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Dec 12, 2019
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Numa Raltz


► 26
► Theelin
► 1.8 meters (6’1”)
► 59.8 Kilos (131lbs)
► Yellow
► Vermillion
► Canto Bight; Cantonica
► Jedi Order
► Padawan
► Yes


Numa is deeply empathic, and compassion defines her above all else; but being raised in a culture of excess, greed and oppression, she does not wrap her bleeding heart in a tender exterior.

The words “grouch”,“intense”,”yikes...” have often been heard alongside her name.

Finding the company of sentients to be challenging, she channels her compassion into tasks, rather than day to day courtesy. Blunt to a fault, she has been known to hold entire conversations with a stern glare, and does not easily suffer indirect or idle chatter. Numa also does everything within her power to avoid lethal force.

She is an avid hobbyist. As a trained grease monkey, she spends most of her free time in hangars and workshops, and finds droids to be very pleasant company (fewer feelings). Numa’s creative outlets are instrumental in managing the often overwhelming burden of her empathy. She secretly dreams of someday having the means to create a sanctuary for endangered flora and fauna.

Her emotions are as much a weakness as a strength. The people and things she cares about she forms deep bonds with, but breaking them can be catastrophic. The path to the dark side always seems to be staring back at her in a galaxy filled with fear, agony, and hatred. Numa is often very angry. Still she endeavors ceaselessly to provide the hope and compassion needed to find balance, and improve the lives of others wherever she can.


Numa has been a padawan for a lengthy 7 years. While she lacks social charm, her ability to read others and her talent with machines have set her on the path to be a very competent investigator; but is held back by her difficulty trusting others.

Numa is easily identified by her peers as the grumpy tuft of grease streaked purple hair that practically lives in the engineering bay, and talks to ALL the droids. She loves to fly, and hopes to afford a ship soon, but is absolutely mortified at the thought of starship combat. Though she carries a blaster, it has been permanently set to stun. As an empath she prefers the intimacy of close combat, and is much better at it.

Numa places immense value on her preparedness for combat; not because she revels in it, but because she fears it. Violence contains many easy paths to the dark side, and to avoid them requires great control. She focuses on defensive lightsaber forms, and combines them with hand to hand combat techniques to remain as efficient, and non lethal as possible. Her upper body strength is average for an athletic humanoid, but her leg strength is remarkable. Numa is known for throwing a lot of knees, elbows, and powerful kicks during a lightsaber duel, and even designed her pommel to be an effective blunt striker.


Canto Bight is nobody’s home, but for Numa, it’s where she started. Memories before Canto are a few bright lights, soft purple hair that wasn’t hers, and an orphanage on a planet she was mostly sure began with a “C”. Numa was brought to Canto at a very early age as part of their “foster” work program. Even orphaned, Numa was a Theelin child with artistic sensibilities, and deeply empathic. It was through this her sensitivity to the force first manifested. Unfortunately, this only made life more difficult for some time. A love starved childhood of labor on a casino world was psychically very loud, causing fits of reclusive depression that hurt her productivity, and incurred discipline.

For a few years she was constantly being shuffled between work duties, in an effort to minimize her behavioral problems. When she was younger Numa was able to find some peace working in the stables. The unclouded expression of animals were a balm to her strained mind; but they were captives, and eventually she found it difficult to absorb their suffering. Once she was old enough, she was allowed to work in hangars, and from there moved to engineering. Mechanics and computers busied her mind, and allowed her to focus. It was working here she met her mentor. Byaku was an maintenance chief on Canto, and a retired pilot who filled Numa’s head with stories of his days in the resistance, and it’s heroes. He also had just enough experience to identify Numa’s force sensitivity. Just like that Byaku became the first person to give her what she really needed, hope.

With hope came a sense of purpose. In her own small way she learned to control her gift, and planned an escape from Canto. Once free however, Numa discovered an even more hostile galaxy, unfriendly to teenage runaways. It took her nearly two years to find her way to Ajan Kloss. During that time she walked a dangerous path, and was even forced into violence to survive on several occasions. The lives she took left a permanent mark, and she has kept her blaster on stun since taking her oath to the order.


+ Lightsbaber
+ Jedi Robes
+ Jedi Utility Belt

Droid: QT-77

Numa’s Saber

QT-77 is a recovered therapy droid from the New Republic era. Part of a limited Astromech series, QT’s therapeutic personality programming makes it a perfect pair to its often emotionally exhausted owner.


    • So It Begins... ― Padawans are sent on pest control to build trust ― • Ongoing
    • A Similar Path ― Numa is aided on her difficult path by a new teacher ― • Ongoing

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