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Oct 19, 2016
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Rezyl Azzir

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“To be Mandalorian is not a matter of birthplace or lineage, but a code through which the galaxy might be tamed. It is a belief that through ingenuity and talent, martial skill and immortal honour, there is no force that cannot be conquered.”
— Rezyl Azzir
Rezyl was a Morellian male. Born in space on a refugee ship

Rezyl's parents were killed by pirates when he was very young, leaving him only vague of them. He was swiftly adopted by another man in their refugee group, which soon settled on Tatooine and established the town of Paladrone instead of continuing the long and dangerous journey coreward. One day Rezyl watched a stranger walk into town and gathered with his father and the rest of the townsfolk as they waited for Loken to arrive and greet the newcomer. The Mandalorian stayed in Palamon and befriended Rezyl, who soon learned that the Mandalorian was a named Aurren Rook.

During the next several months Rezyl studied the way Aurren moved and acted and eventually decided that there was something about him that made him "more" than everyone else in Paladrone. However, Aurren had earned the ire of Loken by standing up to his corruption and eventually summoned the Mandalorian and the rest of the town in a courtyard where he declared that this was his town and had nine of his men aim weapons at Aurren. Aurren drew him faster than lightning and threw it in Loken's chest, which caused the magistrate's men to quickly surrender and freed Paladrone from tyranny.

Over the next few years, Aurren became Paladrone's protector alongside its hunters. After pirates were spotted near the town the Mandalorian took the three best hunters with him to track them down. The next day, Rezyl witnessed a new stranger named Eilífa Hylinn enter the town and was fascinated by her as well. Three days after arriving in Paladrone, Hylinn massacred its inhabitants, including Rezyl's adopted father, and burned the town to the ground. Rezyl was left alone in the smoke and ashes and watched in terror as Hylinn approached him, but the force user simply smiled at him before leaving. When Aurren and the other hunters returned, Rezyl told them all that had happened and together the five of them decided to pursue Hylinn and end her murderous rampage. As they followed Hylinn's trail of devastation they were joined by four others who had suffered at the hands of Hylinn.

After years of hunting, they had all become capable warriors, although only Rezyl was close to Aurren, who became his mentor and new farther teaching him the philosophies of his people and how to fight. Eventually, they closed in on Hylinn, but she took down three of them before escaping. Their deaths badly hurt Rezyl and the rest of the group's morale and confidence in stopping Hylinn but Aurren held them together and they continued their pursuit, although the trail began growing colder. Two months later they camped in a ravine after spotting two pirate skiffs flying nearby. Aurren left the group to scout ahead, and during the night they heard a battle echoing through the forest with the distinctive sounds of Aurren's blaster and Hylinn's lightsaber, which was the last sound they heard.

The rest of the group feared Aurren was dead and that they would share the same fate if they remained and despite Rezyl's protests, they departed by midday. Rezyl remained and decided that he would either help Aurren if he was wounded or die by Hylinn's hand. However, Aurren's droid soon arrived carrying his helmet, and Rezyl knew his mentor was dead. The droid scanned him just as it had done the day they met, but for the first time, it spoke to him and revealed that Rezyl could continue to become a Mandalorian.

Personality and traits
Though he strongly believed in his instincts, Azzir believed in using his brain and thinking through problems rather than working by feelings. Azzir was an extremely tenacious and relentless individual. He was extremely competitive, and strongly disliked being beaten in anything. A hard worker, he always strove to be the best at anything he attempted. Part of the reason he drove himself so hard was that he feared failing others. Azzir was able to admit to himself that he had a strong ego and did not like being wrong.

Skills and abilities
Bounty Hunter. Rezyl is a Bounty hunter, capable of hunting and tracking individuals with some degree of success.

Gunslinger. he has been training with blasters for several years but doesn't have much experience in the feild.

Rezyl armed himself with his third father's custom blaster Kyr'yc miit. He also carried on him a pair of Concussion Grenades. He wore his own Armour with a comlink on his wrist and also carried around a standard datapad for personal and business affairs. he also inherited his father's Droid named Dsi.

Trivia and notes

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