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A humble humanoid from Neimoidia. This usually calm and collected Senator can become a bit hot headed when discussing sensitive topics or targeted with racist targeting from other people.
  • Name: Muith Chekaik
    Age: 40 Years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Neimoidian
    Homeplanet: Neimoidia
    Faction: United Protectorate
    Rank: Senator
    Force Sensitive: No
    Trained: No
    Voice Claim: Ken Watanabe

    Galactic Basic: 10/10
    Neimoidian: 10/10
    Huttese: 4/10
    Mandalorian: 4/10

  • Standing at 2.04 meters tall Muith is an intimidating figure because of his height and reptilian appearance. His appearance is similar to a Duros but instead has a pasty green skin color instead of blue.

    He wears traditional Neimoidian red senatorial robes complete with a headdress. Due to his passive nature he does not carry any weapons.

  • Despite his intimidating appearance Muith is a gentle being. He never raises his voice to a yelling pitch except for when he has to. As in addressing a large crowd of people or talking in a location that is noisy. He very rarely cusses or insults another person.

    The only selfish trait Muith has is looking out for his people and being a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

    The only time he will have a go at someone is when someone targets him racially or mistakens him for a Duros.

    When in a tough situation Muith is able to keep himself calm and level headed. At all times he seems to be thinking of something and writing notes down.

    Muith doesn't tolerate racism and will react negatively even if he isn't the target.

  • With a childhood that is like that of any Neimoidian, he had to fight to survive. Poor or rich everyone in the race started out that way. Because of that upbringing Muith learned the trait that he had to be greedy to survive. He was one of a few to survive the crucial period and live through the seven years as nothing more than a grub. The moment he reached the seven year mark Muith was welcomed into the hive.

    At a young age Muith worked hard under the watchful eye of another Neimoidian who worked as a member of the local council. In a ways Muith was a pupil of the older being. It was during this time period that it was discovered that the young reptilian had the gift of words.

    Just because of this talent though Muith's childhood was not easy. During the time he was growing up until his adulthood. His planet was under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Republica and with it their xenophobic antics. Including their crushing laws. During one incident Muith tried to talk to a Imperial officer about their restrictive laws. But was waved off. It was after this the reptilian being learned another way to be selfish.

    Muith continued to work in the diplomatic field, refusing to use physical weapons stating that words can be just as efficient if not more effective. Eventually his work led him to becoming a senator.

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