Templar Guardians

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Apr 28, 2015
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Devout warriors of the Light, protectors of the Pantheon and experts of nearly any weapon one could conceive of as well as of their own bodies, the Templar Guardians were the formal guardsmen of the Pantheon. The Templar Guardians acted as the protectors of the young Proselytes, due to the nomadic tendencies of the Matukai Elders. In addition, the Templar Guardians also acted as guardsmen of the Hall of Elders, ensuring no non-Matukai, including Disciples, were permitted access. The Templar Guardians also guarded the access lift to the Conclave Tower, and effectively functioned in that capacity as the personal bodyguards of the Matukai Elders, in the event that they all convened together.

The Templar Guardians also acted as guards for the Vault of Creation, ensuring none but the Dawnwrights and Matukai Elders had access to the most powerful Light-infused weapons utilized by the Matukai. Clad in golden-scaled armor, as opposed to the more mainstream and traditional platinum-white, the Templar Guardians were nonetheless fully-trained Matukai, usually Savants, that were armed and armored in some of the highest quality equipment that the Matukai had created.

Armed with ceremonially designed wan-shens, gorgeously-sculpted body armor and waist-held swords acting as their secondary weapons, the Templar Guardians were a stalwart force against any who threatened the safety or sanctity of the Matukai Pantheon. Unlike the vast majority of the auxiliary Matukai professions, the Templar Guardians, obviously, were neither nomadic nor left the Pantheon at all. It would be only on extremely rare occasions that a Templar Guardian would even leave the region of the Black Mountain, although under special circumstances, some Templar Guardians have been seen as far out as the Matukai Monastery, located at the base of the Tears of Vashti, in the region of the Treysan Tundra.
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