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Nova Ragna

► Little Fang​
► 15​
► Human​
► 1.55m (5'1)​
► 45kg(99Ibs)​
Eye Colour
► Amber​
Hair Colour
► Red​
► Vandor​
► Female​
► Independent​
► Clan Iridium​
► Shamanic Warrior​
► Unknown​
Force Sensitivity
► Yes(trained)​

Being born on the coldest winter day that year, did have its advantages when living on Vandor. Nova were rarely, if ever sick when growing up due to her high resistant to cold that it was almost considered an immunity by summer-borned children.

Ever since she's been able to walk, she's been exploring and often much to her parent's dismay as they quickly learned Nova had a knack for disappearing out of their sight, causing hell in the great hall. And what did Nova do when she was found? Smiled and laughed, making it impossible for her parents to scold their little winter child.

However, as she grew older, it got harder and harder for Nova to get away with tricks and other shenanigans, no matter how hard Nova tried.

Being the daughter of the chief and shaman of the clan did come with ups and downs when she hit around the beginning of her teenage years. Nova often had to sit and listen and learn about clan business and its ways, which was incredibly boring for a 12-year-old girl. However, every time her dad, Grimnir, had the time, he always took her out to hunt or train, to teach her the Way of the Hunter or Warrior.

And if she wasn't pulled through clan teachings and physical training, she was with her mother, learning the ways of the force as a trainee along with a few other children.

She did get to experience life outside of her clan when her uncle took her to Fort Ypso along with a couple of other clan members as it was one of the closest and cheapest places to acquire parts for ships, droids and whatever else one's heart could wish for. The fact that it also was a place with a saloon, gambling hall and a droid-fighting arena was just how life was when you lived on a planet like Vandor.

It was also in Fort Ypso that Nova learned of her love for tinkering when she was visiting a smuggler's ware with her uncle in Fort Ypso. Quickly befriending the smuggler, she soon took the journey herself to Fort Ypso, just to see what exciting new wares he would have, which also made her rather familiar with the area and people that occupied the Fort.

When she hit around the age of 15, she got her first blaster pistol from her father, which then quickly after started to teach her how to use it.

  • Reaching around 5'1 tall, Nova has a slim and extremely well-toned build due to her harsh survival and hunting training by her father, Grimnir Ragna, in order to survive the unforgiving weather and nature on Vandor. However, her feminine futures are still very much prominent and it can be a deceiving beauty that hides her feral strength and animalistic aggressiveness in combat. Blessed with light freckles on her nose and cheeks like her mother, they tend to show much clearer in the sun or warm weathers. With thick wavy long red hair reaching just the centre of her back, she often braids it, to keep it from going unchecked and adds bits and pieces of different things she can make or get her hands on to accessories it.

    Due to the extream cold weather on her home planet, she uses various warm clothes that are a mix between reversed fur and multilayered cloth to keep herself warm. The only times she's not covered in a layer of warm clothes is usually when she's inside the great halls and wears a much lighter version of her outside clothes, as the fire keeps her from freezing.

    Nova often applies paint to her face in terms of warpaint, when she's out hunting with her dad, alone or with another member of the clan. Other times is usually when she's training in hand-to-hand combat or with various weapons.
  • Despite living on the icy Iridium Mountain on the planet called Vandor, has Nova never lost her sarcastic sense of humour. Her sense of optimism in a way has also been kept intact against all odds of living in such a hostile and icy world.

    She does have a knack for tinkering with technology and often like to split things apart just to see how it works.

    However, when out hunting or fighting, all of that she becomes a rather ruthless hunter and warrior, earning her the nickname;
    Little Fang. by her father. Due to being born in the winter months, has Nova's body adapted a much stronger immunity to extream low temperatures. She likes the cold weather of Vandor and often likes to just sit by herself, surrounded by snow and ice as it calms her.

    Nova is a very stubborn girl, and she will never give up on something, even if it appears too difficult, especially when fighting or hunting are involved. With that said, due to her young age, she tends to rash into action more times than her father and mother would have liked.
  • Droids:
  • Name ► Grimnir Ragna

    Age ► 54

    Species ► Human

    Height ► 1.85m (6'1)

    Weight ► 82kg (181Ibs)

    Eye Colour ► Blue

    Hair Colour ► Dark grey

    Homeworld ► Vandor

    Gender ► Male

    Faction ► Independent

    Affiliation(s) ► Clan Iridium

    Rank ► Chief

    Force Sensitivity ► No


    Name ► Frigg Ragna

    Age ► 48

    Species ► Human

    Height ► 1.70m(5'6)

    Weight ► 55kg(99Ibs)

    Eye Colour ► Amber

    Hair Colour ► red

    Homeworld ► Vandor

    Gender ► Female

    Faction ► Independent

    Affiliation(s) ► Clan Iridium

    Rank ► Shaman

    Force Sensitivity ► Yes

  • Armour:


    • Climbing claws | Commlink | Datapad
  • Ship:
  • As Nova is still a young girl and While she shows great promise, the trainee still has a long way to go, before she can call herself an expert or master in the force. With that said, Nova is a hardworking girl and always want to push herself to do better, no matter how many obstacles she must face.

    Force Abilities:

Arc I: The Beginning
  1. The Snow Devil ― Nova along with her father joins a hunt for a Snow Devil on foreign planet that has been terrorizing the local village. Along with Kraud, a Whiphid, the group set out to track and hunt down this supposely mythological monster ― • Active
  2. The Criminalo Desperado ― Minding her own business, is Nova suddenly pulled into a situation where she's helping a bounty hunter by the name of Alana, to track down the dangerous criminal. ― • Active
  3. New planet, new people ― Nova journey along with her uncle to the planet Ajan Kloss for experiencing a jungle for the first time. Before they can go explore the jungle around a town in the jungle, her uncle has some business, so Nova waits and meets a friendly face hopefully ― • Active
  4. When visitation turns exciting ― What first Nova thought to just be some people stranded, did not expect the outcome of her entire future changing on a dime ― • Active
  5. Title ― Description ― • Thread Status
Arc II: N/A
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  2. Title ― Description ― • Thread Status
  3. Title ― Description ― • Thread Status
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Arc III: N/A
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Arc IV: N/A
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