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Alyse TiVarnus

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Jan 5, 2020
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Several days had since passed since she had departed from the Sith Stronghold hidden away in the depths of the Unknown regions, after spending several weeks within the towering fortress, researching and pouring over the fractured collections that were contained within the archives - something had caught the young Guardians interest and attention. The Blonde haired Sith had overheard a conversation between another blonde haired female who at the time seemed rather unimpressed with the limited knowledge that the serfs had to hand. It was the mention of the more archaic aspects of the darkside that had peaked her interest, mostly as by coincidence it was something that she herself had made the journey to the stronghold to trawl through the tomes in search of the Dathomiri Witch's magics.

Which had brought brought not only herself but the other Guardian, Alyn to the crimson world of Dathomir - with both over a bottle of wine or two discussing their respective activities and research, finding themselves that whilst the stronghold was lacking the information they sought, they would be best taking the approach, if you want something done right, do it yourself! Opting to partner up in a joint venture to learn the mysteries of the Night sister's Magics for their own respective goals, for Alyse it was furthering her understanding of the Force, for Aylm that was unknown, she did seem unwilling at that point in time to divulge - then again it might of been the inebriation from the wine that turned the conversation away from academic matters.

Walking along the endless path through the thick undergrowth of one of the many forests of Dathomir, the two females made their way towards the ruins of a night sister settlement. The younger of the two blondes leading the way having not long traversed the path whilst assisting with securing and clearing out the area so that the Sith Order could establish a small outpost. Cautiously stopping at the sound of distant rusting or the faintest ripple in the Force, knowing that whilst the cave complex that was home to a Nydak brood was well and truly cleared out, it was inevitable that more would soon find their way into claiming the territory for themselves.

Coming to a halt, Alyse crouched down and narrowed her eyes as her gaze followed the the series of Darkened footprints, left among the muddied crimson earth. The blonde haired Sith internally grimacing at the familiarity of the Nydak tracks that had been left, they were fresh with the small channels of water running into the imprints that had been made. What did raise an inquisitive eyebrow was the set of boot prints that at points could be made out amongst the tracks left by the Nydak, it was clear that both had passed through this undergrowth within the recent past few days, but it was not clear which set followed which.

Turning her gaze over towards Alym, as she rose up from her crouched state. "Well the Nydaks are back, but I don't think we're alone either" Alyse spoke out, whilst subconsciously reaching for her lightsaber hanging at her waist - something of a all to common reaction these days, after for so long having either kept her weapon concealed or simply not even carrying the thing, she found herself often double checking to make sure that was carrying it with her.

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