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Teleportation was the ability to instantaneously move from one location to another by twisting the Force into dark magicks and then using that to bridge the space and time between two locations. It is easily distinguished by the smoke-like shadows of green or black ichor that one conjures up and surrounds themselves and the body seeming to fade into this smoke. The amount of stamina required by this ability is dependent on the distance traveled.

To a user watching someone teleport, it takes approximately 3 seconds for the body to fully dissolve and during this same time the being will begin to appear in the new location in a cloud of smoke. During this period, any distraction will result in concentration being broken and the user left in their original position. Likewise, if the area being teleported to is attacked or obstructed, it will prevent the translocation from being successful, and the user will be left, uninjured, at the previous location.

Short distances (defined as moving a few meters in any direction) require the least amount of stamina and can be performed a multitude of times, depending on the skill of the user, before exhaustion occurs. Such uses are typically made as entrances or exits, either for dramatic effect or to inspire awe and mysticism in those who witness it.

To move greater distances—up to several hundred meters—requires greater concentration and stamina. The user must be able to envision the room or area that they intend to travel to and hold the image in their head as they teleport.

It was originally practiced primarily by the Nightsisters of Dathomir, but in the ancient days of the Sith Order, it was learned by a few Sith Lords including Darth Kravos. As such, its secrets can be found in some ancient Sith tomes, but it still remains a mystery to most. Due to its invention and perpetuations by darksiders, this ability is generally associated with those of the darkness. However, Force manifestations of the Light have been known to use this ability, which leads some to speculate that a variant of it could be used by a lightsider. As of yet, no Jedi has ever done so.

While use in combat isn't expressly forbidden, it is discouraged due to its general ineffectiveness.

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