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The balance of the physical body and one's spiritual self was the cornerstone of Matukai philosophy. Originally, their robes and armor resembled that of the Jedi Order, although dark green and white were emphasized colors for the Matukai, as opposed to brown and white. Following the Twilight Schism, the Matukai instead chose platinum white as the dominant color of their attire, which was designed to ultimate help them achieve and maintain their balance.

The general tenets of the Matukai centered around one keeping their body clean and strong. Substance abuse was forbidden as self-destructive, as was excessive consumption of food or drink and laziness or lethargy. Instead, members were trained in purifying themselves through physical activity, focusing on the Force through exercise and ceremony. In addition, one of the most important tenants of the Matukai involved utter abstinence from any usage of the Dark Side. To promote these tenets among its members, some Matukai wore a meditation band as a deterrent from the Dark Side's influence. Tattooing Ashla runes were another common practice.

Matukai teachings also deeply emphasized one bearing a flexibility of spirit in the sense that one avoided becoming flustered or upset in order to maintain a relaxed state of serenity. The principle behind this teaching was to reinforce and maximize the body's ability to focus its balance with the Force with greater overall efficiency; a mind at peace achieved a greater harmony with the Force than a mind rife with discord. Meditation was the Matukai's most personal and common practice to achieve their strongest connection with the Force, and was arguably emphasized to an even greater degree than the Jedi Order. However, among the Matukai, meditation took an exclusively physical form. Sparring with martial arts, engaging in rigorous physical exercises, and demanding somatic rituals helped even Force-attuned Matukai in developing what might have been an inherently weak connection to the Force into something much more powerful.

Matukai training was largely informal compared to the Jedi or Sith, and Matukai instructors had significant leeway in deciding exactly how to proceed in training their apprentices. Nonetheless, Matukai Proselytes were subjected to some universally enforced requirements, such as frequently pushing the limits of their physical stamina, which was done in order to teach them to draw upon the Force to gain increased strength. However, during lessons and training sessions, there was never an over-emphasis on the physical body, as the Matukai strove to achieve the abstract balance between the physicality with spirituality, both as two sides of the same component related to the nature of the Force.

The Matukai also sought to not only master their own bodies, but also to test them against the universe around them. One frequent exercise for a Matukai Proselyte was to stand or sit perfectly still in one stance for hours or even days at a time. Often times, these exercises were accompanied by taking place in harsh weather conditions or with added physical strain, such as weights, in hopes of allowing the Force to flow through them, and in the process enhance and deepen their connection. The Matukai were one of the most famous Force orders of the galaxy for this very reason, and many that discovered that they were "not Force-sensitive enough" to become Jedi often sought out the Matukai to help them in developing an otherwise negligible connection to the Force.

As a result, the nomadic Matukai were frequently attracted to worlds with very harsh conditions, such as stronger-than-normal gravity, arid or desert planets, frigid and arctic worlds, and even planets with semi-toxic atmospheres. Consequently, fully fledged Matukai that mastered using the Force to endure were often in extraordinarily―almost supernaturally―pristine health. Their rigorous training and their newly enhanced connection to the Force also resulted in most Matukai possessing particularly strong life forces, granting them exceptional longevity. Upon completion of their training, most Matukai received the order's distinctive tattoo, often on their foreheads, along the sides of their faces near the eyes, or elsewhere on their bodies.

Code of the Matukai

Restrict the Wandering Eye; Such breeds the Shadow of Avarice

Restrict the False Tongue; Such breeds the Shadow of Deception

Restrict the Indolent Heart; Such breeds the Shadow of Lethargy

Restrict the Roving Feet; Such breeds the Shadow of Effrontery

Restrict the Ravenous Mind; Such breeds the Shadow of Vitiate

Restrict the Lustful Flesh; Such breeds the Shadow of Debauchery

Restrict the Errant Spirit; Such breeds the Shadow of Damnation

Only those Forged in Light can stand against the Sea of Darkness
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