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Nov 29, 2010
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What is going to happen in your plot?

Cato Neimoidia is convinced to join the Republic.

Where are all the places (if more than one) that your plot will be taking place?​
Coruscant, Cato Neimoidia

Please provide a basic in-character timeline of what you expect to happen.​
1. [ASK/self-DM/Dice] — Two Senators, Two Neimoidians — Two aides to a member of the Neimoidian High Council are bribed and convinced to get the council member to attend an event on Coruscant. — FULL (@Alton Hawkes & @Valiance Waszylla)

2. [ASK/Dice] — Link The councilor, known to have a penchant for gambling, is joined at a table by Caliban and another Republic diplomat. Let the councilor win and get friendly with him and convince him to help the Republic in return for access to a secret poker game on Chandrilla with high profile politicians on the table.. — @Caliban Antares & ??

3. [ASK/self-DM] — Link — Two diplomats meet with the Neimoidian High Council and with the help of their ally on the Council they convince them to join the Republic. — @Muith Chekaik & ??

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Jul 17, 2017
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Two Senators, Two Neimoidians is complete. We managed to do it without compromising our integrity, either. It made it harder, though X3