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Tech-Head's Digest
Issue #9: The Force Eternal
By: Darasuum

  • Please make sure you have read the The Technology Rules and the Generic Technology Rules.
  • Restricted Tech (R), is marked as such. However, many unmarked pieces of tech may carry limitations on their usage. Consult a Tech Team member if you're unsure or ask a fellow member for clarification.
  • If you want to use a piece of tech, please read that tech’s writeup. Do not rely on my summaries, they are non-descriptive.
  • Technology listed below is subject to change, if something is archived or removed it may take time to move off the digest. Just because it is listed here does not mean it still is fair game to use.


Light Armor

Blast Vest - Very common and simple body armor
Flight Suit - Light armor for pilots and spacer's alike
Medium Armor

Medium Mandalorian Armor - A.K.A. Beskar'gam, the typical mandalorian outfit and not uncommon among hunters.
Heavy Armor

Henchman armor - The people that wear this intimidating armor will likely break your knee caps
Trooper Armor - A catchall term ranging from phase I clone armor to the red Sith Trooper armor
Special Armor


Armor Functions

Functions created at the start of the TL can be found here.

Personal cloaking device - Makes the wearer completely camouflaged at a distance with various drawbacks.


Astro & Pilot Droids

4UM series Pilot Droid - Standard yet odd looking droid on par with organic pilots in safe and dangerous space
BG series astromech - A common 'floating ball' style astromech that has replaced the R series
NM series astromech - A hybrid model somewhere between the R and B series.
R1 series astromech - A long time running though no longer produced classic model
R2 series astromech - What we think when you hear "astromech droid"
R3 series astromech - Superior to the R2 series a little bit in every way
R4 series agromech - As its name implies it is the terrestrial equivalent of its astral counterparts
R5 series astromech - The floop of the R series with an fewer tools and parts from the R4 series used.
R6 series astromech - A return to what works, the R6 series is most similar to R2 with a little newer polish on it
R7 series astromech - Secretly developed to be used specifically for the E wing
QC Series Astromech - A weird looking bargain basement astromech
ZDT-220 "benchmark" - An astrogation droid designed to compete with other astromechs

Combat Droids

B1 battle droid - Originally not autonamous but now these droids are easily recognized by most of the galaxy
(R) B2 super battle droid - a substantial step up from the B1
(R) BX commando droid - Used a special forces model by the CIS back in the day these are a rare sight in present day society
(R) Droideka - Also known as 'destroyers' even to this day and for good reason
(R) IG-89 bounty droid - A more effective and loyal IG unit
(R) IG-LN - - Outdated lancer style IG droid for speeder bike cavalry.
(R) TC-SC Infiltration droid - A very rare and new model droid with disguising technology
YD Series security droid - a well rounded droid originally designed for warfare
Viper class probe droid - Scout like probe droid common for military groups

Utility & Labor Droids

2-1B surgical droid - common and polite surgeon droid
4EY series Scout Droid - Compact bipedal symbiotic scout droid
(R) BD unit - A small bipedal scout droid that did not get a lot of interest when originally produced
BSW-97 Salvage drone - Scrap and salvage collection droid often paired with salvage ships.
EK4 "Stevedore" - A common long armed labor droid
FX series assistant droid - usually a medical assitant aka 'fix it' droid
GNK series Power Droid - "Gonk!" says the walking fusion furnace
ID-21 "Seeker" droid - small scout like droid with possible modifications
Marksman H Training Remote - Small training drone that farm boys hate to swing at
MSE series Maintenance Droid - Aka "Mouse Droids", skittish but still somewhat useful for larger ships
P-0TC Surveillance Drone - Floating droid eye the size of a ball and capable of tracking targets
Vanguard class probe - Sophisticated scientific and military recon capable droid
WED Treadwell Repair Droid - Fragile but capable of repairing plenty, including itself
ZDT-260 "Drafter" - an engineering droid

Protocol Droids

3PO series - A long time running and belovedly versatile model protocol droid
H7D Series - Common and polite protocol droid
Droid Upgrades

Shock Arm - A built in aftermarket taser modification
Torture package - A nefarious upgrade to be sure



1DM Turbo Crawler - A tractor that is also actually a tank deep down
CC3 Avian Airspeeder - Better than a normal landspeeder because this one can fly
BV-448 Cyclone - a Blackwell utility vehicle that seats five
GV-100 Groundcar - four wheeled mode of transport that is seldom seen compared to speeders
K-4 Meteor IV Airspeeder - Super fast high performance air speeder
M-68 - An easily modified and popular open topped landspeeder design
ST-434 landspeeder - A two person sport repulsor craft
TN-K speeder truck - A small-ish open topped speeder truck able to carry a single standard ton
TN-Y speeder truck - A larger version of the TN-K able to haul ten standard tons
XP-38 landspeeder - A slightly less maneuverable yet faster hard topped vehicle
Swoop & Speeder Bikes

44-C Flithauler - A jumpspeeder meant for carrying some extra cargo
614-AVA - Combat jump speeder with two light blaster cannons
74-Y - The civilian issue of the 74-Z speeder bike
74-Z - A common scout speeder with light blaster cannon
Skyblade-330 - A swoop bike popular with outlaws
T-85 Joben - A utilitarian civilian speeder bike
TR-440 - A bike but with a high speed tread system instead of repulsors
Undicur class jumpspeeder - A compact and boxy vehicle that can easily be stowed on starships
W7P Wingracer - A single passanger swoop with great range
W9P Sailfish - An unusually aerodynamic with a smaller engine that still performs well

Military & Walkers

(R) AT-AT Walker - The infamous quadruped war machines used by the late Galactic Empire
(R) AT-ST Walker - Also known as the "chicken walker" it is still nothing to scoff at
Columi Combat Walker Platform - Exclusively built for the diminutive Columi
F1K Ringspeeder - Fighter craft specific for atmospheric combat
FB-997 Persuit Speeder - Mainly for law enforcement, it can also double as a light attack speeder
N-47 Personnel Speeder - Armed and armored combat speeder
(R) T-87 Attack Speeder - The successor to the T-47
TAM-6 Anti-Aerospace Crawler - Relatively common and cheap anti-aerospace vehicle though with limited standalone capabilities
Technical - Often used by militias or mercenaries the vehicle is armed with a medium blaster cannon


Space Stations

(R) 500 series platform - "Cozy" and common space station design
Starfighters, Interceptors, Snubfighters & Bombers

A/SF-01 "B-wing" Heavy Starfighter - Heavily armed and still nothing to scoff at even by today's standards
ATL Defender starfighter - An interceptor meant for point defense in the early years of the New Republic
Cloakshape starfighter - An old design but these days no two CloakShapes are alike
Dagger class starfighter - the precursor to the TIE/LN and its appearance not unlike the Tie Defender
E-7 "E-wing" - As a snubfighter designed for escorting other ships with both new and old models available
FP series ML.VI - aka "Hawkbat" starfighterthat boasts numerous weapons and great performance
I-7 "Howlrunner" starfighter - One of the last additions to the Galactic Empire's military before its demise
Pinook Armed Starhopper - Considered an 'ultra-light starfighter' it first grew in popularity thanks to it being very easy to get a license for
Preybird class starfighter - A heavy starfighter design with it's own refresher and micro-galley along with other small amenities
R-41 Starchaser - Clone Wars era starfighter with anti-droid starfighter focus
(R) RZ-1 Interceptor - Also known as an "A-wing" it is an amazing starfighter
(R) RZ-2 Interceptor - The successor to the RZ-1 and also an "A-wing" design
SX-18 Salamander - A snubfighter with a seat for a passenger
T-65B "X-wing" - Even the older models of the famous "x-wing" are still exceptional starfighters
T-65PT "X-wing" - Designed with a spot for a single prisoner and in turn favored by bounty hunters
T-70 "X-wing" - Better preformance than its predecessors with an anti-personnel blaster too
T-70T "X-wing" trainer - Still capable of combat but meant primarily by budding starfigher pilots or law enforcement
(R) T-90 "X-wing - The most expensive "jack of all trades" starfighter with torpedoes instead of missiles
TI-3A starfighter - a.k.a. the "D-wing" is a notable design in starfighter history
TIE/D "Defender" - A bomber and starfighter hybrid with a three wing design
TIE/EL "Elder" Starfighter - An uncommon multi-role starfighter for the pilot-mercenary
(R) TIE/FO "First Order" Starfighter - Lacking hyperdrive and shields just like its predecessor it is still capable of high performance
TIE/HU "Hunter" starfighter - Bearing an S foil characteristic, the hunter design is a more sophisticated version of the Elder design.
TIE/IN "Interceptor" Starfighter - 6 medium laser canons, speed and maneuverability is all you need if you're a real ace
TIE/LN "Line" Starfighter - Mass produced and bare bones in terms of starfighters
TIE/RG "Ranger" Starfiighter - Longer range capabilities with a shield and hyperdrive
(R) TIE/SF "Special Forces" Starfighter - A little bit of everything it is one of the best well rounded starfighter designs
Toscan 8-Q - A common starfighter though considered unrefined despite still being useful
TYE starfighter - A.K.A. "Uglies" are scrapped together with duct tape and bubblegum
V-21 "T-wing" Interceptor - A clone wars era starfighter that uses S foil design
Z-95 "Headhunter" Starfighter - The snubfighter that is the precursor to the famous X-wing with its own ion cannon
Z-95MK1 "Headhunter" Starfighter - Capable of better performance in atmosphere than most other starfighters

BTL-A4 "Y-wing" starbomber - Going as far back as the clone wars, this starbomber will give old imperial capital ships a run for their money
TIE/SA "Tie Bomber" Starbomber - On the faster side of bombers, it is a simple vehicle for destruction
Pinnaces, Patrol Craft, Gunboats & Dropships

Blackfin class Blastboat - Seinar can make attack craft that aren't TIE variants and this one is deadly in all the best ways
BNG Patrol/Recon ship - A design of the Y-wing meant for scouting though technically a gunship
Firespray-31 - Both usable as a patrol and attack craft though it is known for being a high maintenance vessel
GAT-12 Skipray - A heavy attack craft that was one of the smallest designs the Empire first utilized
SS-54 light assault ship - An attempt by Botajef to move more into the military market popular with bounty hunters

Shuttles, Yachts, Couriers & Freighters

JS-77B - A rectangular shuttle for those planning on traveling between the stars though it lacks a navicomputer
LB-700 Passenger - Basically it's a space bus
Mneffe-Class Superluminal Shuttle - Older design though still used frequently for VIP transport and short haul trips
(F) (R) - SCS-20 Sojourn - A sophisticated and triangular shuttle for only the Jedi Order
Sheatheipede class transport shuttle - A clone wars era shuttle used by the CIS
T-4A Lambda class Shuttle - Military based shuttle used by the empire for a long time
TUG-B13 - aka"Quadrijet"is a transfer spacetug able to pull 500 tons externally
Xi-class shuttle - Used primarily by the First Order to ferry crew between vessels

3-Z Light Freighter - A reverse engineered design but capable of competing against modern rival designs
5-555 "Quad Five" Express Courier - Lacking any weaponry this ship relies on faster than starfighter speeds and an amazing hyperdrive
578-R - An older design that was known for having numerous safety flaws that resulted in recalls
5-T Medium Freighter - While it's a medium freighter it can pull some major cargo and has even more impressive weapons for a freighter
Barloz class freighter - Less modular than th YT series but still an easily modifiable light freighter
BD-510 Stargale Light Courier - Blackwell made star skiff prioritizing less cargo for faster and more reliable delivery of cargo
(R) BFF-1 Bulk Freighter - Very slow but capable of carrying four Class-A cargo containers externally
Class 720 light freighter - aka "Ghtroc 720" is an antiquated century old design
Frommon Versatile Transport - Abnormal compared to most ships, its unique design and capabilities does have its appeal
(R) Gozanti class Armed Freighter - Versatile as it is dangerous, this ship can even carry ships and/or cargo on its outside
Gymsnor-3 - A short haul light freighter that unsuccessfully tried to compete with the popular CEC models
(R) IFST-17 light courier - A very fast skiff that isn't easy (or safe) to upgrade with aftermarket mods
IFST-21 Light Freighter - Capable of hauling more than what one would expect for a ship of its speed and size
(R) IT-6 Drone Shepherd - A simple drone control ship made by Transport Automation Unlimited
IV-9 RangeMaster - A multipurpose and versatile exploratory scout ship
J-type Diplomatic Barge - Chromium plated and all, it's the ideal nubian vessel
Kzaellis class light freighter - Elegant and also considered an antique
KS-9910 Kathol Light Courier - High speed, weapons, shields and a hyperdrive to boot, this light freighter has it all
LT-12 Salvage Freighter - Combo between salvage ship and tug
Luxury-3000 Space Yacht - A stylish and well crafted vessel for those with which the means to acquire it
Rambler class Freighter - It's more of a frontier transport ship than a freighter
Starlight class light freighter - An odd singular wing looking transport
Starrunner class transport - A well armed light freighter, popularly used for its numerous external hardpoints
Wayfarer class medium transport - A unique but still effective transport that is essentially two separate parts with a cargo pod
WTK-85A - An interstellar transport with multiple canons is considered fast compared to other light freighters
Vaya class scout ship - Considered ancient, that are tough, reliable, and good for exploration
VCX-350 - A popular light freighter for long hauls
VCX-820 Escort Freighter - Designed with the intent of use by military groups it barely counts as a freighter due to its characteristics
YKL-37R Nova Courier - A well armed light freighter popular with thieves, pirates and other criminals these days
YT-1000 - Archaic but well rounded in all areas
YT-1200 - Over 200 years old and still in use a fair amount
YT-1300 - Considered an antique, there's plenty still flying among the stars for a reason
YT-1930 - Often unrecognized these days it can still boast twice the carrying capacity of of the standard light frieghter
YT-2000 - Slightly more heavily armed than other YT series freighters
YT-2400 - Not as famous as its cousin it can still surpass most standard light freighter
YV-545 - A slightly more sophisticated model than the standard the 1300 has set
YV-560 - Popular with explorers and hyperlane cartographers the sensors can map an entire planet after a few orbital rotations

(R) Itinerant class Freighter - The link between light and medium frieghters

(R) Action VI Transport - Bulk freighter that is unarmed and slow but capable of carrying immense amounts of cargo
(R) GR-75 Medium Transport[/URL] - Bulk freighter commonly seen these days in use by official companies rather than rebels
(R) TVT Passenger class Starliner - A space ship with the same quality experience as modern day airlines
Corvettes, Frigates & Cruisers

(R) B-1A2 Bolo class Corvette - Small in terms of capital warships it is meant for planetary defense, especially independent systems
(R) CR90 Corvette - A fairly common sight for decades, it is not a big as some ships but is a well rounded vessel for its class
(R) Corellian Charger c70 Cruiser - Retrofitted from the old consular class design it now is a viable cruise ship
(R) Fremen class Frigate - A simple and straight forward ship as far as frigates go

(R) Berex class Carrier - A heavy duty carrier for all your starfighter, troop holding and military transporting needs
(R) Dreadnaught class Cruiser - No longer THE most powerful warship in the galaxy it still is one of the stalwart cruisers to ply the void
(R) EF76 Nebuklon-B Frigate
(R) Gladiator class Star Destroyer - There's a reason people get worried when they see one of these in person
(R) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer - The versatile and original design of the Imperial line of star destroyers
(R) Imperial II class Star Destroyer - The iconic go to visage of a true 'star destroyer'
(R) Interdictor class Star Destroyer - Capital ship capable of interfering with the hyperspace travel of other vessels
(R) MC80- Star Cruiser - A heavy passenger liner originally but has since been converted into a fearsome warship
(R) MC80a Star Cruiser - A more specific design of its main design primarily used by the the Rebellion back in the day
(R) Q-300 Robarge class Automatic Freighter - A capable freighter that can fly itself
(R) Quasar Fire Cruiser/Carrier - A 'bulk freighter' also known as 'light carrier' with a history of structural issues
(R) Secutor class Star Destroyer - So massive and rare, there are probably only 2 in existence currently
(R) Victory class Star Destroyer - A heavy cruiser design only slightly more common than its Imperial brethren

Ship Upgrades

Sublight Engines

Fusial Afterburner - Gives your ship a temporary boost of +20 MGLT for whatever tight spot you might be in
Military grade maneuvering jets - Increases the mobility of most ships smaller than capital craft
Thrust De-limiter - Jail-break your ship for an extra +10 MGLT though you voided the warranty
Storage Capacity

Class-A Cargo Container - A ubiquitous type of freight container with a large capacity

Aftermarket Hyperdrive System - For ships without hyperdrives or looking for a backup
Aftermarket Navicomputer System - For people that want some redundancy or for those with aftermarket hyperdrives
Hyperdrive De-Limiter - Improves a hyperdrive by 1

Aftermarket Deflector Screens - In case you picked a ship that is squishy here is a shield to compensate
General Upgrades & Ship Equipment

Astromech Socket - A nice seat for your droid companion in your starship
Yellow Box - A heavy but often lifesaving starship repair kit

*see technology section for other tools


Ion Cannon Upgrade - Swaps out an existing laser cannon upgrade with an aftermarket Ion cannon.
Laser Cannon Upgrade - Improves two laser cannons on a starship by one level up to the heavy rating
Quad Medium Laser Turret - Additional firepower for any freighters that might want it


Drugs, Poisons & Consumables

(R) Lecepanine Paralysis Poison -
(R) Ro-Hypa Poison - A treatable but still very dangerous poison used by assassins
Stuka Cheskar Antidote - Capable of stopping all ill affects of poisons and other consumables
Gadgets & Tools

DTX-1977 Informaster Datapad - A tablet like device that all the kids these days have their eyes glued to
Personal Translator Mask - Often lacking inflection it is a simple mask that translates a dedicated language
Personav - A hand held space GPS
Security Spike - A cheap and available slicer's tool
SB-17 Combat Fusioncutter - An ultrasonic generator and fusion cutter combined can be a melee weapon
StarX Welding Putty - A moldable thermal substance used for primarily cutting or sealing hulls of ships
TDS-4400 Portable Computer - Used mostly by business men as a 'suitcase computer' or by slicers that like its mobility features
Cybernetics & Body Mods




BD-1/BD-2 Electrostaff - stun batons in the form of staves some differing characteristics per model
Bilari Electro-chain whip - The best of both sword and whip worlds
Matukai Gauntlets - Weaponized gloves that don't work in tandem with hand armor or held weapons but perfect for a space monk
Stun Baton - A common non-lethal weapon that can still be used as a club when out of power
Vibroblade - A blade that can defend against lightsabers but can rend and tear well enough on its own

Light Damage:
ODS Mauler - Inferior to most common day blasters though it is still pretty good for a slug thrower

Medium Damage:
Blurgg-1120 - A hold out blaster pistol for the sneaky kind
DE-10 - Variable zoom and blue bolts for a dedicated gunslinger
DC-17 hand blaster - Originating back in the clone wars these have since joined the public market
DG-39 heavy blaster pistol - another "heavy" blaster pistol with a stylish design
DL-18 blaster pistol - A widely distributed sidearm with a large ammo capacity
DL-44 heavy blaster pistol - The broom-handled blaster design that is named 'heavy' for weight and bulk, not damage
GLIE-44 blaster pistol - Ryloth based origins with good accuracy and range for a pistol
Power 5 blaster pistol - A knockoff version of the DL-44 but still useful and well rounded
Westar-35 - A common sight for an uncommon warrior these days, the pistol fires blue or yellow bolts too

Heavy Damage:
ATC pulse wave pistol - Outdate technology but still packs a punch
DG.7 Blaster pistol - A serious piece of durasteel to have on your hip
DT-29 - A heavy blaster that people tend to flaunt if they can get their hands on one
R-799 micro missile gun - Fires miniature missiles with shaped charges on their tips from a bygone era
RSKF-44 - Able to pack a punch with two blaster barrels
Westar-55 - A new addition to the westar line of blaster pistols

Special Damage:
S-40 stun pistol - Only does medium stun damage but has top level accuracy and has a lot of capacity


Light Damage:
V-4N4 "Foesweeper" scatterblaster - Able to reach ten meters with a one meter wide 'fan' even a terrible shot might hit something

Medium Damage:

A180 Modular Blaster - Configurable and subsequently versatile for any situation
A280 blaster rifle - The common rebel blaster rifle back in the day
A280C blaster rifle - Updated version and widely used blaster rifle
A310 - A highly adjustable blaster file made by BlasTech
E-11 blaster rifle - The main weapon of stormtroopers now available to nearly everyone these days
E-11d - A higher standard blaster rifle meant to make up for its predecessor's shortcomings
EE-3 blaster carbine - A common primary weapon for mercenaries and bounty hunters to this day
Plasma Bow - An elegant weapon for a more witchy time

Heavy Damage:
ATD pulse wave rifle - A strange looking and old design that hits hard
BM-664 Blaster rifle - A dangerous weapon created by Blackwell Independent Technologies
Bowcaster - The iconic weapon of the wookiees

Special Damage:


Light Damage:
Cycler Rifle - A slug thrower weapon that is more common in the outer rim

Medium Damage:
DLT-20A longblaster - Exceptional range and accuracy along with a decent ammunition capacity

Heavy Damage:
E-11s Sniper Rilfe - An elongated and powerful version of the E-11 that is prone to overheating


Light Damage:
(R) Z-6 Rotary Blaster - The circular alternation between separate barrels allow the repeater to let out a stream of blaster bolts

Launchers & Projectors

BM-3KF portable flame projector - As its name implies, it is a medium sized flame thrower

Attachments & Accessories

Ascension Gun Attachment - Essentially a built in grappling hook for blasters
Magnetic Accelerator - Increases the speed at which bolts travel in exchange for recoil and rate of fire

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Let it be known that I've finally updated the list above. Should be all up to date. If anyone sees any inaccuracies feel free to let me know.


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@Darasuum under the "starfighters" section, the links for the E-wing and Hawkbat are a bit broken. Same with the IV-9 and J-type under "shuttles".