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Apr 18, 2015
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Petar Anjiliac's Palace on Nal Hutta
[ooc: thread for the Cartel Mission on stealing from a Hutt. Participants are @Prudish, @Kuro Claros and myself with possible intervention from FL @Nor'baal ]
Strangely enough the Hutt Lorda who garnered all his wealth in the spice trade was too boring to allow parties to be thrown in his palace. That was probably the main reason why Davik had decided he wanted to stop living there like some prisoner and leave the entire Hutt Cartel behind. He had fooled them before by making everyone believe he was a bounty bunter instead of a security officer for Aegis Security and he'd fool them again. It would be much easier now that he would be departing with the Lorda's many billions in credits and valuable trinkets, the latter having increased in number lately due to the Hutt's new hobby: piracy.

Having already chosen his team of accomplices, two lowly prospects that owed the Hutts nothing and were complete unknowns for the higher ranks within the cartel, Davik had arranged for Petar to meet with a group of pirate captains to discuss their future with the cartel. Originally he had meant for Petar to go much further to Ryloth, but the Hutt could not be swayed and Davik had to settle for a much smaller timefrime of one single night. Petar had agreed, upon Davik's insistence, that a shuttle flight back to the palace would be too inconvenient and tiresome after the meeting with the pirates and had conceded to spend the night in a luxury suite at the Calrissian. An extra large security detail would also accompany him to this meeting, as pirates generally have a bad reputation when the subject concerns handing over part of their loot to the cartel. Davik had feigned the inability to outsource this extra security, claiming that his Gamorrean friends were on holiday to Tatooine to hunt for Krayt dragons, and had selected loyal sentient guards from the palace to escort the Lorda.

Within ten minutes after Petar had left with his security detail, the droids were called back for maintenance and subsequently powered down, allowing Quin and Kuro to land their ship at the palace's docking bay without any intereference or being spot by suspicious guards.

Emptying those vaults would be a walk in the park, Davik just knew it, so instead of hurrying over to the docking bay himself he had his two slaves (whom the men were familiar with) wait for them.


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Jan 29, 2013
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Quinn sat nervously in the co-pilots seat of the freighter they piloted. He glanced over to Kuro "Are you certain you're taking the appropriate flight vector? If we kark this up then the security detail will notice and shoot us down... How do we know Lorso was successful? Perhaps there are a hundred Gamoreans waiting for us on the ground."

He was rather uncomfortable with other people flying, especially in high risk situations. He leaned back and gripped the armrests nervously.