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Dec 22, 2017
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SWRP uses a reputation system to determine the prestige of a character. There are seven levels of reputation. Reputation can earned by plots, participating in Main Faction Battles, completing special site-wide events, and doing significant acts in the role-play that would increase your character's reputation.

There are seven levels of reputation
  • Rep Level 1/Unknown: The starting reputation level for new characters. These characters are not known outside their immediate social circle.
  • Rep Level 2/Notable Newcomer: Although they still have quite a ways to go before they are super well known. By threading with a handful of characters (PCs) they now have an established rapport and are not so unknown anymore. They have a whole circle of friends and might be heard of by friends of friends.
  • Rep Level 3/Renowned: 1 Region: These characters are growing in fame or infamy. Characters with this reputation are well-known with-in one region of space (defined by section in the roleplay boards: Deep Core & Core Worlds, Inner Rim & Colonies, Outer Rim .etc) in which they are most active in. For example: If a character successfully takes down several bounties in the Outer Rim, he would be known on a regional level in the Outer Rim.
  • Rep Level 4/Renowned: 2 Regions: These individuals are growing in influence and fame, as their deeds and accomplishments now make them widely known in another region of the galaxy. These individuals are now known in two regions of space.
  • Rep Level 5/Renowned: 3 Regions: These characters are known within three regions of space. It takes tons of effort to get to this point and there is still a lot to be done before they are a galactic legend, but they are on the right track.
  • Rep Level 6/Renowned: 4 Regions: The last stop on their way to galactic fame, these characters are well known in most of the galaxy, as they are well known in four regions. These are very accomplished individuals with a ton under their belt.
  • Rep Level 7/Galactic Legend: The highest level of reputation to be had. Well known from the galactic core all the way to the edges of the galaxy, these individuals are household names. These very rare individuals are known through out the galaxy and hold a tremendous amount of prestige. This kind of notoriety takes immense amount of effort to obtain. It should be noted that even in the height of the Clone Wars, names like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were not even household names. This is essentially the Emperor Palpatine level of notoriety.
How do I increase my reputation?

As mentioned above, some plots can aid in increasing your reputation (such building up your character’s powerbase, clearing out a bunch of criminals in a given place). You can also participate in main faction battles as well as participating in events. If your character accomplishes something that would undoubtedly increase your characters prestige that can also work in your benefit. Deeds that could increase your reputation could also include diplomacy, acts of benevolence & charity with a population.

If warranted, your character could end up jumping multiple levels in reputation (taking down an enemy faction leader, winning a high-profile tournament event, successfully gaining a main faction leadership position, leading a game-changing plot, building an alliance that could affect the state of the galaxy, inspiring a large-scale rebellion .etc for examples).

In order to track your reputation make a thread in this section with the name of your character and fill out this template, putting in threads that you believe would increase your character's fame.

When you are ready to apply to increase your reputation, go to this thread and post filling out the template. There an admin will review your reputation increase request.

What are the benefits to earning higher reputation?

There are plenty of benefits that come with increasing your reputation. Besides fluff, when trying to gather NPC support a higher reputation for your endeavors would make this easier (after all it would be easier for a popular, tried and tested Smuggler to get people behind him than a random unknown one). As their reputation increases their connections would increase as well. A higher reputation would also make it easier to secure meetings with important site-canon NPCs and influencing them to go along with your character's plots. For example: an Unknown reputation character would not be able to arrange a meeting with the King of Onderon, but if a character was renown in that region that would increase the character's chances. And even higher the King would be delighted to have the meeting with the character.
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