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Jedi Knight Storylines
Goal: To become a well liked and respected teacher among the temple and the Jedi order, fulfilling his late master's belief that he would make for an excellent Jedi Instructor.
  • Teaching Arcs:
    1. Seek And You Shall Find: Joins A group of students and their Instructor on the Planet of Mygeeto, what was supposed to be a simple discovery of Kyber Crystals turns into something much more. - Completed
    2. Jedi 101: A Code to Live By: Oren takes his class of younglings and his padawan to attend the teachings of fellow Jedi Knight, Aamaw Jokolto. - Completed
    3. Lesson 1: The Nature of the Force: Leads a group of teachers and students to the ancient Jedi Academy and Homeworld of Tython, where the group discusses the fluidity of the force, light and dark and the constant nature of the galaxy and how it relate's to Ben's sacrifice. - Completed
    4. Lesson 2: A Similar Path: Padawan Numa has been struggling with progressing to knighthood. Recognizing similar problems in his own past, the Jedi knight meets and helps Numa find what's holding her back. - Completed
    5. Lesson 3: Flow Like Water: Oren leads a group of students and a fellow knight towards the banks of a giant river that stretches across the Jungle homeworld of the Jedi. Using blast helmets, they all must rely on the force to guide them through a light sparring session. - Completed
    6. The Jedi Are Selfless: - Oren meets with a curious padawan that asks deep hitting questions about the history of the code and what it means to live. - Completed
  • Adventure to The Jedi Praxeum Arc: *Note, This Plot Was Run by Oren
    1. Passion, Yet Serenity: Leading a class on a Trip to Ifrane goes terribly wrong after a terrible ash storm splits the class in half. It is the responsibility of Oren to get his two students to safety as they find themselves within a cave filled with dark side energy, tempting them to give into their desires. - Completed
    2. Chaos, Yet Harmony: Oren and the Jedi students find them in a chaotic valley, one in which the group must try and let the force guide them to their destination. - Completed
  • Eriadu Arc:
    1. Waterproofing: Oren and Jedi Knight Maxims head to Eraidu, aiding the planet after a natural disaster. The two of them attempt to discover what's contaminating their water supply. - Completed
  • The Trade Alliance Stories:
    1. You gotta be Queshing me!: Oren and his Jedi students arrive on Quesh to try and stop a group of criminal Jawas and their paths cross with some unlikely allies. - In Progress
  • The Rakata Prime Adventure:
    1. The Start of Friendship: Oren meets a fellow Jedi Knight within the halls of the Jedi Library. Together they bond over their passion for the history of the galaxy and the force. Together they make plans on traveling to Rakata Prime. - Completed
    2. No Other Choice: In the Middle of Their Journey, the trio are stopped on Kefane as their ship's reputation proceeds them. - In Progress
  • Nara Storylines:
    1. The Fire of Youth: Oren is nervous as he's assigned his own personal padawan. Doubts creep into his mind about if he's ready for such a task, and together the two of them meet for the first time. - Completed
    2. So Master, About Your Ship - Oren learns that Nara attempted to run away from the Jedi Order, stealing his ship and crashing it into the swamps outside the temple. Together they explore the nature of the force and he challenges her to help remove the ship. - Completed
    3. There's More Than Sand: Oren leads Nara on her first mission as a Jedi. - In Progress JMP 2 Mission
  • Syrin Voss Storylines:
    1. A New Start: Oren Arrives on Tatooine after feeling a strange calling to the planet. He quickly finds himself in a sticky situation with a wild force sensitive girl. Sensing the danger of her powers lingering in the wild, he invites her to the Jedi order in order to be trained properly. - Completed
    2. Fresh Start: Oren begins the training of Syrin in secret, hoping to learn where she gained her force powers. - In Progress
  • Byron Storylines:
    1. Feet of Clay: A flashback between Byron and Oren - In Progress
  • Secrets of the Underworld:
    1. Helping the Lost: Oren and a fellow knight head off to Utapau, aiding a poor family in searching for their son, though after finding the undercity over run with sick citizens. Oren loses his arm and the two are forced to flee. - Completed
    2. Guess What? I'm a Droid!: Oren recovers in the temple of Ajan Kloss, where students and friends come to see how he's doing. - In Progress
    3. A Second Chance: Oren and Two other Jedi return to Utapau to stop the plague that is spreading across the city. - In Progress
    4. Chasing Leads: Oren and Bri track down the gangsters on Nar Shaddaa. - In Progress
  • The Great Disease Arc:
    1. The Cycle Of The Force: News breaks about the acts of a darksider. Fellow Jedi turn to Oren to hear what he has to say. -Completed
    2. Breaking the Chain: In An Attempt to help bolster the image to the galaxy, Oren and Mila head off to free slaves with a group of Rangers. - In Progress
    3. Black Tidings: Knights meet to discuss the threat of the new sith. - Completed
    4. Paths Cross: While searching for clues on darksiders, Oren comes across Talak's apprentice Llilth, the two of them have a moment and share blades in public--he's badly wounded and arrested. - Completed
    5. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Oren is in custody of the Sector Rangers after being caught on Naboo, he offers his case to the ranger, but is ultimately detained.. - Completed
    6. Hitting the Books: While in Custody, Oren has a dream about Nash where his mind conjures up her dream like appearance, who then offers him words of wisdom about his failures. - Completed
    7. Jedi Master Arrested: The news of his arrest is broadcast to the galaxy at large, painting an image on his back and the ranger who took him in. - Completed
    8. Listen to The Man: - In Progress
  • There is Always Truths In Legends:
    1. The Shadow of The Temple: Oren and Mila arrive on the planet of Yavin IV, and look for a way to clear the central landing pad of old Imperial War Machines. - Completed Failed
    2. Déjà vu: Oren and Mila find themselves within a holding cell after falling into a trap. It seems the force has a weird way of repeating things. - In Progress
  • Random Threads:
    1. The Force Finds A Way: Oren encounters a young woman adept in the force, after a dangerous encounter, he encourages her to join the order. - Completed
    2. Stopping the Fighting: Oren and another Jedi head off to the outer rim, hoping to stop a conflict that is tearing apart a region of a planet. - Abandoned
    3. Trouble In Paradise: Oren heads to a small tropical moon to get some free time away from the Jedi, but finds that his ship's past is always after it. Oren quickly connects with the Twi'lek, discovering her force sensitivity and aids her in joining the Jedi - Completed
    4. The Old Galactic Rumble: Oren and Mila are forced to fight through waves of gladiatorial bouts after attempting to save some slaves. -Completed
    5. Old Memories Dug Up: Oren and another Jedi Knight sneak around Naboo as they look into any clues about a possible terrorist organization known as 'The Terror Squad'. -Abandoned
    6. End of The Line: Oren meets a young boy and offers to bring him into the order. - In Progress
  • Slice of Life:
    1. The Light Ceremony: Oren attends an astral light showing on an asteroid colony, when Nashyr meets with him, the two quickly get to talking. -Completed
    2. Ice Cold Moves: A Continuation of The Light Ceremony, Oren and Nashyr grow slightly closer as the two dance. - Completed
  • Mission Packs
    1. Jedi Missions[1]: Compassion: Oren puts out a holo-message for the Jedi to contemplate on the idea of compassion and charity. Jedi from all different ranks go out and partake in their own versions of the idea. - In Progress
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