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76 ABY



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Crimson Dawn

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Omega Station​

Often known as the "Smuggler's Station" in homage to the much larger "Smuggler's Moon" of Nar Shaddaa, Omega Station is a haven for the fringes of society. It is the ideal place both to find anything one is looking for or to become completely anonymous. Technically outside the jurisdiction of any official government, protection has historically been provided by multiple gangs in the city. Recently, many of those gangs have been unified under the singular banner of Crimson Dawn. Despite a questionable reputation, much of the station's illegal activity is sheltered behind legitimate and semi-legitimate business of a variety of different types.

Omega Station was originally built to mine nearby asteroid fields and refine the products mined for export to the rest of the galaxy. Its location along major trade routes leading into and out of Hutt Space made it a prime location for many to settle and became a frequent haunt of spacers, smugglers, and others of a somewhat questionable reputation.

Though the company that originally created the station eventually went bankrupt due to other faulty investments, Omega Station had already taken on a life of its own. Spacers and those who catered to them continued to linger on Omega after the mining company left. Although it was founded decades ago, Smuggler's Station didn't become prominent until the AMS outbreaks in Hutt Space. Many refugees fled the plague and settled on Omega, which had been relatively untouched by the outbreak compared to many worlds.

The massive influx in population caused conflict for resources and thrust many already poor refugees into deeper poverty. The fact that it was outside of any proper law enforcement jurisdictions meant that crime ran rampant and gangs quickly emerged to seize portions of the station.

It was only in recent days that several ambitious members of Crimson Dawn began to turn their attention to claiming the station for the much larger Syndicate.

Through bribery, murder, and blackmail, Crimson Dawn operatives have seized control of or secured the loyalty of the majority of the local gangs, bringing them under the single banner of Crimson Dawn.


Despite being controlled by Crimson Dawn, "officially" Omega is governed by several mercenary organizations paid by many of the large corporations that have set up their business there. Those who live on Omega know that these corporations are just fronts of gangs and criminal organizations, but the ruse still gives an aura of legitimacy to the station.

Although much of the station is impoverished, there are still areas that are more "presentable" and wealthy. The closer one travels to the station's equator, the more wealth there is. The equator contains many of the docking bays for those passing through on the the major hyperlanes as well as nicer hotels and even casinos and bars to cater to travelers. This "entertainment" district is controlled by the Blue Stars, the wealthiest and most reputable of the "mercenary" groups that police Omega. It is the Blue Stars that have historically acted as the apex organization and Omega's "official" security organization to the rest of the galaxy.

In reality, the southern third of Omega is policed by the Blood Pack. By far the most vicious of the three gangs with a foot on Omega, they believe in maintaining control through force and are most involved in protection rackets and extortion. While they historically have been the loosest cannons, the assassination of their leader with a Crimson Dawn-backed second in command rising to power seems to have mellowed the group if only slightly.

In the northern third of the station, the Eclipse are in control. More technologically savvy, their numbers are smaller, but they make use of a variety of new and old model battle droids to help maintain control. Despite using a more intelligent application of force, they are quite capable of violence when crossed.

Despite the fact that most on Omega have historically paid bribes to one of these three groups, many businesses have managed to thrive. The station is a hotspot for ship modification and repair, offloading of goods, acquisition of items and talent, and gambling. Many businesses have come to thrive despite the unconventional environment. Although it has not been involved in mining for some time, many have rumored that now that Crimson Dawn has provided a more unified vision for the station it may return to mining the nearby asteroids for coaxium or spice.

To provide a write-up for the location that I have been using for many of the RPs for my Crimson Dawn character. This is becoming a major territory of operations for Crimson Dawn.