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Dec 15, 2017
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Character Name and Reputation Level:
Maxims Tionson - Unknown.

Character Rank:
Jedi Knight

Name (and link) of Plot:
Eriadu Influence Plot
Eriadu Mission Pack

Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts):
@Maxims Tionson
@Nara Allam
@Giran Latt - Dropped out
@Hiranikorssa - Dropped out
@Oren Zapan
@Somm Orjoz - Dropped out
@Fiach Dubh
@Rhea Nadal - Dropped out
@Saul Devan - RIP
@Jacob Freiso - Dropped out
@Hannibal Grayza
@Ash Valentine - Dropped out
@Korvus Kayn - Dropped out
@Nashyr Ris - RIP

Intended Outcome of Plot:
Intended outcome of the plot was for the Jedi Order to gain some influence over the planet Eriadu by helping them deal with a devastating natural disaster. This was intended to help make the Order seem far more reliable and trustworthy to the people and the government of Eriadu without giving them any direct control or political sway.

Any PvP or Staff DMing involved?

Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable):
Most threads were self-DM but one used limited dice;
Cultural Re-appropriation

Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Food - Nara and Oren (after Giran and Hiranikorssa dropped out) manage to convince a local company to dedicate more of their stockpiled goods and services towards the survivors of the disaster.
  • Water - Maxims and Oren follow the polluted river to the source of the pollution, a ruptured fuel tank of a crashed ship, and Max removes it from the area using a taxing amount of the Force while Oren manages to calm down a concerned mudhorn mother affected by the pollution.
  • Shelter - The team of Fiach, Somm, Rhea and Oren (when Somm and Rhea dropped out) find an old Galactic Civil War bunker that is in good condition. Slicing through the doors, they thoroughly sweep it for any dangers before making it habitable for the survivors.
  • Search and Rescue - Saul and Fiach (Jacob dropped out) find survivors amidst all the rubble and ruin of the city and do everything they can to save as many as they can using the Force and their skills.
  • Culture - Ash and Hannibal go to an important museum to find it in the middle of being looted. Along with Max (replacing Ash after he dropped out), they manage to get past the first few layers of looters before they succeed in Mind Tricking the main group to leave, allowing the Jedi to rescue the priceless local historic pieces from the vault.
  • Clearance - Max and Nashyr break through a line of rogue security droids to collect some explosives from a military stash. Using said explosives, guided by the Force, they break up some of the more massive chunks of debris and clear the main roads in and out of the city to aid in reconstruction efforts down the line.


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