New SWRP Donation System

Brandon Rhea

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Nov 27, 2005
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Hey everyone.

Now that the timeline is firmly underway and we have a brand new host and software for the site, we have opened up a new donation system where members who donate can become "SWRP Supporters" and earn a new user banner on their profiles/posts. You can access the donation portal here.

This is purely voluntary and we'll never pressure you to donate. If you do choose to donate, which is of course incredibly appreciated, your donation will go toward the cost of maintaining and upgrading the site both now and for future technical costs to continue providing you a great SWRP experience. All funds collected will go directly to cover server, software, and upgrade costs. No profits will be made from the donation system.

If you choose to donate, thank you in advance! Donation or not, your continued support of SWRP and Star Wars Legacies is incredibly appreciated by the staff team.