Plot team re-organization

Brandon Rhea

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Nov 27, 2005
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Hey everyone!

Hope you've been enjoying the kickoff of Star Wars Legacies: The Force Eternal. Now that everyone is getting settled in, I wanted to announce that we've re-organized the plot team based on the direction of the timeline.

I'm taking on a new role on the site called Story Crafter. The intent here is that I will focus fairly significantly on developing the overarching story with the plot team, and to provide guidance on how to implement that story. However, this is not to suggest that my role or the plot team's role is to come up with everything or to usurp member ability to tell and create stories. The goal here is to provide an overarching story that both guides and is responsible to what members are doing from a very high level.

I am also thrilled to announce that @Phoenix is taking on a new role as Story Admin, and he'll be working closely with the moderators who are on the plot team. The breakdown of these roles is as follows:
  • Story Admin. Phoenix's job will be to assist in creating, developing, and implementing the story. This includes taking what the team and I come up with and then managing and assigning out how to implement that. Phoe will manage making anything we come up with actionable tasks and plots. As part of that, but also independently when it comes to member stories, Phoe will also be responsible for overseeing the two teams of moderators to ensure all tasks are being covered as a timely manner. As well as to act as a point of contact if changes to the system are deemed necessary by the teams.
  • Plot Team. This moderator team will be responsible for reviewing Initial and Completed Plot submissions based on the plot guidelines, as well as to help players create stories within the new plot system. They will also provide input on and help craft the overarching story. This team is @Darasuum and @Painus.
  • Event Team. This moderator team’s responsibility is to take what the factions are currently doing and help tie those into the overarching story arcs of the site and help implement those story arcs. Additionally, they are responsible for helping to periodically create and implement special events for the site as part of or independent of major story arcs. This team is @Raydo and one yet-to-be appointed team member. We have someone in mind for the second mod role already.
  • Shared Responsibilities. All team members will be responsible for helping with Staff DMing. It will be necessary for the team to share the burden of DMing to ensure no one person or team gets burned out.
We're really excited about the storytelling opportunities we have this timeline. We have three timeline's of SWRP canon and the whole of Star Wars canon to play with, and we already have some really fun ideas for The Force Eternal as our first major story arc. We also can't wait to see what all of you come up with and to find ways to highlight that in the overarching story. This is a truly collaborative effort to an extent we've never tried before, and the possibilities of an open-ended timeline are... well, endless.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We'll also be following up with more on The Force Eternal soon!


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Apr 5, 2016
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Honestly looks like a pretty solid way of doing things! Laying it bare for everyone to understand is great