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September 30th, 2018

Site Changes & Updates · Current Story Updates · Completed Player Plots · Important IC News · Special News Report

Greetings again for the ninth month in a row, fellow SWRPers! This months newsletter includes an introduction to the Republic-Hutt War, information on new staff members and much more!
Site Changes & Updates

The Republic-Hutt War
Ever since the election of a corrupt queen on Alderaan, tensions have mounted between the Republic and the Hutt Cartel. Those tensions escalated during a series of Cartel-inspired events on Brentaal and the public revelation of the Hutt involvement on Alderaan. With the Senate having decided to invade Alderaan to end the Hutt occupation there, war has officially come to the galaxy once again. But this war will not be an easy one. The Hutt Cartel is not like any other traditional government—crime has no capital and can be anywhere. Still, corruption cannot be tolerated, so the Republic cannot waver. The war for its soul has begun.

In order to continue promoting meaningful storytelling experiences, the Hutt-Republic War is going to be fought differently than what has been done until now. Instead of strict skirmishes, dogfights and battles, the battle between the Republic and the Hutt Cartel will be fought as a game of influences, as the former struggle to maintain its position of power while the latter attempts to gain then necessary support to overthrow the Republic. If the Republic, for instance, was to gain more influence than the Hutt Cartel, then the Battle of Alderaan will occur to decide the fate of the factions and the conclusion of the war.

To learn more about the war’s mechanics, check out the announcement about it.

Secondly, the site has gained two new admins! @Nefieslab and @Dread. Both of them have worked very hard in their existing staff roles and we’ve all agreed that they are more than ready to take on greater responsibilities for the site.

Nefieslab will be serving as the Story Admin. In this role, he will be very much involved with plots and the overall story and direction of the timeline. This is a very key role that involves coordinating with several other roles and ensuring that everything is moving smoothly story-wise. His role will also be involved with setting the overall direction for where the timeline is going and he will be working with the admin team to help lead these efforts and changes.

Dread will be taking on the very important role of Community Admin. In her role, she will not only be helping with the newsletter, engaging with new members and helping with sub-accounts and code issues, but she will also be helping out Aberforth in his technical role whenever she can.

***We are introducing a new contest! Check out the Special News Report section at the bottom of the newsletter to learn about it.

Current Story Updates

General Time Update

Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

In Memorium
  1. Spectre's mind was liquefied by Grand Master Wyck and Councilor Vollen Shai. He died shortly after.
  2. After randomly walking into a battle field, Senator Kithar was shot to death by Victoria Winterblaze.
  3. Vorn Thracken was shot to death by Allard Keever.
  4. Darwin Mortenson Antilles pretended he was a GAR solider got promptly killed by Preyt Jhess and Visquis.
  5. Abigail Nimbus died at the end of Darth Evandrus' sword.
  6. Herrith Hendarsin got atomized by The Eternal.
  7. Visquis ate a proton torpedo sent by Senator Antillies and got obliterated.
These characters are now Level 2 and widely known throughout their faction:
  1. Tynian
  2. Henric Antilles
  3. Artyom Ivanov
  4. Zazai Ta'Resh
  5. Vash Windrider
  6. Jenova Savas
  7. Dwight Antilles
  8. Austin Wolfe
  9. Jexz Kira
  10. Isola Rin
  11. Azar Torsin
  12. Lucian Volante
  13. Baalryc Ysirath
These characters are now Level 3 and are known within the other factions:
  1. Xornoth Sk'ar
  2. Grug
  3. Narri Emrour
  4. Marcella Wren
  5. Eisa Nimbus
  6. Herrith Hendarsin
  7. Telunaris
These characters are now Level 4 and are known throughout the galaxy:
  1. Vollen Shai

These characters have have ranked up:

Jedi Order
  1. Vollen Shai has ranked up to Jedi Councilor!
  2. Bruce Guleya has ranked up to Jedi Councilor!
  3. Austin Wolfe has ranked up to Jedi Master!
Sith Empire
  1. Eisa Numbus has ranked up to Sith Master!
  2. Vash Windrider has ranked up to Sith Master!
  3. Zazai Ta'Resh has ranked up to Sith Master!
  4. Dwight Antilles has ranked up to Junior Moff!
SWRP SWAT strikes again!! Monthly SWAT report:
  1. N/A
Plot and Events Updates

Completed Player Plots

Might of Lothal
A carrier was designed, created, tested and announced to the Imperial public.

Ascension of the Chiss
The FTG successfully convinced the Chiss to let them operate in their space.

Councillor Vollen Shai
Vollen Shai joins the Jedi High Council.

Conviction and Purpose [Retroactive]
Austin Wolfe had his faith in the Order restored, and Galahad Vult had his convictions in the Force fully awakened.

Uncovering Injustice
After some resistance, Bruce and Wyck made it to the backup computers in the lower levels of the Jedha Temple and downloaded the information, uncovering that former Jedi Master Spencer Ward had launched the Skyward Sword. The Jedi High Council are now fully aware of the traitor.

Rescuing James Logan
James Logan was rescued… finally.

Return to the Light
The Jedi Order will obtained three wings (36) of S5 "Lost Star" Jedi Order Starfighters, reactivated a derelict shipyard, and brought Prakith into the fold.

Are You An Angel?
Exiles surrendered to the Sith; The Maelibus are under the control of the Sith; The Diathim agreed to become part of the Sith Empire

Acquiring Abhean
The Empire gained the planet, the shipyard and established the first Imperial Naval Academy.

Selling A Confession
Davik Lorso sold his confession on the Alderaan election in exchange for the opportunity to sell his adrenals to the RJF Academy.

Switching Sides (retro)
Davik joined the Republic.

Ossus Occupation
Sith Temple created; Sith Imperial Military base created.

A New Moff
Dwight becomes the Junior Moff of Lothal with Darth Evandrus' approval.

Eisa's Personal Development Plot
Eisa grew away from being a loose cannon by developing and learning to focus and harness her abilities and powers to give her the stepping stones to develop towards Sith Master.

Delving on Devaron
While warding off looters on Devaron, Vollen and co. discover a set off S5 Jedi Starfighters, which they recover from the clutches of the criminals.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Back Soon
Protected Ord Cantrell from a terrorist organization and destroyed the organization entirely, getting paid to do so.

Important IC News

State of the Jedi Order

Giant steps have been taken towards improving the Jedi's situation.

"First comes the day
Then comes the night.
After the darkness
Shines through the light.
The difference, they say,
Is only made right
By the resolving of gray
Through refined Jedi sight."

― Journal of the Whills, 7:477​

With the efforts of many Jedi, including the new Grand Master, Prakith was cleansed and brought into the fold. Not only was it cleansed, but Prakith's derelict shipyard was reactivated and the Jedi obtained three wings (36) of S5 "Lost Star" Starfighters.

Two more Jedi masters joined the High Council; Master Vollen Shai and Master Bruce Guleya. Slowly but steadily, Grand Master Wyck is filling the empty council seats, giving the Jedi Order more leadership to guide them.

Unfortunately, not all news is good. After a long investigation, the Jedi discovered that it was Spencer Ward, an ex-Jedi Master, who assassinated the former Grand Master. This information was brought to the High Councils attention. The Council decided to put a bounty on Spencer Ward; not to have him killed but to have him brought to justice for his crime. Soon after the discovery, even worse news reached the Order; they've been outlawed in Republic space. What will they do?

State of the Sith Empire

After the last Dark Council meeting, the Empire began to set plans to attack the Hutts into motion.

War Master Kalladrrl set out to capture a planet that would serve a two-fold purpose in operations against the Hutts: Kessel. With staging points on Kessel, Boonta and Saleucami, the Empire could encircle the planet as a first strike against the Cartel. Not only is the planet in a key location but it is a major source of fuel, a source that the Empire could deprive the Hutts.

Darth Evandrus put his efforts to conquer planets on overdrive, bringing in Abhean, Iego, Ossus and their resources for the upcoming war. Aiding greatly in the swift expansion of the Empire.

The Black Hand is not asleep in the midst of this preparation. It's assassins and agents have their hands full with many operations to stoke the fire of war.

The Empress is not asleep either. Her eyes are always watching. After receiving numerous reports of Jedi aiding the Republic, she confronted the Supreme Chancellor. Though the Supreme Chancellor told the Empress that the Jedi were aiding without the Republics permission, she was not impressed. She laid out two options; either the Republic outlaw all Jedi, or go to war with the Empire. To avoid war on two fronts, the Supreme Chancellor agreed to outlaw the Jedi.

State of the Hutt Cartel

Sadly, Spectre, the renowned cartel hacker and Kajidii, has passed away after his interrogation. He resisted the Jedi's efforts to extract information from his mind and in result his mind was destroyed. Ending the legacy of the first non-hutt on the Hutt council.

However, the war still rages on and in the favor of the Hutt Cartel... for now. Three senators (Senator Kithar, Senator Antilles and Senator Valtome) found their ends by members of the Cartel. Though most have been replaced on the senate already, each death is a blow to the Republic's moral.

State of the Republic

While the Republic has continued to recruit men and build ships, the war so far has been grim for them. They've lost three senators, men and women who represent planets and uphold their morals. And with their deaths a drop in moral. The Republic needs to see some victories soon or continue to suffer a decline in the spirits of their men.

The Bargall Inquiry has finished, ending in the demotion of Bretharr Bargall—one of their lieutenants. A man who admitted to shooting a hostage and being responsible for the death of many innocents and soldiers.

To add to the their troubles, Empress Andraste threatened to attack the Republic because of a perceived breach of the NAP; a handful of Jedi were aiding the Republic in their war. Though the Supreme Chancellor did not admit to any breach—placing all of the blame squarely on the Jedi's lap for aiding without the Republics permission—the Empress was not impressed. She laid out two options; either the Republic outlaw all Jedi, or go to war with the Empire. To avoid war on two fronts, the Supreme Chancellor agreed to outlaw the Jedi.

Though the Republic has suffered blunders, threats and losses, not all is grim. Senator Numenius Pax has secured funding to create a Republic Peace Corps and has began to put it together. GAR soldier Lex Kyrst successfully led a covert operation posing as Hutts and attacking Sith bases, which led to the Sith breaching their alliance with the Hutts. While it is underhanded, the operation has helped the Republic and will continue to help as the war rages on.

Special News Report

We are starting a monthly contest for the newsletter! Every month, closer to the end, members may PM @Dread their own funny news report! It can be styled in anyway, it can even be drawn like a comic. The funniest story will be put HERE! And YES it can be about your characters or anyones characters!

Special News Report Contest Rules:
  1. Stories must be humorous
  2. Preferably a news report about something that happened during the month. Though random stories will still be considered.
  3. It must PMed to @Dread
  4. It cannot be posted in public before the end of the month. If it's posted in public, it will not be considered.
  5. The earliest a story can be submitted is the middle of month. The latest a story can be submitted is three (3) days before the end of a month.
To see examples, check out the older newsletters in the Newsletter Achieves.
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