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Private use

Newton Arden

Class 3 Dataplague
Power Supply:
Host system power

Host system dependent



After obtaining a sample of the Instance XIII virus from an infected factory on Xorrn, Newton Arden, a expert in droids and artificial intelligence managed to do analyze the code, decipher it's ancient organs, break it down, and having witnessed the effects of it, managed to fashion something new from it. The program he named SERVITOR is the final product.

The SERVITOR program works very similar, it's a class 3 dataplague that can infect a computer system or a droid, and once fully infected the computer or droid be under the control of the virus, and the virus will respond to the commands of a specific named the Controller (which would be programmed before hand). The infection method has be done by interfacing similar to the Instance XIII and can't be done remotely or without physical contact.

When a given droid is fully under SERVITOR and servile, the droid can be told to attack a given person(s) or place, not to attack specific other person(s). The droids do have a base instinct to spread SERVITOR where ever they go and murder any organics that get in their way, although they can refrain from doing so if commanded.

Droids that have achieved more complex personalities along with sentience and free will can resist the dataplague to varying degrees depending on the measure of sentience and robustness their AI possesses. To them the SERVITOR will use brute force compulsions in order to put the droid fully under it's thrall although they can still resist it.

This program is meant to be sold to a very specific client(s), but with the programmer behind SERVITOR being cautious and as a safety measure in which Newton knows the override code that can shift command of infected droids within earshot to his.

As with Instance XIII, SERVITOR can be purged from a system via standard class 3 dataplague countermeasures, but as a host system will attempt any means possible to resist a purge of it, which isn't the practical in most circumstances.

Highly Illegal

To make a 'spin-off' of sorts of the Instance XIII to sell to a specific client in the roleplay (they know who they are) for use in the story. Could be a neat way for them to cause havoc. Also if there is any doubt that this modification of Instance XIII would be able to be done, Newton has proven to be a well-known, highly capable engineer that's earned his place as Rank 3 equivalent (Blackwell Chief Technology Officer) and has access to Blackwell's resources.

Also, since this is heavily based off of Instance XIII, not sure if this should have been a reskin, but submitted it with approval just in case as there are deviations from it.

As this has been made by Newton and would not be widely given out to others, no other character would be in possession of this unless he gives or sells it to them.

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