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Mar 12, 2015
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Hey all,

This announcement is to highlight some changes to the plot system effective immediately. After evaluating how the system has been functioning, it is the goal of the plot team to promote storytelling over grinding out rewards. To that end here are the changes:

  • As has already been announced, tech plots are now on hold while the tech and story teams work together to come up with a better system for obtaining technology
  • Not everything needs a plot. Personal story arcs, obtaining generic assets, etc. do not require plots any longer. Plots are generally going to be reserved for gaining large, tangible assets or performing actions that have a large impact on the wider galaxy. I encourage you to still RP them out, but there's no need to submit something for review just to do something personal for your character
  • Perhaps the biggest change that will impact all plots is the structure of plot submission. It's been determined that every plot being mapped out in full detail takes away from storytelling and the ability to adapt, improvise, and explore in RP. As such, rather than submitting a play-by-play of every thread, plot submissions will now only include 1) the goal of the plot 2) the number of threads 3) types of threads (DM, dice, ASK/OPEN, etc) and 4) individuals involved. While the exact story doesn't need to be mapped out, don't think that this means that you can now ensure that you're always successful or abuse the system. If, when completed plots are evaluated, there has been any abuse, the plot will be voided.
  • With the introduction of the plot interference system, plot thread size is now going to be limited to no more than 4 players from a single group in one thread unless a very compelling reason is given to make an exception
  • Not all plots will be successful. From here forward, the staff will be reviewing these plots closely to ensure they tell are story and are more than grinding to meet minimum requirements. When the character is close to obtaining their goal, please let the plot team know so that we can review what has been done so far. The staff will then determine the reward obtained for the thread. This could be the intended goal, part of the goal, or simply nothing at all.
  • Pursuing artifacts now requires a justification for why the artifact is necessary. They should be means to a story end, not an end themselves. When submitting a plot to pursue an artifact, an explanation for one of the following will be required: 1) what the item will be used for in order to advance a story 2) an explanation for why this is important to a character's story arc or 3) an accompanying submitted application of the character's story arcs thus far that support the reasoning for this character wanting to pursue the artifact. Fresh characters wanting to pursue an artifact "just because I want it" isn't going to be acceptable.

If your submitted plot does not currently fit with these requirements, the staff team will be asking you to resubmit the plot. Plots that have a "play-by-play" format will not have to be resubmitted, but plots that do not meet these requirements in other areas will need