of her freedom, Thalia suddenly found herself purposeless in the greater galaxy, her freedom, though now her own, seemed suddenly burdensome. Not everyone enjoyed her stories as they did on The Collective and not many vendors were as wiling to buy her finds from her explorations.

However, Thalia never lost her ambition as she decided to cross the galaxy in search for the greatest treasures.

Skills & Gear

Combat: After going through basic training for the Sector Rangers, Thalia has learned to disarm opponents and to counter in unarmed combat. Thalia is now also proficient in using weapons such as the blaster and vibroknife.

Engineer: Thalia has worked years as an apprentice under other engineers. Her skills can be applied to droids, ships, and equipment, however, seeing it as a way to buy herself freedom, Thalia loathes utilizing this skill for any other job and will only use this skill for specific circumstances.

Storyteller: Most of the stories come from the treasures and unusual objects she finds from The Collective and the rest of the galaxy. Some ideas are vivid, others are vague, requiring her to fill in the pieces, regardless, she enjoys sharing her stories with people she comes across.

Force: Strange quirks that Thalia quickly realized were more than coincidence, she begun to work with Jedi Knight Tionson to refine her abilities to serve as more purposeful and instead of impulsive reactions.

Languages: Basic, Huttese, & Bocce

Gear: Blaster, vibroblade, datapad, comm, badge & The Cheap Vo


Max Tionson: Both seeming to have a knack for trouble and mischief with the criminal underworld, Max was introduced to Thalia on the accord of a bad deal. However, it was Max's genuineness that seemed to conqueror any ill feelings she held toward the Jedi Knight. Max is aware of Thalia's fears of her Force sensitivity and has been working with her to learn to curve and reign in what seems to be unpredictable.

Nick Shaw: Thalia's inspiration to join the Sector Rangers, Nick was a first in demonstrating a fair deal. In exchange for help, he ensured Thalia received her piece of a reward and gratitude.

Byron Ryker: Jedi Crush.


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So, should she go to space jail now or later?