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Sirrah Almach was born on the planet of Dathomir, to a small clan of witches that made their home in the savannas. These Dathomiri were unlike their sisters in the fact that they pursued one thing above all: knowledge and understanding of their magic. It was their one true calling and superseded all things, including any quarrels to be had among their fellow witches. They accepted the cast offs from all Dathomiri clans, so long as they had something to offer in regards to understanding the mystic forces that compelled them all.

Sirrah was raised among books, handwritten with great care, and stories told with a reverence usually only shown to the divine. Their life was surrounded by and dedicated to magic and its study, and it was apparent from a young age that Sirrah had an aptitude for it. The young with had a mind for theory and history, absorbing the words shown or spoken to them like a sponge. More than this, they were also skilled in the practice of such magics. In truth, they were something of a prodigy among the younglings of their clan.

But unfortunately with knowledge comes power, and power is coveted or feared. The clan in the savanna didn't discriminate between the "light" and "dark" magics of their world, like other clans, which was only further cause for scrutiny in the eyes of the larger clans. Sirrah's life was dedicated to study and perfection of their craft, so it was only natural that they had no idea the struggles or battles their people were facing outside.

But one day, those battles sent their world crashing down. They watched as their clan was slaughtered mercilessly, all the knowledge they had amassed stolen or burned in droves. They had no idea what to do, they'd never experienced true battle before, just heard of it in stories or read them in books. Their body was telling them to do something, anything, so they did. They grabbed the nearest tome, a book of spell theory written by their own mother, and ran.

Sirrah ran into the wilds of Dathomir, desperate to escape the wrath of the enemy witches. Though anyone who knows Dathomir can attest that it is not a forgiving planet, even less so for the young and defenseless. Luckily, Sirrah wasn't completely defenseless. They put their mastery of magic into practical use, to survive. And it worked, for weeks that felt like decades they survived by hunting and killing creatures they could while keeping on the watch for those they couldn't.

Sirrah was discovered by a Nightsister, and they thought that would be their end, that they would die. But the woman simply looked them in the eyes for a long moment, silent and imperious. Then the woman waved her hand and consciousness slipped away from Sirrah. When they woke, they were on a strange ship and far from their home. They found the woman was of the Sith, and they had been conscripted as her apprentice.

The woman, Xiu'Mei, had looked into their mind and seen everything they had persevered recently, and all their amassed knowledge. Through all of this, she deemed them the ideal candidate for apprenticeship. The training the Sith employed was harsh, but not dissimilar to what they had experienced fending for themselves on Dathomir. As they trained, they fell out of touch more and more with who they had been before the massacre, so they stopped answering to the name of their birth.

Years passed as they trained, nameless but determined. The Sith had a host of knowledge at their disposal, and all the means to gain more. They could continue the mission of their clan, and they would. They embroiled themselves in the Dark Side and committed themselves to the message of the Sith fully. By the time they attained the title Guardian, they had found a new name to go with their calling: Siral. A vessel of the Dark and a member of the Sith Eternal
Siral is rather aloof and pompous, believing themselves to be better than most. Then again, it can be argued that it is earned through their mastery of magic and the Force. It was a blessing to bare the Force, but to also have such talent did stand out. They are one of the few, and they know that very well indeed. Due to this, they are fairly straightforward. They don’t lie much, making them dreadfully honest even when the situation might not call for it. In their mind, lying and deception is a skill that requires a level of effort many individuals just don’t warrant. Unless the situation is important and calls for them to lie for success, they simply can’t be bothered to.

Siral is more than a bit prejudiced towards anyone that isn’t Force Sensitive. To them, only those who can feel and use the Force are of any consequence, they are the ones who shape and lead galaxies while everyone simply follows. Within this, Sith reign supreme while Jedi are annoying nuisances at best and a blight to be eradicated at worst. They have some form of “respect” for foot soldiers working for the Sith, but only as pawns to further the Eternal’s mission. In general, Siral’s view of people is based on their usefulness to them or their mission overall, which of course means civilians are nothing other than useless.

Born from the belief that they are better than others, Siral has a terrible time remembering names. They refer to people by generic terms, such as "miss", "sir" or other things along those lines. For those they must come in contact with regularly, they come up with “nicknames” of a sort in order to make it easier on them when referring to the person. Similarly, unless it has to do with furthering their desire to amass all the knowledge of magic they can from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, Siral has difficulty following orders. Only those who have a definite power over him are capable of getting him to carry out orders without delay or resistance.

They are rebellious as well, pointedly ignoring warnings, suggestions and at times even commands from others, or at least taking them into account on their own time. Even their master or superiors gets no reprieve from this, in fact being subject to the worst of this insubordination. After all, they trust in their own mind and desires more than anyone else’s, why should they listen to anyone else with any level of seriousness or severity? It has never seemed logical to them.

While many of the Sith Eternal’s interests align with their own, Siral sees no point and has no desire to help or further those that do not. They are a very capable leader when they have a strong desire for something, though if they do not then they are unconcerned with guiding others. They more often than not leave their subordinate to their own devices in these situations. Though they wouldn’t be effective at all if they couldn’t conduct themselves without Siral’s constant supervision or intervention.

Siral is a follower of the Dark Side of the Force, and as such they know the power of emotion. They are able to draw on their rage, their hatred, their sorrow, all the negative they have ever felt to increase their power. But the precise manipulation of their emotions for their own gain also allows them to keep a peaceful mask of calmness upon their face at all times. It allows a storm of dark power to rage within them, while giving no sign as to the truth of the situation on their person. It is something that can be likened to the training of the Jedi, save for the fact that Siral doesn’t deny their emotions, simply uses them for what they are: a tool to achieve their goals.
Siral was born and raised among the Witches of Dathomir, and had been trained in the ways of their magicks. They took in not only the widely accepted Allayan Magic, but also the Shadow Magic of the Nightsisters when one offered teaching. Through their magic they are capable of manipulating spirit ichor with great efficiency; being able to mesmerize targets or put them to sleep, divine future events or even direct their power through totems.

Upon being conscripted by the Sith for their talent, Siral was trained in "orthodox" methods of the Force that were prevalent amongst most sensitives. Despite this, their magical roots never truly left them, and their execution of both became intertwined with one another. Speaking chants or the names of spells while commanding the Force, or substituting long rituals with simple motions of their body and an offering of ichor. Through the training they received, Siral gained the ability to manipulate the energy of the Force on a whim, levitating objects or tossing foes, creating barriers or tearing down obstacles with a motion. They also gained their greatest mastery yet: the ability to command Force Lightning.

They are able to summon anything from sparks to full bolts of lightning from their fingertips at a moment's notice. Their mastery with this technique enables them to summon lightning from any part of their body, or even cloak themselves in an aura of electricity that strikes out at anyone who gets too close. They are able to chain their lightning between targets, create exploding orbs of electricity or blaster bolt-like projectiles to swarm their foes.

Like all other Acolytes, Siral was also trained in the use of sabers. They wield the unusual combination of a saber-pike and regular saber, though they rarely wield the weapons themselves. Rather they use the Force to levitate and move the weapons about the battle field so not as to put themselves in the thick of things. They are however trained extensively in the Seventh Form, allowing themselves to relish in the feel of combat in order to defend themselves if the situation calls for it.

Outside of their combat skills, Siral is learned in many things. From the histories of the Empire, to the mystic practices of various peoples and planets across the galaxies. There aren't many subjects that Siral doesn't have some level of knowledge on, however they know how to obtain information quickly should any such subjects be found.


► Dual Sabers (Saber-pike + Regular) - Red​

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Hey there, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but there aren't any Nightsisters anymore. I'm going to need you to change that completely for this character. Please tag me when this is done and I'll take a second look. I know your bio said that the tribe was wiped out, yet in this case there wouldn't have even been a tribe to begin with.

As for Nightsister magic that would need to be removed as right now, there isn't anyone to learn it from. You can submit a lore article about it that, if approved, you can then go through a plot to learn. Considering it would be near extinct if it were approved, the plot would need to be extensive.

One last thing, for the Force Lightning, you would need to adhere to the rules of THIS lore article, so please update that section accordingly. Thank you.



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