Powers of the Matukai

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The Matukai are a Force-aware order of Force wielders, but are highly distinct from the secularist Jal Shey, the spellbinding Witches of Dathomir, or the temporal-centric Voss Mystics. Instead, the Matukai focused on the physical manifestation of Force control; whereas many saw a clear differentiation between physical action and Force usage, to the Matukai these two concepts were one-and-the-same. Meditation was paramount in to Matukai, and although was Force-based, took the form of either endurance against extreme physical hardship or physical combat. This resulted in the Matukai using an almost-exclusively inverted manifestation of Force energy.

Whereas most Force organizations utilized external expressions of Force energy, such as the common applications of telekinesis, telepathy, Force lightning and so forth, the Matukai instead channel all their Force energy into augmenting the physiology, such as augmenting the physical force they can exert, controlling their body temperature, enhancing their own stamina and heightening their speed and reflexes. Because theMatukai often harnessed the Force to augment qualities they already possessed, they did not depend strongly on extrasensory abilities, and instead heightened their own natural senses through consuming their own Force reserves.The Matukai did this through a process they called "feeding on the Light". Avoiding the all-too-often self-destructive energies of the Dark Side of the Force, the Matukai centralized their powers through the Light Side of the Force, which they simply acknowledged as "the Light". In this process, the Matukai effectively metabolized Light force energies within their bodies, instead of expelling it. It was because this process was often unnatural to many that the Matukai utilized extreme physical strain, even pain-inducing practices. The ideal and most common of these was full-contact martial arts. Because the Matukai did not adhere to a single form or style of combat, Matukai were able to utilize whatever martial art they wished, such as Stava, Teräs Käsi, Sholân Kha. However, Echani Art was the most common.More than a form of exercise, fighting was a form of meditation with the Force for a Matukai, and the greater the fighters, the stronger the connection to the Force one would extract from the experience. In many ways, the Matukai approach to combat was very similar to the Echani philosophy toward fighting, which was why the Echani Art was so common among its members. Fighting prompted growth, enhanced one's own awareness and deepened one's connection to the Force out of necessity. When pushed to their limits in the face of growing trials, a Matukai was forced to use the Force to survive their obstacle. This was an additional reason why Matukai alternatively meditated by forcing themselves into still, and sometimes even uncomfortable, positions while enduring difficult environments or extreme seclusion.

It was for this reason Matukai could often be found in some of the most inhospitable areas of the galaxy, such as Tatooine, Hoth, Shola and Raxus Prime, testing their bodies against the harshness of demanding environments without food or water. Although their combative practices weren't for the exclusive purposes of fighting off hostiles, the Matukai did train for battle nonetheless, and forged their own weapons toward that end. Although exposed to lightsabers early on, following their invitation to be inducted into the Jedi Order, the Matukai instead preferred their own designs; the wan-shen, which they could wield with astonishing precision, agility and prowess.


*Force power cannot be utilized during active combat


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