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Feb 13, 2012
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Raith Sokol was an engineer and architect, who designed everything from starships and spaceports to hover rail lines and transit stations. Hailing from the ISC world of Naboo, where he grew up as the only child of a pair of farmers, Sokol knew from a young age that he wanted to enter into the world of engineering, and therefore ensured to enter the education streams of Naboo as soon as he was able. Graduating school, and moving on to complete a degree in Engineering at the University of Kuat, and then a Masters in Architectural Engineering, he was soon to find employment with the Naboo Government, working on various energy and infrastructure projects.

By his mid-twenties, Sokol had settled down, and moved jobs to accommodate his needs, working for the Corellian Engineering Corporation as a programme manager in their shipyard and engineering division. Holding the position down for three years, he moved through various companies and projects over his life, before striking out in his early forties as an independent contractor, a position he holds to this day.

Personality & Traits

Something of a shy man, who immersed himself in his work with a greater enthusiasm than he immersed himself in his leisure, Raith Sokol was an ambitious and devastatingly intelligent man. Sure of his own abilities within his field, his natural aversion for attention and the spotlight did not stop him from standing up for his work, and the value it provided for those who could reap its rewards.

Ingenious in his approach, Sokol was considered a revolutionary engineer and architect by those who knew him, his deft approach to resolving complex design and construction issues ensuring that he was always at the top of the tender list when it came to repeat custom. A practical man, he knew he could offer his talents at a premium, and made sure to keep on top of, at best ahead of, the latest designs, construction methods and technological advancements.

Obsessed with striving for excellence in his field, Sokol frequently would seek out new challenges, if only to put his considerable skills to the test. He relished in the opportunities that challenges brought him, and was never really at ease unless he was designing the latest weapons of war, or drawing up plans for a facility to manufacture them en masse.

Unsurprisingly therefore, Sokols skills lay pretty much exclusively in the field that he had dedicated the majority of his life to - engineering, architecture and design. Having attended prestigious universities in his younger years, and spent decades in the field, he was at home designing starships as he was creating the facilities in which they would be built. Sokol was an adept designer and civil engineer, able to draw up blueprints and plans to construct spaceports, hover rails and even entire cities.

It was here however that his skills pretty much came to an end.

Other than a full ISC Speeder Pilots license, and the ability to speak basic, Sokol possessed no meaningful skills. He was not force sensitive.


Sokol does not possess any weapons, having never had need for them. He has a wide range of suits, a cybernetic right eye and a landspeeder.
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