One small step for giant step for....

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Aug 6, 2016
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The engines hummed, as you turn your personal air conditioner on and angle it towards your face. Your headphones wrap firmly on your ears while you relax and lay your chair back. You feel a slight tap on your arm from your friends seat next to you. As you respond, opening your eyes in their direction you realize they are nodding towards the isle.

As you spin your attention to the center of the plane you realize an attractive flight attendant is asking what you would like to drink.

"Water is fine please" you respond.


"No thank you" you shake your head.

As you grab your drink from the attendants hand, they smile slightly showing a hint of blushing in the face then the attendant remembers they are at work and presses on just as swiftly as the cart came by. When they are fully passed you begin to check them out. Once out of sight you bring your attention to the elderly women sitting across the isle giving you a horrified expressing as she watched your eyes strip the attendants cloths from their body.

Embarrassed you snap your head forward and you realize your friend next to you is laughing, seeing as they noticed the whole thing go down. You begin to open your mouth and respond.....

The plane drastically drops 100 meters (over 300 feet) in an instant. Panicking you see your drink float to the air slowly.

"Seat belts on!" The captain aggressively commands over the intercom. "We are experiencing an unexpected turbulence, please dont be alarmed!"

As the plane begins to continue to rapidly descend you vision blurs and goes black. One you open your eyes again you realize they are heavy. Your friend is placing the oxygen mask over your face so you could breath, and you gasp for air. Before you can say thank you, your eyes shut as you black out again.

You awaken once more looking towards your friend you whiteness their seat rip from its placing and fly out a whole that just tore from the planes hull next to you seconds before....your eyes blacken once faintly open them again to spot the attendants being sucked out the front of the hull where first class once was goes dark.

As you awaken you hear silence.....the wind blowing amidst your face....your heart pounding vigorously as the only sound you hear is its beat, your breathing and the swooshing sound of your blood and adrenaline pumping through your veins.....coming to, you feel an aching pain all over your body.

As you open your eyes and begin to look around you realize you are upside down facing the ground. The planes hull is split into sections scattered about, you notice you are on a beach and the oceans tide is rising and falling every so often from the waves crash. You begin to unbuckle yourself and are unable to catch your fall and end up dropping 20 feet to the sandy floor below.

You begin to cough as you accidentally inhale an improper amount of sand. You feel the ground begin to shake so you react and move as fast as you can, barely moving to a safe distance as the plane crashes to the ground and roles towards the sea. In a panic you watch as the hull bursts into flames and the remaining seats go aflame. In sorrow you might be the only hear a loud a rhythmic beat you begin to feel the ground shake.

You turn with a quickness and see something you could never imagine....something only seen in museums and movies you thought....the rumble from the creature startled you enough to take a few steps back...realizing what you are nothing far from... a triceratops....and what seems to be his family following like a Hurd of lost elephants.

'Is this real?' You think....

Yes....yes this is far to real....

The next steps to follow....well....are up to you...