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Apr 24, 2016
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Every member of the Tekkar family has their own customized armor that suits their needs and personality. Mozu requested his be as maneuverable as possible to help him keep a low profile and allow some fancier martial arts and acrobatics. This required few actual hard points on the armor but the armorers decided that his head, lower legs, and lower arms where the most important points to protect. These area's are made of a layer of duraplast overlaid with a light coating of titanium to provide the maximum damage absorption while keeping the armor light.

Outside of armor almost all the Tekkar family used Scatterweave in their sneaking suits, but Mozu wanted vision modes for low light work and a filter just in case things get too hairy.


Generally speaking yes. Only the most heavily policed systems would really give a second look at this suit.


Just to have a customized stealthy armor for my sneaky boy, Mozu.

Type and Coverage

Type: Light

Coverage: (Coverage regions for Light armor is 1-3 regions, Medium is 4-5, Heavy is 6-7)

  • Head: Full coverage helmet.
  • Lower Arms: Armored bracers and gloves over forearms, wrists, and hands.
  • Lower Legs: Armored boots over knees, shins, and feet.


Function 1: Scatterweave

  • An incredibly rare and expensive material. Scatterweave is a coating that reflects very little light, making it extremely useful for sneaking at night. It also "scatters" the wearer's heat signature, making it difficult for automated sensor systems or thermal visors to get a precise fix on the wearer's location without intense scans.
Function 2: Vision Modes

  • This Allows a Helmet HUD to cycle to low-light OR thermal vision modes.
Function 3: Filter

  • Filters are bulky attachments to a helmet, or function as part of a mask, that filter out environmental contaminants such as smoke or most toxins. They are susceptible to caustic substances and damage.